Reborn For A Second Life
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Reborn For A Second Life


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What is Reborn For A Second Life

Read Reborn For A Second Life novel written by the author SyirSyr on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, fantasy, magic, reborn. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


He died at the age of 25. During his death, he died in regret and despair. For being pathetic throughout his life. For being weak, unable to protect someone that dears to him. He lamented to the world, but good things about it, he does not need to go through that hardship again. However, a mysterious voice came and asked him... "What is your desire?" A word that he never thought of, unconsciously as his mind was still wondered nowhere, he answered the question. "If possible, I want to live again..." [The mysterious angelic voice replied] Then, that should be it..... Eventually, he was reborn 100 years after his death. However, everything he knew had changed. The Land of Azcrane had undergone drastic changes. Will he able to live his life to the fullest? Or will he lead his life into the same gruesome fate?


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Let me be honest, the first and second chapters were well-written it picked my interest to read more about the story. The setup of the story was unique, I mean like, I've had read a lot of reincarnation story, transmigration, reborn back into his past but this was different than what I had in my library. The MC died in his world where magic already exists, then he was reborn again but as a different person in the same world but 100 years later. Then, later it's about his growth from time to time from toddler to child, almost like TBATE to be honest. However, the best part is when he demonstrated his magic power to his friends. I mean like I'm tired of reading a story where MC wants to hide his strength in front of his friends where it actually benefits to let them know more. The magic system is well explained, as well as the principle behind it. Anyone can use many elements fire, water, wind, or earth as long as you have the Affinity for it. For how the magic works, it's simple to understand, the mana must be transformed from the surrounding into pure mana that is the mana that your body is capable to have in. Meanwhile, to unleash the magic, you have to convert back the pure mana into the specific Affinity that you want it to be, if fire then it must be fire mana. The theory behind each magic is cool. However, the story pace is kinda slow and you rarely update the story. I hope you can update it regularly. I'm keen to know more about the story leads to. This novel is promising and I recommend you guys to read it.


I swear to god , i wasnt into fantasy much before this but this novel had given me a new insight on how the magical world works, the phrases used are all understandable and easy to be imagined to the reader. Not to mention, emotionally attached on how this man in the novel thinks he aint able to turn things around but i really hope the author could feed our curiosity on how this man would turn out to be. Not just a colourful masterpiece but also able to provide values that are relatable and heartwarming to its readers , love this a a lot ! 😭!


In my opinion, this novel is not your ordinary isekai'd manga or cheap plot. This novel served the readers with unexpecting plot, characters' developments and various arcs. Overall, it is something new in our era.



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