7 Absorbing the Naling Jade

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The hologram of the old man started fading away. 

"I vow to do exactly as you said, or I die with my boots on." Before the hologram completely disappeared, Jing Yunzhao got on her knees and said sincerely. 

"Alright, I have said what I ought to. You are on your own now. The time in this space is five times faster than the time out there, so don't worry after leaving this space. The way in and out from this space is easy, all you have to do is to focus…" 

The hologram faded out completely after the old man finished speaking. 

Jing Yunzhao remembered every word the old man said and kowtowed in the direction where the hologram disappeared.

God must have pitied her to be giving her such an opportunity to live this life differently. 

Jing Yunzhao pursed her lips and got up from the ground. She focused her mind like the way the old man told her to and found herself in her room again when she opened her eyes. 

At the same time, she felt her stomach rumbling and remembered the porridge that she had eaten earlier. 

Her stomach quickly started to churn. If she was not mistaken, in her previous life, she had diarrhoea the whole night and it led to a fever the next morning. She fell really sick as a result and recovered only one week later. 

During that one week, Ye Qin passed away and Jing Yunzhao was too weak to attend her funeral. The Qiao Family, their relatives, and friends criticized Jing Yunzhao for that for a very long time. No one cared about the reason why she did not attend Ye Qin's funeral, and no one cared if she was wronged. 

Jing Yunzhao dashed to the washroom while clutching her stomach only to find the washroom occupied.

"Is that Yunzhao? I am so sorry but my stomach is not well, could you wait a while?" Qiao Hongye called out smugly. 

This had not happened in Jing Yunzhao's previous life when she ate the porridge without making any fuss. Not being able to do anything about Qiao Hongye, Jing Yunzhao remembered the magical space and went back to her room. 

Her stomach hurt less in the space within the jade bottle. 

Thinking about the jade slips, Jing Yunzhao took out the very first bundle of jade slips and dropped one drop of her blood on it. 

As soon as Jing Yunzhao dropped her blood on the jade slips, the green glow began to gather into a beam of light that flashed before her eyes. As the light flashed, Jing Yunzhao could see tons of words that started to arrange into different combinations. All of them entered Jing Yunzhao's head, and the information on the first jade slips were all instilled in her. 

Jing Yunzhao never knew that a human's brain could work this way. The words that had entered her head were registered into her mind, and they were organized at Jing Yunzhao's command. 

Jing Yunzhao was stunned as she went through the information. It was no wonder that her ancestor warned her about being greedy, because each Naling Jade actually stored the content of around one thousand books! 

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What Qiao Hongye had added into her porridge was a laxative. Knowing what caused the upset stomach, Jing Yunzhao began to search for the cure in her head, but soon felt helpless. There were a lot of prescriptions for an upset stomach in the information she absorbed. Not that the prescriptions were bad, but without the resources to make the medicine, how could she get it? 

What Jing Yunzhao needed could be easily purchased, but she was actually penniless. 

Like the old saying 'distant water will not quench a nearby fire', neither Chinese nor western medicine would be able to help her now. 

Though panicking, Jing Yunzhao forced herself to calm down and started to think again carefully. Soon, a different cure appeared in her head. 


'Put five fingers together and massage the abdomen area gently. Massage the acupoints on the wrist: Tianshu, Guanyuan, Dachangshu, Shousanli, and then rub Qihai with the palm or thumb…'

Jing Yunzhao began to do as written in the Naling Jade. As the acupoints that she massaged became sore, she could feel her stomach upset soothing. Relieved, Jin Yunzhao continued to massage the acupoints until her stomach upset was completely gone. 

Jing Yunzhao scoffed when she thought of Qiao Hongye who was still occupying the washroom and decided to keep her there for the night since she liked it there so much. 

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