81 81. Shinigami Vs God

'Summoning Jutsu'

The Animal Path Pain makes many hand signs and summons a variety of Animal summons.

A Giant Drill-beaked bird, a Giant Multi- headed Dog, a giant Snake-tailed Chameleon, a Giant Panda, a Giant Centipede, a Giant Rhino, and a Giant Ox.

"Show him what true pain is." The Animal Path directs all of his summons at Izuna.

"That's a very nice zoo, you have opened there. Let me pet these animals for you." Izuna makes a large 'Lightning Release: Vanishing Rasengan' and throws it towards the summoned creatures.

The Giant Panda jumps in front of the Rasengan and tanks the hit for other summoned creatures.


The Panda disappears in a puff of white smoke.


The giant drill beaked bird shoots out from the white smoke at a quick speed.

'Swift Release: Sonic Steps'

Izuna disappears from his position leaving a blurry shadow behind. The bird pierces the blurry shadow with the drill shaped beak. The shadow turns into a large lightning net and traps the bird; the bird struggles inside the net as lightning continue to zap it.

'Storm Release: Laser Circus'

Izuna appears above the giant dog and chops into pieces. The chopped pieces of the dog regenerate into new dogs and multiple dogs line up.

Woof… woof…

The dogs bark madly and chase Izuna.

"Bad Doggo! Bad doggo… Let me chain you up."

'Metal release: Iron Maiden'

A large Iron maiden with multiple chains erupts from the ground. The chains bind up the dogs and pull them inside the Iron Maiden. The spiky interior of Iron Maiden closes up and turns the dogs into a beehive.


Many explosive eggs fell upon Izuna's position.

'Earth Style: Mud Dome'

Izuna blocks the explosive eggs. He makes some hand signs

'Ice Release: Ice Prison'

Izuna freezes the bird in mid-air. The bird fell on the ground and shatter into countless ice splinters.

"Bad bird! You should not kill just bomb your eggs."


The giant ox slams into Izuna, throwing him far away. Izuna stands up and dusts off his clothes. The metal coating on his body disappears and Izuna slowly walks towards the ox.

The ox charges again to slam in Izuna. Izuna clenches his fist and coats them with metal chakra. His fists turn into steel and Izuna punches the ox.

The horns of the ox snap in half, and it is sent flying by the blow. A forked tongue appears out of nowhere and stabs into Izuna's body.


Izuna's body shatters into various particles, and he appears behind the camouflaged chameleon.

"I have been waiting for you to attack."

'Water Style: High-Pressure Jet'

Izuna chops down the Chameleon summon in half with a high-pressure water jet.


The chameleon disappears in a large puff of smoke.

"I am getting tired of your summons. It is time to end this."

Izuna claps his hand and yells,

'Radiation Release: Nuclear Devastation'

He throws out a small green orb from his hands. The orb travels in the midst of the summons and expands rapidly.


The green orb explodes in a large column of light and engulfs all the summons.


Izuna suddenly appears in front of Animal Path and punches him in the gut. The Pain path zooms past the light pillar and collides with a large boulder and shatters it. It continues to get pushed back by the momentum and breaks multiple towers as it enters inside the Ame.


The pain crashes into the ground and creates a large crater. The body of the Pain path is badly damaged and there is an enormous gaping hole in its stomach. All the black chakra rod piercings have been ejected out from its body.

"So, this is the puny power of a self-proclaimed God. Pretty unremarkable, if I would have to say. Your weakness disgust me." Izuna taunts Pain.

'Come on, send all Paths of Pain. I am tired of fighting against the Animal Path.'

"I am God. My words and thoughts become the Law of Nature. I can defy the very existence of death since I have long ago shed my humanity and transcended Godhood.

I am a God of Peace, and you have disrupted the order and peace. Now get ready for your punishment."

Multiple pain paths appear beside the damaged body of the Animal Path. The Naraka path makes some hand signs and slams his hand on the ground.

A large head of 'King of Hell' sprouts out from the ground. It has Rinnegan similar to other Pain Paths and is surrounded by purple flames of hell.

The King of Hell opens its mouth wide and tendrils like arms appears its mouth and pull the damaged body of Animal Path inside it. The King of hell ingests the body of Animal Path and channels the restorative powers of Naraka Path.

After a while, the Animal Path walks out of King of Hell's mouth fully rejuvenated.

"So, that's the power of fabled Rinnegan. I never expected the leader of Akatsuki to possess such a powerful Dojutsu." Izuna remarks to Pain.

'So, the Black Zetsu has been monitoring me for a while. I bet he is enjoying my fight against the Pain. I can't kill Pain now, I don't fear any plot change but I want a motive for Shisui, Itachi, Sasuke, and Naruto to grow stronger. Pain shall serve that purpose. But that doesn't mean I can't rough him up.

I can't wait to fight against Grandpa Madara and it seems like Nagato has yet to figure out the complete power of Rinnegan.'

"Those who seek power will find only ruination. Men are not gods; no matter what they try, they can never escape the fact that they are human, and are susceptible to the same flaws. But to those who dare to avert the truth with self-conjured lies... they shall ultimately pay the price of forsaking their very identity, for an ephemeral illusion." Izuna responds to Pain.

"My pain and suffering have gone beyond any known parameter. I have awakened as a God. These eyes granted me the ability to see the truth of the world. This world is corrupted by the selfishness and desires of humanity. My quest for peace is nothing but a way to seek salvation for this doomed world. My desire for power is only a tiny fragment of my desire for peace. The world needs a God to direct it, and now I have been born with that power. Submit to my cause 'Shinigami' and the world shall see true peace." Deva Path Pain answers.

"Kami-sama, I am not interested in any of your bull crap. I am here on a mission and you are preventing me from completing my mission. God or not, I will butcher you if you dare interfere with my mission."

"You need to know pain before you understand the sentiments of God." Deva path gets into a formation with other paths.

"I don't care about your God complex. I just want some answers and that's all. You can continue to be the so-called God all you want." Izuna taunts Pain.

Pain ignores Izuna and attacks him with all of his paths. The Asura path opens its palms and various heat-seeking missiles lock on Izuna.

The missiles track Izuna and explode. Izuna dodges the explosion and makes some hand signs,

'Inferno Style: Heat Ray'

He fires a concentrated beam of fire towards the Asura Path. The Preta Path jumps in front of the Asura path and absorbs the chakra from the jutsu. The Asura Path detaches its arm to reveal a cluster of the segmented missile.

All the missile locks on Izuna and follows his trail. The Asura Path bends down and fires a massive metal blade from its back. This double attack blocks all paths of the escape of Izuna.

Izuna channels chakra in his hands, and his hand gets coated in Dark chakra. The hand turns into an enormous claw composed of darkness.

'Darkness Style: Shadow Claw'

The claw grabs hold of the large metal blade and block the explosion of missiles.

'They are avoiding direct eye contact with me. Are they afraid of my Sharingan Genjutsu? The biggest weakness of Pain was genjutsu. If you think you can avoid my genjutsu by avoiding eye contact, then you are sorely mistaken.'

Izuna claps his hands and makes some hand signs,

'Sound Release: Death song'

Izuna cast a sound-based genjutsu on Pain. Many sound waves ripple through the air and enter the ears of Pain. The Pain trembles and his chakra gets disrupted.

"Impossible, Genjutsu. How can this be? I made sure to avoid contact with your Sharingan." The Pain is paralyzed and looks at Izuna with disbelief.

Izuna vanishes and appears before the Asura Path. He smashes the Asura Path to rubbles.

'I will take this for research. These things are a good transmitter of Chakra.'

Izuna pulls out the black Chakra rod and stores it inside a scroll.

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'Time to tone down his God Complex.'

Izuna breaks apart all the remaining paths except for Deva Path.

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