naruto: ( so this is what I learned after being reborn as naruto for two years 1 the third hokage is dead. 2 the sannin orochimaru is not a traitor. 3 the sannin are not kind to me as well. 4 my eyes are slowly turning pure white I'm guessing I chose scorpion as my powers ) might as well go for a walk to clear my head.

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random villager = rv

rv: ugh look it's the demon why doesn't the hokage just kill him. rv: yeah I know right I mean he is worthless why does the hokage keep him alive? rv: I don't know I guess we might as well kill him ourselves. naruto: ( shit I need to run ) * runs fast * ( gotta go fast gotta go faster faster faster naruto x Dunn Dunn.) phew luckily I out run them now where am I?

naruto: shit I'm in the forest where the 2 part of the chunin exams took place.. * sees a portal * naruto: wait a minute I know this portal it the portal from mortal kombat that goes to the underworld well I did choose to have scorpions powers do I guess I might as well go? naruto: ok naruto in 3....2...1.....GO * jumps in the portal *

POV CHANGE ???????

???????: ( I was taking a walk to clear my head I missed my husband and son wait a minute what's a kid doing here? ) hey kid what are you doing In the underworld? the kid: hello my name is naruto just naruto. ???????: oh well my name is scorpia. naruto: nice to meet you miss scorpia. scorpia: well it's nice to meet you to naruto now can you tell me how you got here?

naruto: I heard some villagers calling me demon and I should just die and said they were going to kill me. scorpia: ( I'm going to murder those fucking villagers ) what about your parents? naruto: my parents don't care for me and just call me a waste of space. scorpia: well why don't you live with me? naruto: really!!!!

scorpia: yeah really ( and I'm going to murder those villagers and those asshole parents for not even taking care of him well ) now let's go to your house to go get your stuff. naruto: okay mommy I-I-I mean miss scorpia p-please don't hit me. scorpia: calm down I won't hurt you but why are you scared? naruto: whenever I call my mother mommy she would slap me and say I'm a disgusting and a disgrace as well as my father * sniff sniff *.

scorpia: well what are they're names ( so I know who to torture everyday and every night ). naruto: they're names are minato namikaze and kushina uzumaki. scorpia: ( A UZUMAKI ABUSES AND NEGLECTED HER OWN KIN SHE IS A DISGRACE IM CALLING IN A FAVOR TO REVIVE THE CLAN TEMPORARILY TO HUMILIATE HER AND KICK HER OUT OF THE CLAN ) well what about siblings?

naruto: they are called the heros because they have the kyuubi chakra and blame me for things they did. scorpia: ( TIME TO KILL SOME KUCKING SHITTY SPOILED BRATS ) what about grandparents? naruto: I don't have any grandparents but I do have god parents but they're just like my family. scorpia: well naruto I'm going to give you a new name want to know what it is? naruto: yes please m-mommy. scorpia: your new name is hanzo hasashi my son now let's go get your stuff okay. naruto: okay mommy.