107 105. Attack On Uchiha Part-5

A/N:- A double chapter as I promised. I want to showcase the abilities of other people besides Izuna. That's the reason for his delay.


"Fire-Wind Combo Strike: Strange Mask exploding Flame"


The jutsu explodes on Shisui and engulf him. The attack creates a giant crater at the point of impact.

Kakuzu slowly walks towards the crater.

"I hope I haven't destroyed his body. I still need his head and heart to be intact, otherwise I won't get any bounty money from this hunt.


A gigantic green hand comes out from the dust and punches Kakuzu. Kakuzu immediately crosses his hands to block his chest.

'Earth Release: Earth Spear'

Kakuzu hardens his body to block the force of the attack.


He is punched far by the attack. He breaks through multiple walls before being slammed into a wall.


Kakuzu coughs up a mouthful of blood and slowly stands up. His hands are smashed into a pulp and there is a giant dent on his chest.

The threads inside his body slowly close the wounds and sew his hands to heal them to some extent.

A giant green humanoid fiendish chakra construct with a giant red tomoe on its chest appears in Kakuzu's vision.

Kakuzu's eyes widen as he stutters,

"What… What is this?"

The Susanoo stretches its arms. The giant tomoe in the center of the chest glows.

"Cheimei-Teki Senbon"

The Susanoo launches a barrage of senbons at Kakuzu.

"Earth Style: Earth wall"

Kakuzu makes some hand signs and creates a wall to block the attack.

Boom… boom…

The senbon easily destroys the Earth wall and continues to target Kakuzu.

"Looks like, I have no choice."

Kakuzu extends his hand and pulls his mask creature to block the attack.

"Fire-Wind Combo Strike: Strange Mask exploding Flame"

The creature launches its most powerful attack to block the attack.

The senbons and the jutsu cancels each other out. The barrage of senbons continues and pierces the two creatures. Both of their hearts burst from the attack and the creatures lay dead on the ground.


Shisui breathes heavily as he stares at Kakuzu. Blood trickles from his eyes.

"I have to end it soon. The chakra drain is quite huge. I need to train more."

The Susanoo extends its hand. A giant magatama appears in Susanoo's hand. He aims magatama at Kakuzu and yells.

"Yasaka Magatama."

The green-colored magatama spins rapidly and fires towards Kakuzu.

"Is this the end? I have fought against the First Hokage and escaped with my life. How could I lose to… a young brat like him?"

The magatama closes on Kakuzu and is about to slice him in half. Kakuzu closes his eyes in his final moments as the memories of his fight against First Hokage flashed in his mind.

"Typhoon Release: Consecutive Bursting Extreme Winds"

A giant storming vortex envelops Kakuzu. The giant vortex blocks the Yasaka Magatama. It deflects the trajectory of Magatama and directs it towards Sky.

The Magatama reaches a height and burst into an explosion.

"A helper!"

Shisui frowns and looks at the new-comer. Another person in Akatsuki robe appears beside Kakuzu. The person helps Kakuzu to stand up.

"Fushin, what are you doing here? You were supposed to complete the mission." Kakuzu questions Fushin.

"I was nearby when I heard a large explosion followed by a large firestorm. Unable to hold my curiosity, I decided to check the clash…

But man, I never expected to see you almost die on this mission. I saved your ass, just on time." Fushin explains to Kakuzu.

"You are hundred years too early to save me…" Kakuzu slaps away Fushin's hand and saunters away.


"If you have enough time to banter, then focus on the enemy in front of you. He is quite powerful, his Bingo book bounty didn't do justice to him. He must be at least 200 million Ryo instead of a measly 50 million.

I have to negotiate with those dealers. They are a bunch of misers." Kakuzu complains.


Fushin silently stares at Kakuzu.

"You just escaped from a life-threatening situation and you are still talking about money. Tell me, how you plan to use all that money? You have no friends or family in this world." He questions Kakuzu.

"I just want to live my life luxuriously and die with lots of money in my hand," Kakuzu replies to Fushin.

"Luxuriously. Huh!" The image of a young child appears in his mind.

'I also want Nowaki to live happily.'

He stares at the giant humanoid chakra construct. Shisui looks at the pair of Akatsuki members chatting with each other.

'This is my chance. I have to end the fight when they are distracted.'

He creates a pair of katanas for his Susanoo. The Susanoo attacks the Akatsuki pair.

"Typhoon Release: Great Consecutive Bursting Extreme Winds"


A gigantic tornado appears at Fushin's position. The size of the tornado easily dwarfs the Susanoo.

Shisui crosses his katanas to block the tornado. The intense pressure from the wind pushes him back. He had to hold a defensive stance to combat the tornado.


Shisui infuses more chakra in his blades and dispels the tornado. The pair of Akatsuki members disappear from their position.

Shisui dispels his Susanoo and pants.

"I have used up lots of chakras in the previous fight. I won't be able to use any Ninjutsu before I recover my chakra."

Shisui pops a chakra pill in his mouth. The pill hastens his chakra recovery process.

"It will take a while for me to recover my Chakra. I have to search for the invaders. They wouldn't have moved that far away.

One of them is critically wounded, and the other one is low on chakra. I have to finish them off, they must pay for their deeds."

Shisui uses his experience in Anbu to track the trails of Kakuzu and Fushin.



The explosion engulfs Fugaku. The dust and debris clear out to reveal a perfectly fine Fugaku.

A Dark-red ribcage made of chakra blocks the explosion. Fugaku slowly walks towards Sasori. The tomoes in his Sharingan revolves and takes the form of three dots, followed by three curves spiraling counter-clockwise around the pupil.

"I didn't want to reveal it, but the situation forced my hand. I have to end it quickly. I don't want any elder to notice my Mangekyo Sharingan.

It will further fuel their ambition."

Fugaku looks towards Sasori and mutter.


Blood trickles down from Fugaku's right eye. Black flames start to form at the focal point of his vision.

Sasori immediately senses the danger. He immediately weaves his chakra threads and manipulates the Kazekage puppet.

The puppet opens its mouth and releases an extensive amount of Iron Sand. The sand floats in front of Sasori and blocks the Amaterasu. The iron sand burns from the flames.

"What kind of flames are these? I have to avoid contact with them at all costs."

Sasori cautiously stares at the burning Iron Sand. He manipulates the Kazekage puppet. The burning Iron sand separates from the rest of the Iron sand and falls on the ground.

Immediately after, the ground catches fire and burns.

"These flames are so dangerous. I have to shield myself with the iron sand."

The iron sand forms a dome around Sasori. His chakra threads continue to manipulate the puppet.

"Magnet Release: Iron Sand Drizzle"

The iron sand around the puppet turns into many minuscule bullets. The puppet raises its arm and points towards Fugaku.

Swish… swish… swish…

The bullets move at an extremely fast speed towards Fugaku. They bombard the chakra ribs.

Crack… crack…

Some cracks appear on the ribcages. Parts of the ribcage start to shatter as it gets chipped away.

'So, it is not an absolute defense after all. If I can chip away this jutsu, then he will be vulnerable.'

The puppet raises it's another hand. The bullets turn into sharp needles and bombard the Susanoo.

Fugaku frowns as his Susanoo ribs get chipped away.

'I have underestimated his puppet. Looks like I have to raise my defense.'

Fugaku infuses more Chakra into the Susanoo. Susanoo evolves to the next stage. Two chakra arm grows out from the ribs and the ribs increases in size.

It restores the ribs to normal. The continuous barrage of Iron bullets and needles does not affect them.

"Interesting! This is quite a wonderful ability. Now, I want to turn you into a puppet even more.

With you and the Third Kazekage in my collection, I will get the ultimate defense and the ultimate offense."

The Kazekage puppet clasps its hands.

"Magnet Release: Iron Sand Gathering Assault"

A great volume of iron sand gathers in front of the puppet. The Iron Sand compresses into high density and increases the hardness of the sand.

The Iron sand shapes into a giant axe and scythe. The puppet directs the axe and the scythe.


The giant axe spins rapidly and cleaves towards Fugaku. The Susanoo raises its arms and catches the axe between its palm.

The scythe moves horizontally and slashes the ribs of Susanoo.


The Susanoo blocks the first hit of the scythe.

"Let me see how long can your defense last under my relentless strikes."

Sasori waves his hand. The axe and the scythe float back and attack again.

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