Reborn as Saitama in MHA

After having been struck by Truck-kun from his window, he is granted a second chance in life by God to be reincarnated into the MHA world. With luck on his side, he managed to obtain Saitama's Power from One Punch man, making his mere existence the mean of 'Broken'. Follow our MC, Hiroto, as he goes through his second life wielding unparalleled strength, with his shining bald head soon to become the new symbol of peace. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • *WARNING* Do not take this fanfic seriously. The MC is basically Saitama in MHA, so don't complain when you see MC one-shotting enemies left and right. What do you expect? MC is the meaning of BROKEN. But, isn't that why we love Saitama? https://discord.gg/BT6wfHu Come join my discord for some discussion, reference pictures I might use, and announcements for when I upload a chapter Disclaimer: I do not own the franchise nor the characters associated with it except for my own original characters. This is all done purely as a hobby and my own form of entertainment. I do not own the cover page, it was an artwork I took from Pinterest. If you are the owner and want me to take it down, contact me.

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"Well, that wasn't supposed to happen I guess," Hiroto muttered as he looked around at all of the locked windows and doors, barring them shut inside.

"What the, what's going on?!" Midoriya shouted as he looked around.

"That's the security system being switched to high alert mode, but that would mean that Villains had somehow been detected," Mellisa explained, looking a little unsure herself.

"Villains…" Todoroki muttered, checking his phone, "It seems that they jammed our signals as well, I'm not able to send or receive anything from the outside."

Everyone checked their phones and noticed the same thing, the reality of the situation now slowly hitting them.

Rumi watched on and saw that they were probably going to start panicking so she poked Hiroto's side, "No point in loitering around here then, let's just get to the bottom of this and clear it all out."

"Wait, we won't know if they have hostages yet!" Momo interjected.

"Well, sorry to break the news princess, but the longer we wait here, the more likely it is that these 'hostages' will be in even more danger," Rumi said to her before turning to Melissa.

"You, where's the fire escape?"

"Um, over there." She pointed to the side, eliciting a nod from Rumi.

"Good, let's get going then. Since the rest of you are Hiroto's classmates, I would assume you aren't pushovers as well, so don't slow me down." Rumi then started to run off, kicking the door down and then jumping on the railings to quickly reach the upper floors.

Hiroto turned to the rest of his classmates who were still trying to collect themselves, "Come on, we'll go to the floor that All Might is on."

He ran after Rumi and started running up the stairs with ease, the rest of his classmates looking at one another before following.


"What the hell is going on?"

From outside the building, Aizawa was late in attending the party since he had overslept and didn't want to attend in the first place, but now that he was here he couldn't even get it.

He went up to the door and tapped on it, not eliciting a response. "This better not be because of those brats…" Aizawa muttered under his breath.

He was about to send a message to his students inside but was interrupted when a dozen or so holes opened up in the ground around him, with small garbage can looking robots coming out and facing him.

They quickly surrounded him, a rod of electricity extended out from each one, ready to detain him.

"I need a vacation…"


Rushing up the stairs, Hiroto easily caught up with Rumi as they stopped on the floor where the main party was being held. Rumi beckoned him over, opening the door slightly for him to peek through.

Hiroto went over and could see some people dressed in black body armour with a mask of sorts covering their face, each of them carrying a gun.

Rumi gave Hiroto a grin, "Now this a party."

Without waiting for his reply or for the others to catch up, she kicked open the door and quickly pounced to the nearest person, her leg coming from the side of the man's head.

With a loud crack that broke his mask, the man was sent barreling into the wall, crashing into it violently before slumping down on the ground, unconscious.

"What the fuck?!"

"Shit, it's another Hero!"

"Fucking shoot her then smartass!"

They all raised their guns at her and when they pulled their trigger, noticed that they weren't holding anything anymore.

The sound of metal being grounded and crunched up echoed from behind them, prompting them to turn around and stare at Hiroto's figure who was still donned in his suit.

At the ground around him were the remnants of their rifles, causing their eyes to widen as they stared incredulously at Hiroto.

"Show off!" Rumi shouted from behind as she jumped forward and delivered a straight kick to a man's chest, making him fly back and crash into his friend.

"S-Shit, some freak with a speed Quirk!" One of them shouted, reaching for a pistol on his belt, but Hiroto quickly closed in on the man and gave him the most painful slap of his life across his face, knocking a tooth out and throwing the man straight on the ground.

The slap itself sounded like a tiny cannon going off. With just one more left, Hiroto grabbed the man's tooth and turned around, throwing it straight at another man with enough force to knock him out, cracking his mask and breaking it apart completely.

"W-We're here!" Midoriya shouted as he pushed into the hallway, green lightning jumping around his body from his full coiling mode, but paused when he noticed the fighting had already stopped.

"Seems like they took care of them already," Todoroki said as he walked past Midoriya, looking at the Villains on the ground and reaching for a walkie talkie.

Jiro was leaning against the wall with one of her earplugs sticking into the walls, gesturing to the group, "They're in the next room around the corner. They have all the Heroes captured with the rest being held, hostage. T-They captured All Might…"

"C-Captured All Might?" Momo muttered.

Rumi clicked her tongue, "They're probably threatening him with the hostages." She turned to Hiroto, "We're going to have to be fast if we want to deal with them without taking any casualties."

Hiroto nodded, "Sure, but you probably won't be able to catch up."

"Cocky brat, that's what I like about you." Rumi smirked at him, patting his back before turning to the others. "I have no idea what you can do, just don't get in our way and prioritize saving the civilians."

"We can help fight!" Momo said as she walked up to Rumi, the other students nodding and going forward.

Rumi sighed, "I don't need you to fight, I need you to protect the people in there. Understand? If not, I don't care. Let's get going." She turned and started walking.

Hiroto merely shrugged at the group, "She's technically in charge since she's the Hero in charge here." He followed behind her, the group going to the main double doors.

Rumi hopped up and down a few times at the door to warm up, before kicking the two doors wide open and shouting out, "Party's over, jackasses!" She immediately pounced on the nearest guard, kicking up with a lunar arc and knocking him out before going to the next one.

Hiroto himself had already rushed in before the rest could react in time, going to the one closest to All Might and punching his stomach, making him keel over unconscious.

"Young Moriyama! W-What are you doing, the hostages-" All Might tried to interject but Hiroto was already gone, not wanting to listen to him currently.

"Sorry All Might, bit busy here," Hiroto said, undoing his tie and narrowing his eyes, seeing one of the guards raising a gun towards one of the hostages, intending to use her to his advantage.

In the next moment however before he could say anything, the man felt as though a truck had crashed straight into his face, finding himself flying in the air and impacting the far wall, slowly falling down onto the ground in a heap.

"T-Thank you…" The guest said, shaking in place as she looked up at Hiroto's figure who had his fist raised. Hiroto merely nodded at her before disappearing from his position.

He went around the room, leaving afterimages behind each of the Villains, with each of them falling over in quick succession, having been knocked out in a mere instant.

"All Might!" Midoriya shouted as he jumped towards him, quickly helping to release All Might from his binds.

"Young Midoriya! This is all too careless of you all!" All Might said, before grinning when he was finally free. "Nonetheless, I commend you for your help!"

"Hah!" Rumi shouted as she gave a roundhouse kick to one of the last guards left in the room, sending him crashing into a table. Momo quickly moved forward to make bindings to capture them before they woke up, doing the same for the rest.

"Phew, looks like that's the last of them," Rumi said, looking around the room and towards the pile of Villains that Momo had dragged together into the centre of the room. The rest of Hiroto's classmates were going around to release the other Heroes that had been strung up.

"Mirko, I have to thank you for your timely arrival." All Might said as he went towards her, looking at Hiroto, "You as well. I had feared the worst when they were intending to use the hostages to threaten us, but it would seem you dealt with them accordingly! With such amazing speed too, Moriyama!"

"Ha, you better know it, All Might! He's my future sidekick, after all!" Rumi said, going over to Hiroto and putting an arm around his shoulder.

'Marshmallows…' Hiroto thought to himself, feeling the softness pressing against his arms. "Do you know where the leader of this group is? It doesn't seem like he was here."

All Might frowned, "He took Dave and left before you arrived. I'm not sure where though."

"T-They took papa?!" Melissa said in a panic, coming over to All Might's side, "I-If they took him, then they probably are heading to the top of the tower."


Authors Note:

I swear that laziness is a disease.