42 Tsunade’s Training

After speaking with Hiruzen me and my mother also went back home. The procedure to become the next Hokage will take some time as Hiruzen needs to finish all the pending works and also inform the Daimyo. So there was still a month's time at least. So everyone returned back doing our own work. As we reached home, my mother started speaking to me. She had many questions to ask me.

"Ryu, why did you recommend me to be the Hokage? And also the other plans. I know you were smarter than an average child, but Minato as well as Sakumo would do a great job as well. I saw your face when you tried to persuade me. That's why I didn't reject you. Now tell me what are you hiding?" I smiled "I knew I can't hide anything from you mom". She glared at me "Spill it Ryu". I nodded and placed a isolation barrier around the room. "Now Don't freak out. Sand village is under my control. I attacked the sand village, killed all the elders and left the Kazekage in a coma and also appointed a new Kazekage."

Tsunade's eyes were almost popping out and she shouted "What the hell!!!! Don't joke about such matters Kid". I smiled and started tell all that happened after I left the village in search of Kakashi and Rin. About saving Pakura and everything else. She then spoke with disbelief "So you are telling me that you singlehandedly changes the rule of the sand village?" I nodded. She just shook her head. "Mom, after defeating the Raikage and training for a year, I've become as strong as or even surpassed the First Hokage. Now none of the shinobis are not even half as strong as Hashirama or Madara."

Tsunade nodded again "You are saying that you are the strongest shinobi in the world as of now?" I smiled "Yes mom. So I want you to train in sage mode and also become stronger before you take the mantle of the Hokage". Tsunade shook her head. "What's the use? I'm not adept in sage mode. I'm strong enough as it is. And you are also there with me. Also Jiraya and Sakumo will also help me....." I interrupted her "Mom, I think Uchiha Madara is still alive and there are forces planning against the village. A group called the Akatsuki and Madara was their creator. Every member as strong or stronger than Orochimaru. I don't know how members they have recruited yet, but they are a dangerous bunch. And the leader now has t Rinnegan eyes".

Tsunade couldn't believe anything I said today. She was thinking of letting everything be a joke, but sadly it was the truth. "So son, you are saying that the ememy of Grandfather Madara is still alive and he created an organisation against us? And what about the Rinnegan?" I nodded "Madara created the Akatsuki and is controlling them from the shadows. The leader is in the rain village and he single handedly killed Hanzo the Salamander. And is now currently controlling the Rain village. They were acting secretly during the war. Thus I discovered them and their origins. I don't think we can take on all of them if they start attacking the village. Now we also have to protect the sand village. So I need to get more stronger and you as well".

Tsunade started contemplating "Ryu, I might know of the Akatsuki leader. Probably Jiraya...." I raised my hand stopping her "Yes. I know. He cakes Jiraya sensei. His name is Nagato Uzumaki and has been brainwashed by Madara. So there's no use in speaking with him. Also promise me to not tell this matter to anyone especially Jiraya. If they plan to attack the village now, we have no way of stoping them without many casualties on our side. Fighting them may be not so trouble, but protecting the village while fighting is troublesome. That's the reason I want you to learn sage mode mom. And also if you learn it, you will look younger for long".

Tsunade smiled "Fine. I'll learn sage mode. And become stronger." I nodded and told her that I will help her as well. Then we slept for the day. The next morning, we spoke with Hiruzen and Tsunade reverse summoned us to Shikkotsu forest with the help of her slug. As soon as we reached there we could see Tall trees. Very tall as the end was not visible. The forest was beautiful with full of nature energy. I unconsciously entered sage mode due to absorbing the natural energy. Sora at this time spoke "Kid, stay in this place as long as you can. It will improve our link and you will be able to transform into a Phoenix sooner." I was happing hearing this and smiled.

We made our way into the depth of the forest and saw lady Katsuyu. A huge slug and smaller slugs surrounding her. Katsuyu smiled seeing Me and Tsunade. She said "Nice to see you again Tsunade. I was expecting you. This must be your son. One born with a sage body." Tsunade nodded "Lady Katsuyu, I want to learn sage mode as well". Katsuyu shook her antlers "I know Tsuna. Even if I am not able to see the future like the toad sage, I can feel the disturbances in the world and I feel a great power hidden within your son. I cannot see the end of that power. I hope he will be the saviour of the world".

Tsunade smiled seeing my face and rubbed my head. Then Katsuyu explained about sage mode and produced some slime and told Tsunade to apply it on her to start the training. I also sat at an empty spot where the concentration of Natural energy was very high and started meditating. Time passed by. I also helped my mother to absorb nature energy by channelling it through her back using myself as a medium like the toads Fukasaku and Shiima does for Jiraya standing on his shoulders. After ten days of training, she started sensing and absorbing Nature energy herself.

I also trained the use of my sharingan. And boy was Tsunade surprised seeing my Etarnal Mangekyou sharingan. She almost fell down after she saw that I activated the Eternal Mangekyou sharingan. She was angry that I hid it from her and didn't speak with me for a whole day. As she didn't know about the ways for developing the Etarnal Mangekyou, she was also pleased that I became stronger. So I showed her the full body Susaano. She had her jaws wide open and was too surprised to speak. Like that the training continued. I also started to spar with her. After 20 days, she could successfully enter the sage mode. It took her long time even with my and Sora's help, but she succeeded. And It was a perfect sage mode.

Now I don't have to worry about her safety. She cannot gather natural energy like I do. So she attaches herself with a small slug which gathers it for her and she can stay on the mode for long. Her strength increased more than ten times. Now she could destroy the whole Hokage mountain with a single punch. I also helped her absorb nature energy into her yin seal which increased her chakra reserve a lot. Also with the improved yin seal, her healing powers got increased tremendously. Another 15 days passed and she was able to fill her seal with nature energy and enter sage mode without the help of the slugs and just by using the chakra in the seal. She also started looking much younger than she was. Like she suddenly became 10 years younger. She was happy with the results as well. After another five days, we left back to the village as Minato had contacted me that he and Kushina were getting married.

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