26 26. Fuinjutsu Training

Just after the infusion of Chakra, the kanji seal begins to fade as it disappeared completely in the next few seconds. Minato hurriedly checked the scroll in his hand. There is a kanji seal on the previously empty paper.

Minato's jaw-dropped at this as he seemed shocked to see the seal on the paper.

'Uh! Is there something wrong with the seal? Why Minato seems so surprised? I have Space affinity, so why his reaction is so exaggerated?'

I begin to flash the scroll in front of a stunned Minato as I spoke,

"Minato-san, see I have an affinity for space element. You have to train me in Space element now."

Minato gathers his wits as he replies,

"Yes, you have an affinity for Space. But what surprised me is how high your affinity for space is. It took me five minutes of continuous Chakra Supply to transfer the seal completely from one scroll to another. Five minutes is considered very good for Space affinity, but you just did it in a matter of a few seconds. It implies that your affinity for space is way too high. I am shocked because we of the Namikaze bloodline specializes in Space element but you are Uchiha and still possess such a powerful Space affinity. I wonder what other secrets do you hold?"

Minato looked curiously over to me as he joked. I begin to sweat buckets as I am not sure how to reply to this.

"Ok! I will train you in space element but for Fuinjutsu you will have to ask Kushina. Kushina is an Uzumaki and she specializes in Fuinjutsu. Her fuinjutsu skills are better than mine."

I nod my head to Minato as I walk towards Kushina hoping to convince her to teach me Fuinjutsu. I am not sure how powerful the Fuinjutsu techniques are, as there was no Uzumaki specialized in Fuinjutsu present in the Anime. But Uzumakis were feared for their sealing techniques to the point that many other nations joined hands with each other to deal with Uzumaki Clan speaks for itself. Guess, I will get to know more about the potential of sealing techniques when I learn them myself.

Kushina is chatting with Rin as I approach her. She senses my arrival as she inquiries from me,

"Izuna-kun, do you need something from Big-Sister?"

I hesitate for a while before I begin to speak,

"Big Sister Kushina! I… I have a very high affinity for Space Element. Minato-san just checked it with the Uzumaki scroll. So, I want to learn the 'Flying Thunder God' technique from Minato-san. He agreed to train me in the Space element but asked me to convince you for my training in Fuinjutsu. So, I would like to ask you to train me in Fuinjutsu, Big-Sister Kushina."

"Nope! I won't teach Fuinjutsu to you Izuna-kun." Kushina replied directly.

"Ehh…! Why you won't teach me big-sister Kushina?" I asked while fidgeting my fingers.

Kushina looked at Izuna as she thought,

'Cute! But I won't teach you just because of that.'

"Because Izuna-kun is a bad boy. He won't allow Big- Sister Kushina to even hug him."

"What? Big-sister Kushina you will teach me Fuinjutsu if I allowed you to hug me right?"

I hesitated for a while before I continued,

"Uhun… Then Big-sister Kushina…you can hug me all you want?"

I bit my lower lip as I finished these words.

"Yay! Now that's my Cute Izuna-kun for you."

She bear-hugged me in her embrace as I struggled to breathe. Her big mounds were pressed against my face as I have a conflicted expression on my face,

'Somehow, this is blissful but at the same time torturous. I am still in my childhood and my little brother is still low-profile.'

I can't seem to put my hands on it. I shake my head to discard such thought, as I begin to struggle in her embrace as I am suffocating. Kushina frees me from her embrace as she speaks,

"Ok! Izuna-kun I will teach you Fuinjutsu. But I will hug you every day as my payment."

I hang my head down when I hear her speak these words but I still weakly nods to her.

"Ok! Izuna-kun lets go shopping first for starters."

I tilt my head in confusion as I ask her,

"Big-sister Kushina, why we have to go shopping to learn Fuinjutsu?"

Kushina chuckles as she stretches her hands and starts to pull my cheeks as she replies,

"Izuna-kun to learn Fuinjutsu we need fuinjutsu ink and paper. You can't learn Fuinjutsu without practicing it first. I don't have any ink with me because when you reach the Master level in Fuinjutsu you can substitute ink for Chakra. Chakra is a better material for Fuinjutsu seals."

She puffs her cheeks as she shows her biceps,

"Your Big-sister Kushina is about to reach Grandmaster in Fuinjutsu soon. See ain't I amazing, praise me."

Rin begins to clap as I join her to please Kushina. Kushina nods to us as she speaks,

"Ok! Rin and Izuna let's go to Ninja weapon shop to get some empty scrolls and Fuinjutsu ink. Later we can also buy some other stuff while we are at it."

She turns in Minato's direction as she shouts loudly,

"Minato!... Minato, I will borrow Rin and Izuna for a while."

Minato nods to her as she carries both me and Rin in her arms and flickers away to Village.

After five minutes, we arrive inside the Village. I begin to infuse some Chakra as I make some hand sign,

'Light Style: Optical Camouflage'

My body faded away as I turn invisible. Kushina is surprised when she sees me turning invisible as she asks,

"Why you turned yourself Invisible Izuna Kun?"

I reply to her,

"Big-sister Kushina, I am skipping classes from the academy. I don't want any instructor from the academy to notice me here in the market and report to Hokage-sama about it."

"Oh! I almost forgot about it. You are still an Academy student. Now that I notice it, you are quite amazing Izuna-kun for your age. Even Kakashi wasn't this amazing at your age."

Rin is surprised by this remark as she asks,

"Really big-sister Kushina, Izuna is this amazing."

Kushina nods to Rin in approval. Rin murmur something,

'For me, Kakashi is still the coolest ninja with that mask.'

I was able to hear her as I sweat-drop at her imagination,

'Why do girls like Bad-boy style more?'

Kushina goes to the Ninja weapon store as she buys some Fuinjutsu ink stick and an inkstone to grind the ink stick. She also buys lots of empty scrolls for practice. After Kushina was done with the Ninja weapon store, she together with Rin went to nearby Cloth store as Kushina bought lots of new clothes for the next hour.

I spent the entire next hour meditating. Luckily, I was spared from the torture every man with a sister, girlfriend, or wife has to suffer. The torture of carrying lots of shopping bags. Kushina takes out a scroll from her pocket and makes some hand signs.


All of the clothes and bags disappear and are stored inside the scroll. I wondere if she had such a thing with her, why in the anime she tortures Minato by asking him to carry all of those shopping bags?

'I also want one of these scrolls, they are way too convenient to use. Guess, I will ask big-sister Kushina later for one of these scrolls. In the future, I will be able to design one on my own.'

After we returned back to the training ground, Kushina takes out the Ink Stick and Inkstone and hands then over to me.

"Izuna-kun you have to prepare your own ink while infusing it with your Chakra to smoothly control the Fuinjutsu seal later. I will tell you the correct proportion of ink and chakra to be used in the preparation of ink. Now, watch and learn.

Kushina begins to grind the ink stick on inkstone while infusing her Chakra as she prepares Fuinjutsu ink.

'Now, I want to graduate from the academy as soon as possible. I have to keep hiding my Sharingan from others. Once, I graduate from the academy and become a genin. I can freely use the Sharingan as I can make a bullshit reason for my Sharingan awakening. But, it would have been so damn easy to just observe the Chakra with Sharingan when Kushina is preparing the ink.'

Kushina is finished preparing the ink. She takes out an empty scroll and begins to do calligraphy on the scroll.

"Izuna kun! Other than the preparation of ink, your calligraphy skills should be excellent too. When your calligraphy skills are good enough, then only will you be able to smoothly write a complete Fuinjutsu seal. Now, for next week you have to focus on preparing the ink and improving your calligraphy."

To be honest, I had never done any Calligraphy in the past, and being a medical student made my writing even worst. My writing looks like Stampede of some insects and it has improved to barely readable level in this life. Hard days are coming for me, I really shouldn't have skipped the hand-writing improvement classes in my past life.

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