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Reborn As the School Hunk's Dearest Daughter

Here Comes Souther

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET THIS NOVEL GET CHOSEN!!! 🙏 I've got 2 words: So Adorbs! This kind of plot is definitely my cup of tea/coffee/bobba you name it! So we got here the daughter (Fu Ting) traveling back in time when her father (Fu Pei) was still a teenager. Seriously this novel is such a welcome change for once! No drugging here folks which means Aphrodisiac-san is not gonna make any kind of cameo (fingers 🤞), no abusive ML, no r@pe and none of that modern day tropes that we usually find in a novel. All we have here is fluff and more fluff kekeke. I'm a sucker for Father/Daughter storylines especially when the dad is such a tsundere and the daughter is like an adorable little rabbit (Similar to my favorite daddy/daughter pair Claude and Athy 😊). Just start reading it peeps and I bet you that just like me, and those nice policemen, that clothing store lady, the cafeteria auntie, the delinquent lackeys and of course the "bad boy" Dad, you too will fall in love with the cutie pie Fu Ting! Just keep in mind though that this is no Sweet Home Alabama novel so don't ever EVER forget not to ship them both (like I did huhuhu) because believe you me, there will be a point where you will do that seeing how cute their interactions are. 😂 PS Thank you Translator and Editor for this wonderful novel! I give you 👍👍👍


Aren’t you all tired of the same plot with different characters? Then read this novel!!!! This novel is about a female lead who time travels to the past with her original body and meets her biological parents who are only teenagers. I love seeing the bond between the three of them. They don’t know that she is truly their biological daughter from the future (her dad even thinks that she has a mental problem) but they still dote on her a lot. I like the fact that the three of them attend the same class. Female lead doesn’t know though that her protective friend is actually her biological mother.(The author hinted a lot that she is though). I don’t think the ML will show up anytime soon. It will take probably a long time because right now the FL is more focused in helping her father. We rarely see novels with good parents who aren’t absent and are also not doormats who need the FL‘s protection. Both her biological parents are good at fighting and are feared.


Raw title: 重生成校草的亲闺女 Status: 702 Chapters (Ongoing) ..................................................................................................................................................


Dear Editor, pliz pick this novel up!!!! This one is unique awesome plot story, heartwarming love in a family, smart and adorkable FL,,,pliz plizz plizzz pick this up!!!! Among stories in trial read, this one is the best imo, there are another good novels in this section but the editor didint pick it up, instead they chose novels with the same plot (raping, aphrodisiac, evil stepsister,,) and a sadistic ML 🤦🏻


What an interesting novel with so many cute n cool characters I really love how every character is described the story always takes an interesting turn making it exciting for us readers to read I really love your novel author! Lots of love n support from me💖 Keep updating frequently okay? Thank you:)♡


This is a gem! I fell in love with this novel after reading the synopsis, and fell in love more after reading the chapters. It's a fresh take on rebirth. The synopsis says it all and can also double as a review. All I can say is it's binge worthy and anyone looking something new or unique will enjoy it.


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I love how this book and how it gets my hopes up and exceeds it more than I imagine. I would greatly appreciate it if you can continue on your story, or if you can not on this app, PLEASE tell which app can I continue this story... PLEASE!


Please continue 😭😭have been waiting this novel for so long 😔😔😔😔 will continue support this novel until it will be picked up to be count to written 📖


I once read about a mother go to the future to take care of her four sons but this is the first time for me to read about a daughter go to the past to save her father and that is why I read this novel and it didn't disappointe me and Here I can't wait for the next update ....


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This novel must be picked. So adorable. So fresh. So much fluff help I'm drowning in fluffy paradise. It's literally tickling me to death. Oml.


I found this book very enjoyable... I don’t write reviews usually and idk what I should say but I have to write a certain amount of characters so yeah :)


I liked this novel . It's not the like the usual CN novel that I read ( cause that's what the app is filled with mostly) . Hope this one can get picked. 🥰🥰🥰


This story is really different as FL travels back in time when her father is a juvenile delinquent. Their interaction with each other is really funny and her cuteness index is out of the charts. I hope this story is really selected


A chapter has been repeated . It’s the one which says thatFu Pei is allowing an outsider into their issues . Kindly fix that . Will update my review later as well .


Hope it continues. The story line and they way the little daughter tries her best to change her father is adorable. Waiting for the mother to come in the picture, though hoping it is her classmate that calls her lil daughter. One of the best stories i have read. Pleaseee continue on with the story.