74 74. A New Jinchuruki

'I made it on time. I have to stop the Nine-Tails.'

Before Izuna could react the nine-tails stabbed its claw through Minato and Kushina.


Izuna yells and wobbles over to Minato and Kushina.

"Minato nii-san, Kushina nee-san. I won't allow you to die here. Naruto needs your love, he can't an orphan."

He stumbles and fell on the ground. The earlier fight has weakened him a lot. There is still a large gaping hole in his stomach which is healing slowly. His chakra reserves are almost dry.

"Izuna! Thankfully you are alive. That enemy is very powerful, he is way too strong beyond any of our league. I am glad you can somehow escape from him. I don't have enough time remaining. Take care of Naruto for me.

I am sure you will be a good brother to our little Naruto. I will seal the remaining half of Kyubi in Naruto and make him the new Jinchuruki of Nine Tails. I want him to grow stronger and face against that masked enemy. I will leave that cloaked figure to you." Minato leaves his last message to Izuna.

"Izuna-kun, you are my favorite kid. I want you to act as a role-model for our Naruto and I don't want Naruto to live a life full of loneliness. You must act as a big brother and parent for Naruto. Don't pamper and spoil him too much.

Don't allow him to stray from the path of shinobi and make sure to follow the taboos of a shinobi. You are the only person beside Minato whom I trust in this village."

Kushina leaves her message to Izuna and whispers her blessings to Naruto.

"Why, this must happen? I won't allow you to die here."

'Yes, I will use the ability of my left eye.'

Izuna activates his Mangekyo Sharingan and activates the ability of his left eye.

"Mangekyo Sharingan: Amenominakanushi"

Blood trickles from Izuna's left eye. The time stops in a radius around him. The 'Sin eye' awakens from the Grimoire and hovers above him. (A/N:- Izuna unleashes 'THE WORLD'. I don't want to do this, but my inner Jojo fan took over me.)

The Sin eye opens with the new pattern of Izuna's Mangekyo Sharingan. A bright blue light shines from the eye and falls on Minato and Kushina.

"This is… what is this, Izuna? I can feel that the surrounding space time is caught in an infinite loop. What kind of ability is this?" Minato questions me.

"This is the ability of my Mangekyo Sharingan. I can use it to gain absolute control over the space-time in a certain area for a period. I have set this space in a time loop. I won't allow both of you to die here."

Minato sighs and looks at me.

"Izuna, you can't maintain this time loop for eternity. There is a time limit to this power. I can sense it, the surrounding space is struggling to gain back the control over spatial and temporal laws. The world will set everything back to normal.

Besides, I have already made a death contract with the Shinigami of 'Dead Demon Consuming Seal'. My soul will be sealed inside the stomach of reaper soon."

"No, I have a way to stop that."

Izuna activate the ability of the Right eye and summon a Limbo shadow. He passes the 'Oni mask' to the Limbo. The limbo wears the mask and the other sin eye fuses with Limbo.

The Limbo creates a scythe of darkness, and slices open its stomach. The Shinigami behind Minato is stunned and its stomach is pried open. My Limbo swings the Scythe again and cuts off the connection of Minato with the Shinigami.

The soul of Minato is released from Shinigami's grasp together with the remaining half of Nine-tails. Izuna capture the Yin half of Nine-tails and seal it inside the Grimoire.

Various chains erupt from the 'Sin Seal' and pins down the yin half of Nine tails. They start to suck Chakra from Nine-tails, and the damaged dimensional chains linked to my soul start to repair themselves using Nine-tails chakra.

It flabbergasts Minato and Kushina. Kushina weakly points at me and questions,

"How… how are you able to do that?"

"It is another ability of My Mangekyo Sharingan," I reply to her.

"It is futile, Izuna-kun. Most of the vitality of Kushina's and mine body is lost. We won't live for long. The claw of nine-tails has pierced our body. The volatile chakra of Nine-tails is corroding our body." Minato remarks.

"I won't allow that to happen. I will heal your bodies and souls. I need time to do that. Give me some time, Minato-san. Until that moment, I will place you inside the isolated space of my weapon.

I show the 'Grimoire of Sin' to them. I have enough trust in them to reveal the existence of Grimoire.

Two more chains come out from the Grimoire. They tightly bind around Minato and Kushina to hold their body and soul together and prevent their soul from dissipating.

"We will leave the rest to you, Izuna-kun. You have done a lot for us. I want my Naruto to turn into a fine shinobi like you." Kushina smiles at me.

Both of them are pulled inside the Grimoire and are sealed inside together with their consciousness. Two pages appear inside the Grimoire with the picture of Minato and Kushina.

"What I have done is just my way of repaying some of your gratitude. Both of you taught me everything without holding back, I will pass all of your and my knowledge to Naruto.

He won't be a loser like his original self. I won't allow the villagers to discriminate against Naruto. If anyone stands in my way, then he should get ready to face King Yama in hell."

The tardiness from before kicks in and Izuna's head spins.

"I still have a task to do before I lose consciousness."

Izuna picks up the blood of Minato and Kushina from the ground.

'Fuinjutsu: Shadow body Blood clone'

Two lifeless clones of Minato and Kushina appear near Naruto.

'This will allow the villagers to know about the sacrifice of Minato and Kushina.'

Izuna's vision turns blurry and his consciousness fades away.

A few moments later,

Hiruzen together with some anbus and Sakumo arrives on the scene.

"This is…"

Hiruzen stares at baby Naruto, then at the lifeless body of Minato, Kushina, and Izuna.

He immediately rushes to them and inspects their body. Minato and Kushina are dead.

Hiruzen takes a deep breath and sighs in grief. He walks up to Izuna and examines him.

"He is still breathing. Come and immediately take him to the Leaf Village Hospital. He is a student of Tsunade, take him to her."

Hiruzen shouts and orders one of the Anbu guards. The Anbu quickly picks up Izuna and dashes towards Leaf Hospital.

Uwaah… uwaah…

The cries of a baby echoed. Hiruzen directs his attention towards the newborn baby and picks him in his arms.

"He looks very similar to Minato. So, he is Minato's and Kushina's newborn son." Hiruzen remarks at Naruto's appearance.

Looking further below on kid's navel, he spots the 'Eight Trigram Sealing Seal'.

'Minato sealed the Nine-tails inside his newborn son, despite knowing the intricacies of the matter. It seems there is much more to the matter, then it appears on the surface.

Only one person can provide answers to me. I have to wait for him to regain consciousness. I don't believe Minato is rash to take such an action.'

"Lord Third, what should we do at this moment?"

Sakumo bows before Hiruzen and waits for his further order.

"Go and help the remaining villagers. Make a tally of deaths and arrange for a funeral for them. We will have to conduct an emergency meeting due to this incident.

The village can't stand without a leader. Konoha had suffered huge losses in this incident. The death of the Fourth Hokage and the loss of many lives. We haven't even recovered from the losses of The Third Great Shinobi War and yet we faced such a catastrophe."

Sakumo nods to Hiruzen and instructs the nearby Jounins and Chunnins. Hiruzen flickers away from the place together with baby Naruto in his arms.

Two Anbus stayed there to guard the bodies of Minato and Kushina.

'I have to meet with Biwako and inquire about the details of the attack from her.'


Inside one of the Underground Shelter,

Shisui frantically moves back and forth with a tense expression.

"Itachi, I met with Izuna nii-san earlier. He teleported to fight with Nine-tails right after I met him. I am worried about him. I hope he is doing well. I don't want to lose Izuna nii-san."

"Izuna nii-san will be fine. He is much stronger than both of us. He will be able to escape easily with the teleportation jutsu if the situation turns unfavorable. You have to believe in Izuna nii-san's prowess." Itachi assured Shisui. But he too had a tense expression on his face.

"I hope you are right. I believe in Izuna nii-san. It is just that I have a bad feeling about this whole ordeal."

Shisui silently stares at the Moon in the night sky.


A/N:- Well technically I saved Minato and Kushina while also killing them. Well the opinion of community is divided on this matter. I prefer their temporary death to allow Naruto's character to grow.

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