1 Reborn Core

His death was interesting, he had not died in a way that would be considered ordinary it was more a series of unfortunate events. One thing he new was it was definitely not ordinary for you to be fired, hit by a car and survive only to be stabbed and die on in a home invasion all in one day.

Now though it didn't seem to matter to him he just was dead that was all there was to it no lingering regrets or things he wished he'd done. he'd had a family, a wife, a good job and many friends. His family, his son was the reason he'd been stabbed but he didn't think ill of him he was only young after all it wasn't his fault he had sneezed. It really was just unfortunate.

As he was dead he began to realise something about life and that was he missed it, he missed living. And in that moment he was standing.

The area around him was large with a white hazy floor that faded to a pale blue on the horizon, his body was the same hazy white but was outlined with a darker haze. He began to look at his body with confusion was this how he had all ways looked he couldn't remember. He couldn't remember anything important, what was his name who was his family he knew there personality but not there faces or names. He knew this wasn't normal, he began to panic swinging around wildly he chose a direction and ran and ran and ran ...

How long had he been there, it didn't matter all he thought about was running and his memories then he hit something and tripped. Checking behind him he saw a small box it was made of concrete but the top had a pattern that glowed gold. He reached for it.

The box shattered and reconstructed in the shape of a person that floated in the air. It had no face or features but it was definitely a person and when it spoke it had so many voices but they spoke in unnatural unison.

"You wish to live again?"

The question hung in the air. What passed was a moment that felt eternal he had only one response that mattered


The being simply pointed behind him and when he turned he saw a small blue orb with a golden flame in its centre he reached for it and as his finger touched it his vision disappeared. The darkness around him was suffocating but as his vision adjusted he noticed he wasn't in complete darkness, the walls and roof around him where lit with a light gold colour.

He tried to move but was unable and it slowly began to dawn on him he was the orb he had seen earlier and he couldn't move.

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