4 Chapter 4

WAKE UP! YOU BRATS! Shouted out mother reminding us of school.

'Can't believe I actually overslept. I usually wake up at 6 a.m. to get myself ready and have a nice long breakfast for the day.'


[Milim POV]

It's so boring sitting in class and listening to all of this when I already learned it in my past life.

Kat: "Hey, sis. Class is over. Let's go on our lunch break." He tapped on my shoulder to get my attention.

"Can you carry me Kat? Please?" I was really lazy right now, and I didn't want to move.

Kat: "Fine...Get on my back." He turned around and bent his knees so that I could climb him. No one in class was really shocked seeing this. They all knew how Katsuki was always protective of me and didn't bother to do anything to me. Some tried to be friends with me, some with good intentions and others with bad intentions. And I didn't just sit by and do nothing while my brother always protected me. I also showed those brats my power, and now everybody in school knows us by the name [Berserker and Rational devils].

[A/N: I had no idea what their nickname should be, and I just came up with this.]

And, of course, there was one green broccoli who tried to mend his relationship with Kat and ended up being bullied. I didn't help him because Kat would always bullie him behind my back and would act like a nice friend whenever I was near. The broccoli always looked at Kats' and mine relationship and was always stunned whenever he would see Kat flip his personality 360°. At first, he thought I was his girlfriend but soon realized I was not because of my surname. I never really hung out with Deku when we were children, and that's why he doesn't really know me. He always just thought of me as just a friend of Kat. And whenever he came over to our house, I would always be out going to the dojo learning and trying to find a suitable fighting style for myself.


Kat was carrying me to the rooftop so that we could eat our lunch. We would always sit on one of the benches on the roof and we would always talk about how we enter UA together, and he would be the N°1 hero, and I would be someone with influence all around the world and I would also be stronger than the N°1 heroes around the world. He didn't mind it; he just thought I was his loveable sister with dreams.

Now, some of you might be thinking, "But he isn't gonna be the N°1 hero; it's gonna be deku."He has anger issues." Well, over the years, I was able to make him contain his anger and not bash out everytime he gets pissed, and I also forced him to join the same dojo as me to get him stronger than cannon. But of course, I am still stronger.

While I and Kat and I were talking, I suddenly realized that tomorrow will be the last day of school, and the day deku is supposed to get chosen as [All Might] successor. I am kind of worried because what if something goes wrong because I am here and there might be a butterfly effect?

Kat: "Hey, sis you, alright?" I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard Kats voice, so I put that horrible thought in the back of my mind.

"Yeah, everything is alright. I'm just worried if I will be able to make it to UA?"

Kat: "Are you kidding me? You're literally so strong with your quirk. I don't think anyone in the entrants exam would be able to fight you! I don't even think UA second - and third year student would be able to fight against you?" So he thinks that I can beat all of the students in UA, but he doesn't believe me becoming stronger than all of the N°1 heroes around the world? It makes sense, I guess. 😒

*Bell Rings*

"Look likes it's time to go." I got up and put away both of our lunch boxes. We both went to class, and after countless classes, we were finally free and were heading back home.

"Finally, school is over. I can't handle it anymore..." I was whining like a child because of school, but hey, you can't blame me. I already had enough of school in my precious life.

Kat: "Come on, let's go."


He was already walking out of school, so I quickly changed my shoes and swiftly walked towards his side.

[Time Skip]

It was the last period we had today at school, and when the teacher came in with a stack of papers, I asked if I could be dismissed. He agreed but unknown to him, and the rest of the class, I was just outside listening.

Teacher: "You guys are all third years now. It's time to start thinking seriously about your future!" The class wined not knowing what would happen next.

Teacher: "I would hand these future career forms, but...I assume you ALL want to be heroes!" The class cheered and started using their quirks.

Teacher: "Yes, you all have wonderful quirks.But you know it's against the rules to use them in school!"

Kat: "Sensei! Don't lump me and my sister in with these losers! We're the real deal, but these guys will be lucky to end up as sidekicks to some busted d-lister! Hah!" The whole class erupted in annoyance.

Student A: "You think you're better than us, Bakugou!"

Kat: "Shut up! EXTRAS should act like EXTRAS!!

Teacher: "Ah, Bakugou siblings... you guys, of course... must be aiming for UA high school." The classroom erupted in shouts.

Student B: "That national school?! The cutoff score this year must be 79, right?"

Student C: "I hear they barely accept anyone!" Then Kat gets up on his desk.

Kat: "Ah, the stupid chattering of extras! My sister and I aced the mock exam! We're the only ones here with the stuff for UA! We're even gonna surpass [All Might] and become the best heroes out there!! Not to mention, we'll be one of the richest people in the world!!" He shouted at the top of his lungs. I was honestly surprised how he hadn't lost his voice with all the shouting.

Teacher: "Oh... You're also going for UA, aren't you Midoriya?" Everyone turned to look at Midoriya, and then they all started laughing.

Student A: "Huh?! Midoriya?! No way!!"

Student B: "Good grades alone can't get you into the hero program!"

Deku: "Th-Thats not necessarily true! Sure, there is no precedent, but..."

Kat: "Come on, Deku!" He jumped on Dekus desk and made an explosion on it, sending him away.

Deku: "Whoa!"

Kat: "Forget the crappy quirks you're totally quirkless! And you think you can rub shoudlers with me?!"

Deku: "Wa...wait, no, kachaan. I wasn't saying I could compete with you! Not at all! I mean it. It's just... been my dream. Since I was little, and well...there's no harm in trying." He timidly said.

Kat: "Try?! Try what? The entrance exam?! Are you taking the exam just to try?" Even though I said I helped him contain his anger, it seems like he will always act the same with Deku. I decided to stop it and enter the classroom.

"Try what?" I casually walked in, and when Kat heard my voice, he instantly turned his personality 360° and walked towards me and tried to block Deku from my site while telling me some random bullshit.

Kat: "Oh, sis, we were just talking about the entrance exam. I mean, we're all friends here, and I was just reassuring them that everything was going to be alright."

Class: "That bastard! Saying we're all friends when you were the one who insulted us and told us to not even try going to UA!"

Student A: "I still can't believe how Bakugou acts around his sister." Student A whispered to his other classmates.

Student C: "Yeah, and I can't believe that Milim still hasn't figured out that he's a bullie. Such weird siblings." All of the students were whispering among themselves until Bakugou sent them a glare, and they l stopped.

Kat: "Oh, would you look at that the bell rang? It's time to go home. You can go ahead of me. I just need to help Deku with something." Since it was the last day the school He were allowed to leave much earlier. Kat walked me out of the classroom while telling me to go home because he needed to help Deku with something. Of course, I didn't believe him, but I did it anyway because that way, Deku would take a different path from his usual one, resulting in him getting attacked and meeting [All Might].

"Sure, brother. Then see you later at home." I waved him goodbye and left.


[Class POV]

Kat: "Now I suggest all of you to leave except you DEKU." He said while grinning.


Deku: " The incident this morning is all over the net. I'd better get home and get my notes in order." He was picking up his notebook when it got snatched from his hands.

Deku: "Ah!"

Kat: "We ain't done here, Deku."

Bully A: "What's that Katsuki?

Kat: "[For My Future]? Seriously? This guy Midoriya..."

Deku: "C-Come on. Give it back!" Then all of that sudden he uses his quirk to burn the notebook.

Deku: "Huuh? Why?!"

Kat: "The best heroes out there, well... they sowed signs of greatness even as students. My sister and I will be the ONLY hero's from this crappy middle school! The first to win the honor of becoming a student at UA high. Guess we're just perfectionist." He put his hand on Dekus shoulder and little by little he started to burn him.

Kat: "So in other words...don't you dare get into UA, nerd!"

Deku: 'It's always just him and his sister.'

Bully B: "Jeez...Typical. Come on say something...."

Bully A: "He can't say anything. He's so lame. Even as a third year...he still can't face reality."

Kat: "You wanna be a hero so bad? I've got a time-saving idea for you. If you think you'll have a quirk in your next life...go take a Swan dive off the roof!!" Deku was in rage and but when he turned around he was met with bakugou setting off explosions in his hand.

Kat: "Yeah? What?" He couldn't say anything as he was scared being beaten again.


[Deku POV]

Idiot! If I really jumped, you'd be charged with bullying me into suicide!! Think before you speak!



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