Reborn In DC Universe With The Dice System

Miles Brown's life takes a dramatic turn when he is killed by his vengeful girlfriend, only to awaken in the DC universe as an eighteen-year-old college student. Initially thrilled but soon disillusioned by the lack of superpowers, Miles's mundane existence is shattered on his 18th birthday by the mysterious arrival of The Dice System. This enigmatic force offers him a chance to attain powers and personas from a pool of DC's mightiest abilities and iconic characters. The Dice System challenges Miles with tasks that unlock new abilities and characters, altering his physical form and capabilities. As he navigates this power, Miles seeks to balance his aspirations for heroism with his desires for fame, admiration, beauties and a lavish lifestyle. His unconventional methods draw both ire and intrigue from DC's established heroes and villains alike. _____________ Disclaimer: Contains mature content. MC wil also go through a lot of character development.

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In the dimly lit haze of a cramped, yet ornately decorated bedroom, the air was thick with the scent of illicit excitement. Miles Brown, caught in a moment of hedonistic pleasure, hardly noticed the soft click of the apartment door opening.

A young woman knelt before him, her dedication undisturbed by the approaching storm.

"~Guck~~Guck~~Guck~" Her throat made slobbering sounds as she bopped her head back and forth to accommodate the length of Miles thick member.

"Ugh! yes Misha... Gobble it down..." Miles groaned as his brain exploded with pleasure.

At this moment, the door suddenly burst open with a violence that matched the storm brewing in Tanya's eyes.

She stood framed in the doorway, her hand shockingly steady as it gripped a pistol. "I knew it," she hissed, her voice a deadly whisper, despite the shock that twitched across her features. "I knew you were cheating on me!"

Miles's heart hammered against his chest as he attempted to interject, his words tumbling out in a desperate scramble. "Tanya, this isn't—"

But the world exploded into darkness before he could finish, the sound of the gunshot echoing infinitely as it collided with his skull.

As a wise man once said; 'In this world, you come and you go.'

Miles had certainly cum and now he was gone due to his unfaithfulness... Or so he thought.


Miles gasped, his body jerking upright in a bed that was distinctly not his own. His hands flew to his head, expecting blood, brains, pain—but there was nothing. Confusion warred with panic as he tried to process his unscathed state, the remnants of his dream—or was it a memory?—clashing with reality.

A loud crash from the side of the room ripped him from his thoughts, sending another shockwave of adrenaline through his system. Dust and debris danced into the air as a figure in a red cape emerged, grappling with what seemed to be a villain clad entirely in metal.

The two figures were locked in a fierce battle, hardly noticing the destruction they caused around them.

Miles stared in disbelief, his brain struggling to make sense of the scene before him. It wasn't until the caped figure managed to heave his adversary through another wall, sparing Miles a direct glance, that reality clicked into place.

The caped figure was a spectacular looking familiar man. His iconic royal blue suit hugged tight to his muscular frame. The suit, emblazoned with the renowned red and yellow 'S' emblem, shimmered slightly under the afternoon sun, lending him an almost celestial glow. His red cape billowed dramatically behind him, snapping in the wind like a flag.

"Is that... Superman?!" Miles whispered to himself, his voice lost amid the thunderous blasts of the ongoing battle.

Superman's jaw was set, his expression one of fierce determination as he engaged with his adversary.

His eyes, a piercing blue, scanned the surroundings quickly for any immediate dangers to civilians. Even in the midst of chaos, his presence brought a sense of awe and authority, the embodiment of power and responsibility.

As he maneuvered through the debris of what had been part of Miles's dorm room, his movements were a blend of grace and precision.

With every punch, every block, his cape fluttered wildly, adding to the dramatic intensity of the skirmish. The sunlight caught on his dark hair, which was perfectly slicked back except for a single curl that daringly fell across his forehead.

Superman's adversary, a villain clad in a suit of shimmering tin, was a stark contrast to the hero's vibrant colors. As the two collided, the sound of metal against superhuman strength echoed, sending shivers down Miles's spine. It was a spectacle that would be etched in his memory forever, the day his new life began with a literal crash into the extraordinary.

The fight quickly moved away from the building, Superman evidently trying to steer the chaos away from potential casualties. Left alone amidst the rubble of his dorm room, Miles struggled to his feet, his mind racing as fast as his heart.

How was he alive? How had he gone from the cold grip of death to this bizarre, comic book reality?

He didn't have answers, but as the sound of battle faded into the distance, one thing became painfully clear: his life would never be the same again.

After the chaos of Superman's unintended demolition of their dorm room, Miles and his roommate Ron were quickly relocated to another part of Avalon Campus. The new room was smaller, somewhat cramped, but intact. As they settled into their new quarters, the differences between them became even more pronounced.

Ron, ever the social butterfly and campus heartthrob, began unpacking his array of stylish clothes and an even more impressive collection of photos with various girls.

Miles, on the other hand, only had a few books and personal items, which he arranged neatly on his side of the room. The stark contrast between them wasn't just in belongings but in their campus lives. Ron seemed to breeze through his social life, while Miles, well, he was still figuring things out.

"How can I be an unpopular college virgin? A whole me?" Miles muttered to himself, a frown creasing his brow as he unpacked his last book. The irony wasn't lost on him. Back in his previous life, he was anything but this. Determined, Miles made a silent vow then and there. Things were going to change.

"Hey, Ron," Miles started, trying to sound casual as he sat on his new bed, which squeaked under his weight. "You know a lot about what's going on around here, right?"

Ron, who was hanging a poster of the latest superhero blockbuster, turned with a smirk. "I might know a thing or two. What's up?"

Miles leaned forward, his curiosity piqued. "So, all these superheroes... Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and the Justice League—are they really real?"

Ron paused, his hand holding the poster in place, and raised an eyebrow. "Dude, are you for real right now? Where have you been living, under a rock?" He chuckled as he smoothed out the poster. "Yes, they're real. You see Superman on the news like weather forecasts. Batman is more like an urban legend, but yeah, he's out there. And the Justice League? Come on, they're the A-listers of our world."

Miles nodded, a mix of excitement and disbelief playing across his face. "Right, right, just checking." He tried to laugh it off, but his mind was racing. This was confirmation—he wasn't just in a new life. He was in the DC universe.

Ron eyed him suspiciously but shrugged it off, diving into a story about the time he tried to use a Batman impression to impress a girl at a party. "It was going great until her friend came over and asked if I had a sore throat or something. So much for my Dark Knight phase," he laughed.

Miles laughed along, feeling a strange sense of camaraderie.

I've always liked comic books especially DC characters so enjoy delving into a world of fantasy.

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