Reborn in Against the Gods as Qingyue's older brotherReborn in Against the Gods as Qingyue's older brother

Reborn in Against the Gods as Qingyue's older brother

by FanficSlayer2020

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WARNING!!! THIS IS NOT A 100% INCEST !!! Mc will be adopted. However he will be adopted at young age (Qingyue 5y old) and they will thus develop a real brother-sister relationship overtime. An assassin wants to enjoy and relax during his second life in the world of ATG. The mc wants to mainly enjoy his life so he will be mainly adventuring. There won't be any kingdom building, sect creation or taking over Asgard. The mc will just travel around the cultivation world while being OP. Also he will start his journey 2 years before canon. This is the first time I write something in english besides my tests at school so if you have any problem with the phrasing or grammar, please point out my mistakes in the comment section and I'll be more than happy to correct them and improve as well. If you have any suggestion on how the story should go please tell me that as well, but I will still follow my initial storyline (I might make some changes here and there if your proposals will help improve my story). Also I might get some inspiration from other novels and anime in general especially for fights since I have no experience writing so far and I want to make this novel enjoyable. Anw this is just my first fanfic and I don't think I'll update regularly. So just put it in your library to know when there’s a new chapter. You can also find it on RoyalRoad under the same title Oh yes forgot, I don’t own ATG nor the other works mentioned.

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