Reborn As the School Hunk's Dearest Daughter Book

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Reborn As the School Hunk's Dearest Daughter

Here Comes Souther

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Young and filial Fu Ting loved her father above all things, so when she had the chance to turn things around from her father's past, she promised to follow through her mission until the very end. Fu Ting, daughter of a famous actor, watched as her father succumbed to his untimely fall from stardom and his eventual passing. When met with her own demise, the heavens granted her something no one could only dream of⁠—time travel to amend her father's murky past. Although Fu Pei was a⁠ supposedly⁠ cold-hearted young boy, he could not help but care for his daughter...wait. This is his daughter?! Read a tale of great love, unconditional devotion, and a sprinkle of comedy with us. Just a word of precaution: don't underestimate Fu Ting!