15 A Good-For-Nothing Girl

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"What are you yelling about so early in the morning, you crazy girl? Tell me what it is and stop disturbing my sleep," grumbled Qiao Weimin who was hungover and in a bad mood. 

"All of us are allowed to take leave for a while today, and it will be fine as long as we reach school by tonight. Yunzhao left early in the morning though, do you think she went to see those gangsters again?" Slightly upset that Qiao Weimin had yelled at her, Qiao Hongye shook it off and asked carefully.

Having been at home for the past few days, Qiao Hongye did not know that the gangsters she was referring to had already been arrested by the police. The school had decided not to update Jing Yunzhao yet since she had just lost her mother and she was just a student. They would arrange for Jing Yunzhao to identify the suspects in an identification parade as soon as she returned to school.

"Did you say Yunzhao left for school?" Qiao Weimin opened his eyes blearily and asked. 

"Yes. It is only 7am now, and it would only take less than two hours to reach town even if she takes her time. Do you think that she is dating one of the gangsters, Father? Why else would she leave home so early? And she didn't even make breakfast…" Qiao Hongye said pitifully. 

Jing Yunzhao had always taken care of most of the household chores, but she had been acting strangely recently. 

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When family friends and relatives came for the funeral during the past few days, Jing Yunzhao prepared meals that were so tasty that the visitors praised her cooking. She had not been doing any other housework though, but neither Qiao Hongye nor Qiao Weimin noticed since it had been a hectic week for all of them.

But it slowly became clear that Jing Yunzhao had changed. Jing Yunzhao had woken up early to start cooking, but when Qiao Hongye woke up expecting to have a nice, hot breakfast waiting for her, she only found an empty pot in the kitchen. She realized that Jing Yunzhao had only prepared breakfast for herself and huffed angrily.

Jing Yunzhao had also ignored the pile of dirty clothes that Qiao Hongye had told her to wash, and left the pile in front of Qiao Hongye's room. 

The change in Jing Yunzhao's behaviour was so extreme that Qiao Hongye was having a hard time getting used to it, and she was not alone. Even Qiao Zizhou who rarely bothered Jing Yunzhao noticed the difference and cursed loudly. 

Qiao Weimin immediately sobered up when he heard what Qiao Hongye said. 

"You will make breakfast today, Hongye, and I will teach Yunzhao a lesson when she comes back. How dare she go out with boys at this age? What a good-for-nothing girl!" Qiao Weimin growled unhappily. 

Qiao Hongye was extremely unhappy when she was told to make breakfast. She was reluctant to, but then thought about it and eventually said to Qiao Weimin coyly, "Actually, there were rumours going around the school that Yunzhao is the gangster's mistress. It kills me to see Yunzhao being this promiscuous… Why don't you tell her to come home to reflect on her behaviour, and at the same time distance herself from the gangsters?" 

Qiao Hongye could feel her heart pounding as she suggested it. It had always been her greatest wish for Jing Yunzhao to quit school because she would be the top student in school then. No one ever would ever say that she was not as good as that orphan! 

Qiao Weimin glanced at his daughter contemplatively. "You're right. I didn't raise that girl for so many years and send her to school for her to seduce men! I will go to school with you in the afternoon and bring her home," Qiao Weimin said angrily. 

The truth was that he could feel himself getting horny as he thought about Jing Yunzhao's slim yet curvy figure. 

Qiao Weimin had always wanted to remarry after Ye Qin passed away, but he also knew that he would not be able to get someone young and beautiful. Since he had spent so much on raising Jing Yunzhao, there was no reason why he should let other men reap the fruits that he had sowed. Even if it was not appropriate for him to do anything to Jing Yunzhao, he would be satisfied just keeping her at home so he could look at her all day. 

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