13 Giving Up on the Treatment

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The three of them rushed to Ye Qin's ward and saw Qiao Weimin talking to the doctor. 

"We only spent so much money because you said there was a chance for my wife to recover, Dr. Wang, what do you have to say now that my wife is dying?" 

"I said there was a chance, Mr. Qiao, it really depends on the condition of the patient and none of us expected Mrs. Qiao's condition to deteriorate so quickly," the doctor quickly explained. 

"I don't care. We still have your medicines at home and they are all imported, I want a refund since she can't take them anymore," Qiao Weimin demanded, even though he knew it was unlikely that the hospital would give him back his money. 

The imported medicines had easily cost a few thousand and he had stockpiled quite a number of them at home. He could at least get some of his money back if the hospital was willing to take them back. 

"Very well, you can give me the unopened ones and I will get a refund for you," said Dr. Wang resignedly. 

Physician Gan shook his head and approached them. "Mr. Qiao? I took a look at your daughter's prescription and confirmed that it can help your wife. Would you like to collect the medicine now?" Physician Gan asked carefully. 

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"What are you saying?" Qiao Weimin frowned in confusion. 

Jing Yunzhao was an orphan who hardly left the house; it would be a joke if she had a prescription that could help Ye Qin. 

"What I am saying is that we can save your wife's life if she takes the medicine according to this prescription," Physician Gan explained patiently. 

Qiao Weimin knitted his brows and went silent for a while, then asked, "is this Jing Yunzhao's prescription?" 

"Yes," said Physician Gan. 

"I don't agree to use the prescription if that is the case," said Qiao Weimin coldly, "you doctors were just saying that there was nothing you could do to save my wife, and now you are telling me that a prescription that my daughter provided can save her? Are you saying that I should have just let my daughter treat my wife in the first place? Also, my daughter is just a young girl. Who will take responsibility if the prescription worsens my wife's condition? You?" 

"The patient's condition can't get any worse, so there is no harm in trying." Not expecting the patient's family to be so difficult, Physician Gan tried his best to convince him. It had always been the patients begging him for prescriptions, and this was the first time when he had to beg for the patient to get treated.

"Try? Why bother? My wife's suffering is finally coming to an end after so long, why can't you just let her die in peace? Also, aren't you my wife's attending doctor, Dr. Wang? Who is this old man and what does he want now?" Qiao Weimin asked crossly. 

Dr. Wang was a young doctor who studied overseas and had a promising future, but he was unhappy with Physician Gan because it might damage his reputation if the older doctor saved a patient he had declared beyond cure. 

"With all due respect, Physician Gan, isn't what you are doing now quite inappropriate? Also, the patient's family has refused to use the prescription. I don't think it is good if we keep insisting on it," said Dr. Wang smilingly. 

Physician Gan clenched his fists, holding in his rage at Qiao Weimin. 

He couldn't believe that he, Gan Songbo, a well-respected physician in the hospital was being cast aside like an old glove after he informed them about a prescription he confirmed to be helpful.

Moreover, it was not difficult for someone of his age to tell what kind of person Qiao Weimin is. Did Qiao Weimin really have no faith in the prescription? No! Qiao Weimin was making a fuss about the prescription simply because he didn't want to save the patient. 

Physician Gan was willing to save the patient, but what could he do when the patient's family refused his help? 

"There is nothing I can do if your father refuses to use the prescription, little girl. You have to accept it," Physician Gan sighed and said to Jing Yunzhao, then stepped out of the ward. 

"I understand. Thank you, Physician Gan," Jing Yunzhao nodded and said softly. 

She had tried her best to help, and there was nothing she could do if the other side refused to accept her help. She had paid her debt, and the Qiao Family was the one who owed her from now on.

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