A Note for New Readers (Must Read)

(I will send to to auxiliary chapters later. There has been a spike in new readers lately.)

First of all it is my first fan-fic. I just wrote the story when there was nothing to do. I was holed up in my house during lock down and was waiting for the new semester to start. So, I was not that great of a writer back then (I still am not).

Hence, I made many mistakes in the beginning. When I said many, it mean a lot of them. The early 60 chapters are plagued with mistakes and sometimes nonsensical plot. I was learning to write back then. I had a plot outline but not much story to fill inside.

So, I did a few polls here and there to learn from community. Well, I would say that was a poor choice (in the sense I got overwhelmed by ideas and made many rookie mistakes.)

Later I am learn from them and end up making yet another mistake around 100 or so chapters. But I redeem myself from 5th arc (I hope I did as the community response was positive).

Now, for the story itself.

First of all let's discuss the issue with his wishes or boons.

Most of the people think that they are way too OP and he is god-like from beginning. I would say that is BS.

First wish is about being born in Uchiha without the drawback of losing eyesight (in simpler term).

So, yeah he is a Uchiha with a slightly powerful Sharingan. His Sharingan is a combination of Byakugan+ Sharingan. It might give him some edge in fight against mobs but in a real fight with skilled individuals he will get stomped.

I don't think it is OP. Opinions may vary.

Second Wish is to have chakra with all affinities.

Any person with enough talent can achieve the same feat. Kakashi and Hiruzen are prime examples.

Having affinities for every element doesn't mean he has mastery over them by default. He has to work hard to learn things and discover other things on his own. And I think I have depicted that in the story.

His third wish was for large amount of chakra and healing factor.

He has one-tails amount of chakra by birth and Hashirama's healing factor. (Yes, I went overboard with this one. But did I?)

Here is my point. Having one-tails amount of chakra doesn't mean he can utilize it effectively. He will waste most of it.

He don't have very good chakra control. As it was never a part of his wish. Having Hashirama's healing factor means the same vitality as him. MC can recover from flesh wounds and other injuries. But he will die if his head is chopped off. If his hand gets chopped off, it won't regenerate.

This same feat can be achieved by Medical Ninjutsu. Tsunade is a prime example.

These are the wishes. They won't make you OP. They will only give you a edge over others. There is a clear difference between OP and advantage. MC won't go around bitch slapping. He will get his ass kicked if he messed with wrong opponent or someone more powerful than him.

Some people may argue and I am up for a healthy argument. But I don't want to hear toxic comments which makes me sound like I just ruined their childhood by making them read this 'garbage of a story'.

If you don't like the story, just drop it. If you have problem with my plot and want to backseat my writing, then you better write your own.

Now to discuss another issue about the 'Sin Seal'. It's a part of the plot. The MC can't spam jutsu one after another and run amock because of the seal. He has to be conservative with his chakra. This forces him to train chakra control and squeeze out every last bit of his chakra.

As for sticking to cannon. Yes, I stick to cannon for a major part of MC's childhood and teen years. Why because he didn't have much influence on the turn of events? He can't sway people's opinions as he is not someone important in their eyes. He has to prove his worth to them which he did with his feats.

I might be following the cannon but the entire plot I used had never been in anime or manga. The plot only portrays Izuna and his adventures.

So, how it is a fan-fic if I stick to plot? The events changes when MC has enough power to command the village which he gains around the end of Arc 5.

It is the first Volume of the series which focuses on his growth. The volume will have 7-8 arcs and then it will end.

The next volume will feature events never seen in Naruto as I will write on many things I have foreshadowed in Volume 1. And I will tell you there are many mysteries to be unraveled. I have introduced various foreign elements in the story and making them a part of Naruto world in a sensical way is a challenge which I am ready for.

I can assure you everything will add up with next volume. If not then I failed my duty as writer. I am in gradual process of learning and so I make mistakes and learn from them.

I have come as far as 200 chapters with new plots and twist and turns. Some chapters might have some information which is known to Naruto fans and may seems useless, but I never waste the length of chapter by writing 1000 words about the size of dick of MC. (Yes, I said it. I am not really a harem fan though I won't mind reading good harem stories. I am not a picky reader. But I find it offensive when a girl just follows MC without any romantic development or anything of that sort solely because MC is a chick-magnet and the plot makes the girl a mindless retard.)

As for romance in my story, there will be romance though I am not great at writing it. But I will build a romantic relationship gradually and naturally. It will spread over maybe two or more arcs with romantic interactions between them. There won't be any sexual writing. It is a action-adventure story in Naruto world.

P.S. I wrote it as a note to prevent people from mindlessly spamming toxic comments. If you don't like the story just drop it. But if you are able to seek past my mistakes and somehow make it through the infancy of the story then you are welcome to this long ride.

I don't know how long will I write this story. It just depends on how many ideas i can imagine. But I want to give the story a meaningful ending.

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