20 Being Sullied

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The student couldn't stand being stared at by Jing Yunzhao and quickly left with her friend, worried that Jing Yunzhao might do something extreme. 

Jing Yunzhao gritted her teeth. There had always been false accusations about her and she had always chosen to suffer in silence in her previous life, which contributed to what the others thought of her. 

Remembering Qiao Weimin's disgusting face, Jing Yunzhao began to run towards the school office. She could hear Qiao Weimin yelling even from a distance. 

"They call teachers role models but that is bullshit! What kind of teacher would allow Jing Yunzhao to mingle with gangsters? Who is it to blame now that she is sullied? Jing Yunzhao is too young to know right or wrong, but you teachers didn't seem to know better! I don't care anymore, I am taking her home today and I will not let her step foot in this horrible school ever again! You are lucky that she is not pregnant or all of you will be sued!" 

Qiao Weimin's tone was extremely arrogant, his confidence boosted after learning that Jing Yunzhao had skipped school. 

Together with him in the office was Qiao Hongye who put on a serious face as her father spoke. 

It was Qiao Hongye's dream to get rid of Jing Yunzhao, but offending the teachers was not supposed to be a part of the plan. How was she supposed to survive in school if the teachers didn't like her? 

"I think that is Yunzhao's problem, father… How can the teachers take care of every student when there are so many of them?" Qiao Hongye reasoned, trying to get the teachers out of the situation. 

Not having encountered such a person before, Ms. Kim had rolled her eyes at Qiao Weimin countless times by now. 

It was now clear that Jing Yunzhao was just Qiao Weimin's stepdaughter, or else he would not be creating such a scene. 

"Keep your mouth shut! Whose side are you on? I will make you quit school too if you keep talking nonsense like this!" Qiao Weimin was so angry that he even yelled at Qiao Hongye, successfully shutting her up. 

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"Jing Yunzhao is a good student, Mr. Qiao. We have investigated what happened that night and confirmed that she had nothing to do with those gangsters," the principal explained quickly, wiping the sweat off his forehead. 

Jing Yunzhao was their top student and it was very likely for her to get into the best university in the country if they taught her well. It would be a waste for a talented girl like Jing Yunzhao to quit school over some misunderstandings.

The principal brought Qiao Weimin a cup of tea politely in the hopes that it would calm him down, but Qiao Weimin rudely smacked the cup of tea to the floor where it immediately broke into pieces. 

"What do you mean she had nothing to do with those gangsters? She is my daughter; how can I not know how she behaves, being her father? Only teachers like you who fail to distinguish right from wrong would believe her. Do you think I will believe you when all the students in this school already know what happened?" 

Jing Yunzhao stormed into the office when Qiao Weimin continued to be presumptuous. "Are you really my father? Your only children are Qiao Hongye and Qiao Zizhou, Qiao Wenmin!" Jing Yunzhao exclaimed, staring at him coldly. 

The teachers were shocked at what Jing Yunzhao said, and one of them came forward to say, "Explain to your father quickly, Jing Yunzhao. The police arrested those gangsters. We can prove your innocence after you identify them in the police station." 

Qiao Hongye's eyes widened in disbelief. 

They were arrested?! 

Although clueless about the whereabouts of the gangsters, both Qiao Weimin and Qiao Hongye had not given the teachers the chance to explain from the moment they stepped into the office. Not expecting the school to lodge a police report, Qiao Hongye began to panic.

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