2 Born again, system awakened

As I opened my eyes to the world it was bright, my eyes were out of focus but I could see relitvle well. I started to cry because of the cold air and a new environment, I see a new born baby that I asumed was Izuku in the doctor hands the same as me. He handed us over to Inko who was crying a river. looking around I didn't see a dad so I new that he already left.

After she was done crying she started to name me and Izuku. And of course she named Izuku, Izuku while she named me something I had no problem with. Shīrudo, though I had no idea what it meant it was fine with me.

When she named us she started to lift her shirt and I gobed smacked [ why are you lifting your shirt?] she then proceeded to stuff my face in her tit, I wanted to resist but the hunger I was feeling overpowered me and I started to suck. after about 30 min I no longer had the mental energy to stay awake and I fell asleep in total relaxation with no resistance.

The next thing I new when I woke up I was in a crib at my new home, It look to be the next day and Izuku was crying because of what I asume was a full diaper. As i tryed to move I feel something in my diaper [ I shit myself, well this is gonna be a long child hood]

After inko had changed our diaper we were layed down again, every now and then she would move our head around which confused me. I never had a child when I was in my past life so I didn't know it responsibility that it intaled. But form my view it looked like a lot, This gave me a new found respect for moms even though I already respected them seeing this raised that bar a lot.

As my days went on I went with the flow, having a schedule that was bathroom, try moving my body for motor control, try to talk and excercise my vocal cord, eat, play, and this was done over and over again tell I was able to walk. I was walking when I was 8 months old because of my experience and me acually trying to. while Izuku was around the average, 12 months old.

While I was able to speak my first word around the 10 month mark saying mama while Izuku daid his a couple days after me. she cried a lot those days as she huged us with so much love and care that I acually melted. She is such a kind a caring women i don't get how she was left by a guy. And bring that up I sometimes see her crying about it and she shares with us not expecting for us to remeber. But I will.

As she stares at me I make a decliration [ I will take care of this women if it's that last thing I do]

After that time flew like a bullet to when I was 3 years old and starting kindergarten. They had the basics such as concepts of math, reading, writing, shapes, and time which I already new. I started to meangle with the kids getting to know them, though childish in they thoughts it helps mewith my social skills which I had not practised on other that with Izuku. but he was to shy to meangle yet hiding behind me most of the time.

" liitle bro you can't just hide behind me the entire time you need to meangle" as he looked at me with a shy face he walked and started to talk with some other people. But I was looking for someone in particler, some one that had an explosion quick and was rather cocky as a kid after his powers awakened.

After looking around the class and talking to someother people I was met with the person I wanted to meet. Walking up to him with a smile on my face I greet with witha smile[ hey my names Shīrudo whats you name] he looked at me with agrin a said is name with a cocky attitude. "my names bakugo and don't forget it, I'm gonna be the number one hero. My quirk is gonna be awsome."

Smiling at him I gave him the true facts " you can't be the number one hero because that spots already reserved for me after all mights steps from his throne" looking at me with a scoule he gave a rather immediate response at my deleration of war. " we'll see after I leave in my dust when we get out quirks, I going to go to UA and beat all might after I go pro] he stated like an absolute fact."

After hearing him I couldn't help but laugh because seeing his face and his confidense in person is rather different that the anime." Hahahaha if you say so" after hearing me his face scruntched in annoyment " what did you say!"

After that the rest of the day was me and bakugo talking and arguing about who was going to be the top hero. As he were doing school me and him started to bond while only a little I'm sure it will grow and I left Izuku to his own devises for now leting him be a kid before I start to train myself and him when I get my quicks.[ Though still a little agressive he is not yet that same bakugo in the anime yet, he's still nieve in his actions]

After our fist day in school we started to get into a groove and me Izuku and bakugo hung out in a little group at school, We started to become very close and sometimes me and him got into a scufle over his atitude for being a bully but it was never that series. And just like that a less than a year had passed some had started to awaken they quirks while other not yet, I had not yet awakened my and neither had bakugo but I'm sure that in a couple months or day it will happen. Though I excercised reguarly to keep my body a peak condition, which help me notice something about myself. I had a slight healing factor and my bodys growth was slightly boosted helping my muscle growth.[thank you god]

Night time in his bebroom:

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As I was doing my math homework for the night I felt something in me click as my paper infront of me started to slow down making everything feel as thou it was moving in slow motion and suddely my hand started to spew hexigon like sheids from it covering my entire arm. Time then moved forward at a regular pace as my body that was in a chair was on the other side of the room with a hexigon sheild on my hand.

The only thing that came out of my mouth was " wow" Then In my amazement I felt a wave of sleepyness hit me like a brick in the head walking over to my bed the things on my are tor up my blanket but I couldn't care and fell asleep immedietly.

But as I fell asleep I heard a ding in my ear [ system has been awakened ]

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