61 Medical Ninjutsu Training Part-1


Hiruzen coughs to get our attention.

"Jiraiya, Tsunade, what are your plans after this mission?"

"I will spend my days journeying around the world to visit many places. Oh! Minato, I have written a new novel 'The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi'. You should check it out when you have free time. I will leave a copy with you. I will soon hold a book-signing event for it." Jiraiya exclaims in excitation as he thinks about his new book.

"What about you Tsunade? What are you going to do?" Hiruzen asks Tsunade.

"Initially, I planned to leave Konoha and roam around the world. But I have changed my mind now. Izuna asked me to teach him medical ninjutsu and I will stay in Konoha till he learns enough. I will still roam around the world and would probably visit the Land of Medicine." Tsunade explains her plans to Hiruzen.

"Very well, it's good that you are prolonging your stay in Konoha. Although we have achieved peace after the war, there is still unrest at borders. We might need your medical expertise to treat our shinobis." Hiruzen remarks.

"Tomorrow, early in the morning, meet me at Konoha's Hospital if you want to learn Medical Ninjutsu. I want you to be present at the exact time. My training will be hard, bear this in mind. Once you start, I won't allow you to live halfway through." Tsunade warns me about medical ninjutsu training.

"I will be there, right on time. There is no fun in training if it isn't hard." I reply to her as move out of the Office.


Next day, Early morning,

I prepare to depart for the hospital as the prospect of learning medical ninjutsu is riling me up. I was a medical student in my previous life; I want to see the difference between the knowledge of the two worlds.

There isn't much difference between the anatomy of humans from this world and my previous world, except for the additional Chakra Network in humans. I hope my previous knowledge will be helpful here.

After a few minutes, I stand at the entrance of Konoha Hospital waiting for Tsunade to show up. After waiting for another fifteen minutes, Tsunade shows up with Shizune.

I look at her with a questioning gaze as I ask her,

"You are late Tsunade-san. I was on time, it was you who arrived late."

Tsunade shrugs off my question as she points to Shizune and speaks,

"You two must know each other, right? Still, let me introduce, she is Shizune." Tsunade points at me and continues,

"And Shizune, he is Izuna. Both of you will train in medical Ninjutsu under me."

"Tsunade-san! I have missions too. So, I will only practice when I don't have missions." I remind Tsunade of my other identity.

"It's fine. When you are out on missions, I will focus on Shizune. I want to train her as my successor in medical Ninjutsu. But that won't mean I will go easy on you. Now let's hurry and start your training." Tsunade assures me.

Tsunade leads us to the library of Konoha's Hospital. She picks out lots of heavy books from various bookshelves and slams them on the table in front of us. The table creaks from the weight of the books.

Shizune and I gulp at the thickness of books. Tsunade notices our expression as she questions,

"What are you thinking? You thought we will directly start with looking after patients and healing people around.

We need to learn to walk before we can run. These books will help you gain a basic understanding of Medical Ninjutsu."

Tsunade picks up a thick book as she slams it in front of us.

"You will start with this book, 'History of Medical Ninjutsu'. This book will help you understand the history of medical ninjutsu, it's origin, need, and importance in the shinobi world."

Tsunade lifts another book and slams it on the table. The table creaked even more and bend beneath the book's weight.

"This is 'Encyclopedia of Herbs and Medicines'. Memorize the details of every herb and medicine written in this book."

Tsunade picks yet another thick book and slaps it on the table. The legs of the table spread out as it is almost about to collapse from the weight.

"This is 'Compendium of Deadly Herbs and Poison. They are categorized separately from other herbs because poisons are biological weapons that can take lives. Just by utilizing poison, the puppet master Chiyo of Sand became formidable during the 'Second Shinobi War'. This book contains information on some common poisons and their antidotes."

She picks up yet another book and slams it on the table. The top of the table is almost touching the floor as the table moans.

"This is 'Essentials of Shinobi Anatomy and Physiology'. It contains detailed information about the anatomy of a shinobi. The various organs, meridians, and pathways of the human body. Hammer all the information in your brain."

Tsunade picks yet another book. At this moment, the expression of Shizune and me had turned from ugly to pale as we look in horror at all the books present in Tsunade's hands.

"This is 'Compendium of Diseases and Deformities'. This book records all the diseases discovered in Shinobi to this date. Make sure to read this thoroughly. You can't treat your patient if you aren't aware of their ailments."

The table collapses and snaps from the weight of heavy books.

"You have to finish this batch of books in a week. After a week, I will put your knowledge to the test and will grade your abilities accordingly. After this batch is completed, you have to memorize another batch of books to further increase your knowledge."

Tsunade points at another stack of books present beside her. Despair rose in our eyes as we look at the tall stacks of the book in horror. Shizune and I gulp a mouthful of saliva as Shizune questions,

"Tsunade-sama, after reading through these books, will we able to practice the Medical Ninjutsu?"

Tsunade looks at Shizune and hesitates for a while before she answers,

"For now, just focus on memorizing these books. I will tell you about your next step after you have finished these books."

I could feel that there is more to her words. In the original series too, Tsunade wanted to train Shizune as her successor but ultimately chose Sakura over Shizune. Shizune had an above-average aptitude for medical Ninjutsu. She wasn't a top-tier talent, but fairly close to it.

'So, she doesn't want to demoralize Shizune at the first step. I could understand her sentiment as I recall my previous hours of training of Surgeries on dead bodies. That was a frustrating task to say, but that hard work ultimately led me to get my degree.'

"Yes, Tsunade-san! Tsunade-sama!" Both of us reply to Tsunade as we start to read the books.

I picked up 'Essentials of Shinobi Anatomy and Physiology' to read first. I wanted to know about the difference between Shinobi's and Normal Human's body.

After reading for a while, I can't figure out much of a difference between the two except the Chakra system. The body of a Shinobi is more durable than Normal Human.

Due to the presence of the Chakra System, all of the inner organs of a Shinobi are coated in a thin layer of Chakra which prevents them from displacing from their position due to the shock caused by various Supernatural feats of Shinobi.

I always wondered how Shinobis prevents their mouth from being burned by fire when they use the fire jutsu. Today, I got my answer.

I read the book on anatomy for four hours straight as I used my Sharingan to record the information as I flip through the pages. Whenever I notice something new and different, I would stop and analyze that information for a while. Tsunade would check on us from time to time.

After another hour, I finished the entire book as I stood up and stretched my body. Tsunade and Shizune were shocked to see me finish a book so quickly.

"Kid, have you read and memorized the entire book," Tsunade questions me.

I nod to her as I point at my Sharingan.

"It was easy to memorize the details through the use of my Sharingan. You are free to ask me any question from the book."

Tsunade questions me a few times and I answer them perfectly.

"Damn! These Uchihas and their Sharingan." Tsunade curses Uchihas on how unfair it is.

"Hey! That's rude. You can't curse us for our abilities." I angrily looked at Tsunade.

"Ok! Ok! Memorizing them is fine, but you must also know the meaning of knowledge you learned.

Before you start the next book, make sure to digest the entire information from this book. Go and relax for a while. You can read the next book from tomorrow onwards."


Izuna's stomach growls in hunger.

'I can't wait to eat some Ramen.'

Izuna walks out of the hospital, jumps on a nearby roof, and disappears.


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