91 89. Shikkotsu Forest Part-1

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After dealing with Danzo, Izuna moves out of the village.

'I have dealt with Danzo. He won't be a nuisance anymore. Now it's time for training.'

"My first destination is Shikkotsu Forest. It is one of the sage regions of the Shinobi world. One could quickly learn Sage mode if they practice here.

I have to learn the 'Six Paths Sage Mode' if I want to heal Minato and Kushina. Obito and Grandpa Madara acquired it after becoming the jinchuruki of Ten-tails, and Naruto received it directly from Hagoromo Otsutsuki.

Most of them lost 'Six Paths Sage Mode' later on. Naruto can't use Truth Seeking Balls anymore. I want to figure out the secret behind it, and I want to learn it permanently. There is no use of this power if it can't be utilized again. So, I have to learn the secrets of Sage Art.

This journey to Sage regions will help me learn the secrets and the origin of Sage Arts. I don't believe a bunch of Toads, snakes, and slugs figured Sage Art on their own."

Izuna closes his eyes and concentrates on the marking he placed on Katsuyu. After concentrating for a while, Izuna figured out the space co-ordinates of his markings.

He teleported and appeared inside a forest. Izuna looks around to figure out his location. There are massive trees in the forest, the size of which could easily dwarf any of the tailed-beast.

"Huge! Such gigantic trees."

Izuna raises his neck to figure out the height of the trees. The trees are almost touching the clouds and still, there is no sign of their top.

"Let me test their sturdiness."

Izuna clenches his fist and infuses a small amount of chakra. He dashes towards a nearby tree and punches its trunk.


His punch leaves a small dent in the trunk of the tree. There is no large hole or anything.

"Such a sturdy tree. It felt like I just punched a metal wall. No, even steel isn't as sturdy as this. Is this the effect of Senjutsu chakra? These trees basked in Senjutsu Chakra for eons and now they have evolved to the such extent."

The tree regenerates from the impact.

"I wonder how strong the original Shinju tree was. Well, Naruto chopped it down with his Lava Release: Rasenshuriken. But that Rasenshuriken has Six Paths Sage Chakra in it. So, I don't know the exact extent of its power.

Now, let's roam around the forest and scout it. I hope to see Katsuyu soon. I still don't know why I teleported to this place instead of Katsuyu."

Izuna climbs on the huge tree and inspects around.

"I can't see anything. These damn trees block my vision."

He jumps down and saunters inside the forest. He walks for a while inside the forest.

"I have yet to encounter any native animal of this place. I think only 'Summons' live in this place. I wonder how summons makes a summoning contract with a ninja.

Well, some kind of Space-time Ninjutsu is involved to let them teleport directly to their summoner. But how come the summoner can summon any kind of summon of same species when he just makes a contract with them."

The figure of Jiraiya with many toads pops up in his memory. Jiraiya gives a thumb up to Izuna with a perverted smile. Izuna shakes his head and continues to contemplate this matter while walking inside the forest.

'I hope to meet someone soon.'


His line of thoughts is broken by the roar of a creature. Izuna gets ready to engage the creature.

'Well, that was fast!'

A giant tiger with forked-tail pounce over Izuna. Izuna ducks down and rolls to avoid the pounce.

The tiger failed to hunt his prey on the first attempt. It turns around and stares at Izuna. The massive claws of the tiger glisten in the dim sunlight.


The tiger tries to smash Izuna with its paws.

"These trees are sturdy due to Senjutsu Chakra, but what about you?"

Izuna clenches his fist and infuses chakra in it. His fist turns metallic, and he punches the tiger at its jaw.


The tiger is sent flying from the punch. One of its canine breaks. The tiger slowly stands up and angrily looks at Izuna.


It opens its mouth and spews out a jet of flames at Izuna. Izuna makes a one hand sign.

'Water Style: Water Bullet Jutsu'

He spews out a water bullet at the incoming fire. The water bullet cancels out the fireball and continues to move towards the tiger.


It hits the tiger squarely in its face and sends him flying again. The tiger crashes into another tree.


The tiger slowly stands up and roars again. Its skin turns red, and its strips forms a strange pattern over its body.

"Senjutsu Chakra! That's Senjutsu Chakra. This wild cat can use Senjutsu Chakra." Izuna activates his Sharingan and scrutinize the process.


The tiger roars again and pounces on Izuna. Izuna infuses a little more chakra and punches the tiger again. The tiger crashes into another boulder.

"Do you think that will make any difference? You are still a weak little cat."

'This forest can help me train in Taijutsu skills. I should master the Opening of the Seventh gate here. These huge animals with strange Sage Chakra will be the perfect target for practice.

Their body can take a beating and still survive. Then, I will beat them to my heart's content.'

Izuna stops using Ninjutsu and opens up Six Gates and engages in combat with the Sage-powered Tiger.

After beating the tiger for a while, he feels hungry. He looks at the giant tiger and murmur,

"I wonder how this giant Cat will taste like."

The giant tiger shivers upon hearing these words. It turns tame and makes a cute posture.

Meow… Meow…

The tiger meows in front of Izuna and rolls around on its belly.


Izuna speechlessly looks at the tiger.

"He understood me. So, this large cat has some level of intellect. Nah! I will hunt for something else to eat. I don't really like the taste of a tiger. You better come tomorrow for the beating...I mean training or I may change my mind any instant.

The tiger turns around and dashes inside the forest like a cheetah.


"This giant cat. Sigh!" Izuna sighs and hunts for prey.

He soon spots a giant wild boar. The wild boar notices Izuna and charges towards him.


After a few minutes later,

Izuna is roasting the giant boar on a large skewer. The aroma from the roasted meat enters his nose, and he starts to hum.

"I should add some seasoning to it. Izuna takes out a scroll and adds salt, pepper, and other spices to the roast meat."

The fragrance enchants him and drool leaks from his mouth. He gulps his saliva and breaks a large chunk of meat.


Izuna takes a huge bite from the meat and eats it.

"Good! So good! This roasted boar meat is so good. I can even feel my chakra reserve grow a little. Only a little bit. But this is still a huge discovery." Izuna continues to eat the roast meat as he completely ignores the pack of giant wolves and many other carnivore creatures around him.

After taking another bite, Izuna places down the huge chunk of meat.

"It's time to exercise again." He cracks his knuckles and engages in another fight with these giant animals.

Bang… bang… boom…

After an hour of an intense fight, Izuna returns to the spot to continue his meal. But there is no sign of his meat anywhere.

"Who the fuck stole my food?" Izuna yells angrily.

He gets his answer shortly. There is a giant hole just beneath the skewer.

"It's one of the underground worms. Next time I spot you, I will eradicate your whole colony. Thankfully, I stored some of it separately."

He takes out a piece of roasted meat and eats it while grumbling over the loss of such fine food.


A few days later,

Izuna continues to explore the large Shikkotsu Forest. He honed his Taijutsu skills in combat against the wild animals of the forest.

"I am not gaining any combat experience. The moves of these animals follow a certain pattern. They hardly do something unexpected whereas, in a fight against a Ninja, the ninja may unexpectedly pull out a new trick.

But I have nothing to complain about. My mastery of Taijutsu has increased drastically. I can open gates faster and the gates can last for much longer. I think I will be able to open the seventh gate in few more days."

Izuna clenches his fist and walks around the forest.

Burble… burble…

"This sound… it is the sound of falling water. There is a waterfall nearby. Let me check it out, maybe I can spot more animals there."

Izuna dashes in the direction of the sound.

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