72 72. Nine-Tails attack Part-2

'Kyubi…it's Kyubi'

'Help…somebody help.'

'Don't kill me…don't kill me…Aah..'

Yells and screams echo in the village. The Nine-tails start a rampage inside the village and massacre people.

"Lord Third! It's an emergency. The Kyubi! It's in the village."

One of the Anbu inform Hiruzen.

"I know already, I'll deal with it. You and the others go and help civilians to evacuate to shelters." Hiruzen orders the Anbu.

'Did Kushina's seal break? Did we fail, even after taking all of these precautions? Biwako…' Hiruzen murmurs to himself.

"Summon all the Jounin commanders of the village. We have an emergency to deal with." Hiruzen orders another Anbu member.

Many shinobis engage against Nine-tails, but their attacks have no effect on Nine-tails.

Guy, Kakashi, Asuma, and others turn towards Nine-tail and get ready to face it.


Danzo appears out of nowhere and stops them from engaging with Nine-tails.

"It's Hiruzen orders to prevent young shinobis of the village from engaging against Nine-tails."

"But! Sensei…"

"It's an order." Danzo interrupts them and flickers away with his root. Many shinobis surround them, form some hand seals, and slams their hand on the ground.

A barrier appears around the place and seals all of them inside it. Guy tries to punch and kick the barrier. But the barrier doesn't budge at all.

"It's futile. Just wait inside for a while." One of the barrier team shinobi remarks.

Minato teleports and appears in front of the Hokage Mountain. The Nine-tails notices Minato and starts to charge up a 'Tailed Beast Bomb'.

"So you noticed me. Huh…"

The tailed beast bomb travels quickly towards Minato.

"Not on my watch."

Minato clutches his kunai in both hands form a space-time barrier seal. The tailed beast gets sucked into the seal and teleports outside the periphery of the village.


An enormous explosion occurs outside the village.

-----At present-----

Izuna spot the nine-tails rampaging around the village. Hiruzen, Sakumo, and various other shinobi are attacking the nine-tails to prevent it from further destroying the village.

'I need answers.'

He teleport to Shisui's location to ask from him. Shisui is evacuating the clan members as Izuna appear in front of him.

"Shisui, what's going on? How come the nine-tails is attacking the village? Isn't it sealed in a jinchuruki?"

Shisui is surprised to see me and immediately starts to question me,

"Nii-san, where were you? Two months passed since we last heard from you."

Izuna immediately stop him from bantering further.

"Shisui, go and helps clansmen and civilians to evacuate to shelter. I will deal with other matters. I will answer all of your questions after this situation is over."

Without waiting for any confirmation from Shisui, I sense the location of Minato and teleport to him.

Minato is engaged in a fight against a masked shinobi. Minato creates the enhanced version of Rasengan which I taught to him against the masked shinobi.

He throws a kunai towards the masked man. The kunai phases through the masked man.

'So, he is Obito.'

My Mangekyo Sharingan activates on its own and records the jutsu. The information about Kamui appears in my mind.

'Wait, I can copy the abilities of Mangekyo Sharingan too. Isn't that a bit of overpowered?.'

Minato teleports on top of the masked man and slams the

'Lightning Style: Vanishing Rasengan'

on the back of the masked man.


A large explosion occurs and forms a large crater. Dust and debris block our vision. The masked man jumps out from the crater. His right hand is limping from his shoulder as blood trickles from it. His right hand is disabled for this fight.

'Swift Release: God Speed'

I disappear from my place and appear in front of the Masked Man.

'Fuinjutsu: Summon Suppression seal'

I suppress his summoning contract with Nine-tails. The masked man loses control over the nine-tails. The genjutsu cast on Nine-tails is dispelled. The Nine-tails continue to attack Konoha despite gaining control over its body.

Obito tries to shift space using the Space-time Ninjutsu 'Kamui' of his Mangekyo Sharingan.

"Not so fast. You aren't going anywhere."

I immediately make some hand sign and slam both of my hands on the ground.

'Fuinjutsu: Space Locking Seal'

Various sealing formulas start to spread quickly from my hands. The sealing formulas crawled in the air as they start to firmly bind the space. I lock the space coordinates of the surrounding area.

I seal the surrounding space, thus preventing the use of any space ninjutsu in this isolated area.

"Stay here. We need to figure out your identity and motive behind this attack. I won't allow you to escape so easily."

I start to walk towards Obito as I infuse some chakra in my palms and prepare to seal the Chakra of Obito. I have already sensed the presence of Black Zetsu hiding nearby.

'After I am done with Obito, you will be next. You manipulated my grandfather for the sake of your plans. I am sure my Grandfather isn't even aware of my existence. I don't even know my own backstory, I will get my answers from you. But first, let's settle the business here.'

"Izuna Uchiha, one of the elite shinobi of the Uchiha clan. I am Madara Uchiha, your ancestor. Why don't you join me in my cause and create true peace in this world?"

Obito tries to bluff me with his usual crap.

'Others may fall for your bullshit. But I am aware of the entire story of Naruto. I ain't buying that crap. But I will comply with you.'

"So, this is how you want to bring peace to the world. By releasing and controlling the Nine-tails on the Konoha Village. You found this village together with the Hashirama Senju and now you want to destroy the same village you developed from scratch."

"Konoha was a mistake. Hashirama was a fool, his idealistic way of thinking only lead to more wars. True Peace can never be achieved through such tender ways. Only absolute power will bring true peace to the world.

And gathering the tailed beasts is one of the ways to achieve power. Starting with Nine-tails, I will collect all the remaining tailed beasts and use them to bring salvation to this cruel world. Now, come and join hands with me. We will bring salvation together. Your powers will be a great help for our noble cause." Obito tries to entice me.

"Don't listen to him, Izuna. He is trying to buy time to allow nine-tails to rampage more in the village and destroy it." Minato warns me.

"It's over, Faker. I will unmask your actual identity now."

I stretched out my hand to shatter the mask of Obito.

"Found You."

A raspy voice interrupted us. A figure clad in a purple cloak tore a spatial rift and appeared on top of us. He is floating in the air without using any tool or Ninjutsu.

A chill ran through my spine as alarms start to ring in mind. My body froze on the spot and I couldn't even lift a finger. An invisible pressure starts to bore on us as my limbs start to bend from the pressure.

'Is he the backup of Obito? Was Obito stalling time for this guy to appear and interrupt us? Who is this guy? This level of power. I can't even fathom his power. Who is this monster? How come Obito knows him? If he is my enemy, then I am fucked!'

"He is very powerful, Izuna-kun. I can't even sense the depth of his power." Minato warns me as he is also pinned to the ground.

I look toward Obito to see his reaction. Obito is also pinned to the ground, similar to me. His expression is quite ugly behind that mask. Obito pukes out a mouthful of blood as he struggles to even breathe under this pressure.

'I guess Minato-san's previous attack had done a number on Obito. He is barely hanging to his dear life.'

I turn in the direction of Black Zetsu to see his reaction.

'Perhaps Black Zetsu might be aware of the identity of this newcomer.'

Black Zetsu is also stunned to see this newcomer. He is as clueless as me as he glances warily at the newcomer.

'Time Out! Will, anybody answers our doubts.'

The purple cloaked man floats towards us. He reaches near my 'Space Locking Seal' and touches it.

"A low-level Space sealing barrier. I never expected such a thing to appear in this backward low-level dimension."

He grasps my sealing formula with his hands and crushes it in dust easily.

"No way! That's the highest level Space Sealing Seal which I recently learned from the Uzumaki Heritage."

He stares at us for a second. I can't sense anything from this guy. I can only feel danger, a life-threatening Danger.

"Oh! Seems like it found a new host for itself in this low-level dimension. I never expected such a thing. This complicates things a little, and I don't like complicated things.

I will just kill this guy and drag his soul with the Grimoire."

The newcomer mumbles to himself as he decides. He stretches out his right hand towards me.

I felt a very strong, attractive force acting on me. I tried to resist the attractive pull. I riled up my Chakra without any care for the 'Sin Seal'.

'Mangekyo Sharingan: Susanoo'

I create my Susanoo, whose upper frame is properly built and has four hands. The attractive force weakens a little bit. I form a large pair of Katanas in Susanoo's hands and slash them at the cloaked man.

A purple barrier blocks my attack and my katanas snap in half.

"Interesting… quite interesting"

The purple cloaked figure is amused to see the technique utilized by these low-level beings of a backward world. He increases the attraction force.

My Susanoo starts to dissipate from the large attraction force and my body is pulled towards the cloaked man.

The cloaked man grabs my throat and starts to fly higher in the sky. I try to struggle from his grasp, but resistance is futile.

Minato and others look at me with wide-eyes.

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