35 Chapter 35 : Chloe’s Departure (part 1)

On the night of the same day, Chloe was staying at the church with Amnesia and the other female knights, so she wasn't at home now.

They planned to leave Atwood territory tomorrow morning.

「Someone, go to the church and bring Chloe here! She will become Baron Hansen's wife!」(Aaron)

「That cheeky girl! How dare… How dare she humiliate me like that! Who does she think she is!?」(Robin)

Aaron, who hadn't given up on getting the right to use Baron Hansen's forest, screamed furiously while Robin was slamming the table with her fists, remembering how Chloe humiliated her this morning.

「No way… My Chloe….」(Alex)

The son-in-law, Alex, murmured like that with a disgusting face.

Ella, Bonnie, Jasmine, and Penelope had mixed feelings toward Chloe who would set out for a bright future.

They were somewhat jealous of Chloe.

「Hah! Poor Mylia! Your beloved onee-chan has betrayed you! She will leave this territory and go to the royal capital alone! She's abandoning you!」(Robin)

Robin was eager to attack Mylia because she could no longer hold her anger.

She threw a wooden plate full of soup at Mylia as she said that.

(Gravity magic activatedー!)

While still maintaining her absent-minded face, Mylia immediately activated gravity magic.

The soup and the wooden plate fell to the floor before hitting Mylia.

The soup spilled on the floor while the wooden bowl spun as it hit the floor.

「She won't come back here! Mylia, you will never see Chloe again for the rest of your life!」(Robin)

「No… I'm going to take the exam too.」(Mylia)

「Huh!? You? Taking the exam!? Kaaahahahahaha! That's so funny! You don't have money nor knowledge! How the hell will you take the exam!?」(Robin)

「Onee-sama, do you want to take the exam too?」(Mylia)

To answer Robin, Mylia said something that Robin didn't want to hear the most.

Robin's face turned red in anger.

「Th, This brat! Are you mocking me!?」(Robin)

Robin raised her hand, trying to hit Mylia, but Ella immediately stopped her.

「Robin, that's enough!」(Ella)

「Mother, you shut up!」(Robin)

「Watch your mouth! Chole going to the royal capital is a great thing for us. I'm sure she will make money and send it to us. She is a kind girl after all. Let's just let her go and hope she will get rich in the future.」(Ella)

Ella talked back to Robin with an exhausted face.

(Yeah, Chloe onee-chan will definitely get rich, but too bad, Mother, she will never send money to this family! She said she would help the villagers in this village by making this territory prosper in the future, but because she hates this family, you guys will be her very last priority!… But… Aa-ahh… I won't be able to see Chloe onee-chan for two years, huh…)

With a lonely face, Mylia stood up from her seat and left the dining room.

「Where the hell are you going!? I'm not done talking to you yet!」(Robin)

「Toilet… Onee-sama, do you want to go pee too?」(Mylia)

「...Tsk! What a dumb girl. Shoo, shoo!」(Robin)

Robin shooed Mylia away while Mylia refrained from laughing.

She said she wanted to go to the toilet, but she was lying.

She left the mansion and headed to the church.

While walking, Mylia looked up to the stars that were shining in the night sky.

(Beautiful… You can't see a sky like this in Japan.)

Mylia was in a sentimental mood.

However, thanks to her daily training, she didn't forget to use concealment magic when she left the mansion.

When she reached the church, she slowly opened the large double door and entered the building.

「Eh…? Mylia? Myliaー!」(Chloe)

「Chloe onee-chan!」(Mylia)

Chloe, who was in the church, ran toward her little sister as soon as she saw her.

She then hugged Mylia tightly.

「Ara. Is this your little sister?」(Amnesia)

Amnesia, who was sitting on the church chair while talking with Chloe, walked toward the sisters who were embracing each other, with a smile on her face.

「Yes. She is the most precious person in my life. My cute little sister, Mylia.」(Chloe)

「I see. She will probably feel lonely after you leave…」(Amnesia)

「Don't worry, she's a strong girl. I already told her that we won't be able to see each other for two years.」(Chloe)

「Two years?」(Amnesia)

Amnesia tilted her head, wondering what Chloe meant by 'two years'.

「Mylia is also going to take the exam to enter the Royal Girls' Academy when she's 12.」(Chloe)

「Eh? Is she also a genius like you?」(Amnesia)

Being stared at by Amnesia with eyes full of expectation, Mylia wanted to say hello to her, but Chloe didn't let Mylia go from her embrace.

(Chloe onee-chan… Ahh, I can feel her love… But, the female knight is so beautiful… I'm sure if she sits together with Chloe onee-chan, it will become a wonderful scene… A beautiful black-haired girl and a beautiful blonde woman… Ahh, that's really nice…)

Mylia began to think about something completely irrelevant.

「You will find out in two years. Please look forward to it.」(Chloe)

Saying that confidently, Chloe smirked at Amnesia.

Amnesia squinted with a face full of interest.

「Heeー If you say so. I will come back to this territory for this girl in two years, then. Because most of the examiners don't want to come here, it'll be easy for me to apply to be the examiner for this territory once again. This territory is quite far from the royal capital, so I hope this girl won't let me down.」(Amnesia)

Listening to what Amnesia said, Mylia and Chloe looked at each other and laughed.

(The atmosphere here is so peaceful… It's so different from the dining room a while ago.)

It was like a hard thunderstorm was occurring in the dining room of the Atwood mansion at this time.

After she said that, Amnesia walked to the seat where the other two female knights were sitting, and had a conversation with them.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Mylia went outside while holding hands.

It was cold outside the church but their hands that were holding each other felt warm.

Chloe hugged Mylia again and stroked her head.

「Mylia… take care…」(Chloe)

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