Reborn as Buddha

person fulls in a survey asking them what they would wish for if they had 3 wishes so he fulls in the survey and the next moment they are in a new world I am not Chinese but I like the world of Flood and wilderness in faloo so I wanted to make my own version and he will not be the kind of buddha like the saints in west

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The First Buddha in Chaos

there was a young man in a room on a chair in front of his PC fulling a survey asking what he would do if he had 3 wishes

"So let full this survey in the first question is which world would I like to go I would have chosen an anime world but the last couple of months I read the books Floods and Wilderness so let choose that world"

"The next question is what my wishes are my first wish is that the Avenue and The Heavenly Way create me as the first Buddha of purity/meritorious /nature"

"The second wish that I would use is that I have the 12 pin lotus of white purity/Gold meritorious /Green nature so that I have a treasure and that they have a cultivation for me also that I won't be corrupted and always stay pure and that I will never become a demon and always tried my best to help the sentient beings "

"My third wish is to have a chatgroup that lets me help people and talk and go to their world and that I am the admin but somebody else is the chat group leader and that he knows that I also a person from the earth" {i know this wish is stupid but in flood and wilderness time is different and I don't want to be bored

"The last question is what do I want to look like there are many choices but I will choose to look like the buddha from type moon/Fate Stay Night he looks cool and calm"

[World]: HongHuang/flood and wilderness at the time of Chaos

[Wish 1]: That the Avenue and The Heavenly way create me as the first Buddha and that I am the buddha of Purity / meritorious / Nature and that he is also a saint of The Heavenly way and Avenue

[Wish 2]: that I have the 12 pin lotus of white purity/Gold meritorious /Green nature so that I have a treasure and that they have cultivation technique for me also that I won't be corrupted and always stay pure and that I will never become a demon and always tried my best to help the sentient beings that I can't be passed "

[Wish 3]: My third wish is to have a chatgroup that lets me help people and talk and go to their world and that I am the admin but somebody else is the chat group leader and that he knows that I am also a person from the earth

[Look]: Buddha from Type-Moon/Fate stay at night{Picture is here}

after he filled the survey in there was a light around him and he blackout

[3rd pov]

in chaos where nothing exists and only the avenue and the heavenly way they received a message from a higher being that somebody wants to be born in their world and that the person promised that he won't interrupt what happens in their world and he wants to become a saint of the heavenly way and the avenue and is willing to swear to be the buddha of purity / meritorious / nature

so after the message, the avenue and the heavenly way create his body and the 12-pin White Purity lotus/12-pin Gold meritorious lotus/ 12-pin Green Nature lotus

after they created his body and his 3 lotus treasure they create a cultivation technique for him the Heavenly Avenue Buddha lotus that has 7 stages the Buddha of the past the Buddha of the present the Buddha of the future The heavenly way Buddha past The heavenly way Buddha present The heavenly way Buddha future The heavenly Avenue Saint Buddha

after they have done all that they put a purple gas that will let somebody become a saint in the future in the body after that there is light in the chaos that light goes the new body and our mc that will now be called Buddha

[1rst pov]

when I woke up I was in a black space that has purple colors and lights I thought this was a dream but after a message from a higher being I know that the survey I filled in was not joking but real and that the chat group will come later after I become a saint and that I can't interrupt the heavenly way and avenue plan and that I need to swear to them and that from now on I am called buddha

"From now on my name is not Omar Anwar anymore from now I am buddha of purity/meritorious/Nature and I swear not to interrupt the way of heaven and the avenue and that I become a saint of heaven and avenue "

after that, I stand up and tell the heavenly way and avenue

"Thank you for letting me come to this world and can you tell honjun that I exist I don't want to be seen as somebody who is planning bad things and if you guys need help please tell me "Buddha

"your welcome and the higher being give us something in return and you are also an opportunity for us and we will tell Hongjun that you are here and when he will preach you need to be also there because he will tell everyone that you are created by us as the first buddha and please don't stick with the 2 in the west"The Heavenly way/Avenue

"Thanks and I will go the preach when he is ready and I won't go to the west because they are too shameless but I understand them but I will join hong jun because he will become your spokesperson " Buddha

after Buddha and the heavenly way and avenue talked some more, they sent him to a place they created for him the land of Purity and Meritorious and Nature

[After Pangu opened the world ]

when Pangu was done with the battle and stood on the earth and heaven he wanted to meet the person that was also created by avenue and the heavenly way so he called his name

"Buddha I want to meet you so I hope you can come to see me"Pangu

after Pangu called buddha there was a door in front of him that opened and there was the person who walked out of it he had red robes on him and a golden jeweler on his body and had green hair like pure nature and a big golden halo behind him

when Pangu saw him he felt Pure and Nature in him

"Nice to finally meet you Pangu I could not interfere with you because I swore to the heavenly way and Avenue but I can promise to look after the world you have made"Buddha

"I understand they already told me you were not from this world but thank you for letting me know you will look out from the world "Pangu

"it is ok I hope that to see you one day everyone has vitality even you hope you succeed "Buddha

"Thank you hope to see you also one day till then farewell"Pangu

[after the battle of Taoism and demons]

on a mountain peak, there was a purple palace inside there was an old man sitting and cultivating when he received a message from the heavenly way because the avenue has retreated

"Hong Jun when you will preach tell the 3.000 guests that I and the avenue had created the first buddha in chaos and that he is a saint of me and the avenue and he won't intervene with the world and he will also join your xuanmen because those 2 in the west will leave and Buddhism needs to flourish but I did not say it needs to be the and tell them on the last preach he will come then "The Heavenly way

"I understand thanks for telling me "Hong Jun

after the heavenly way told Hong Jun he left and he begin to continue to cultivate

[Hong Jun 3rd and Last preach]

in the purple palace there were 3.000 Guest in front of the podium there were 6 places that were used by the 3 pure clears from pang and 4 of Nuwa and the last 2 from the 2 of the west

after hong jun was done preaching he waited for the people to calm down and waited for people to ask questions so when everything was calm the oldest of the 3 pures asked a question Hong Jun

"Teacher how can we become Holy can you please tell us "

"There 4 ways and only 3 of them are available to us the first is like Pangu with pure strength and he failed so this is the hardest and the strongest" Hong Jun

"The second one is with meritorious and this one is the weakest and you need to something that will help the world and the heavenly way "Hong Jun

"The last one is my version cut off the 3 corpses this is what I did "Hong Jun

"So what is the last one teacher and why can't we do that one "Lao Tzu

"Because the 4 one needs you to be created by the Heavenly way and the Avenue"Hong Jun

"so nobody can reach that one ?? " Lao Tzu

"No there is one person who has become a saint on the 4 one and I will tell you that he was created by The avenue and the heavenly way before Pangu and the 3.000 demons gods were born "Hong Jun

"So why did nobody ever see him or why did he not ever join or fight with"Lao Tzu

"Because he has his own space that is created by the Avenue and The Heavenly way and he swore to the avenue and the heavenly way that he won't interrupt with the numbers of heavens way"

"So teacher have you ever met him and do you know his name "Lao Tzu

"No, I have never met him but today is the first day I will meet him and you people also and his name is Buddha and he is the Buddha of Purity and meritorious and Nature"Hong Jun

"Teacher why is he a buddha that was our idea"2 western saints

"You are not the one with that idea and your Buddhism and his is different where you want to save all the sentient beings he wants to reach enlightenment and helps the sentient beings when he can "Hong Jun

"So the teacher is he a side door or the main door" Yuanshi

"No he is the main door and I will call him now so that you people can meet him"Hong Jun

after saying that Hong Jun calls Buddha when he did that there were purple lights and clouds and unicorns and Sanskrit sound and lotus bloomed everywhere when out of nowhere came a beautiful door when it opened you could see a beautiful land and in the middle, a pond where there are lots and fishes swimming in the middle sat somebody with a green Lotus that has a trunk in the water

when the person was meditating so when the door opened he opens his eyes after that he walks on the water towards the door and when he walk on the land the animals came to him and lotus bloomed on the ground where he walked and he came to the door and came to the podium next hong jun the door closed and disappeared when he was in the palace there was a sense Purity and Nature around him the people where hooked of how he felt and how he looked unlike the 2 in de west

"It is nice to meet you Hong Jun I hope the Heavenly way has already told you that I will join xuanmen but I can't intervene with the plan of the heavenly way but I can help"Buddha

"It is also nice to meet you and The way of heavens has already told me that you would join and please sit down"Hong Jun

Hong Jun swept his sleeve and a new sit was on the podium and Buddha sat down on it and Lao Tzu asked a new question

"So teacher how can we become holy and can you also please tell us how you became holy Buddha" Lao Tzu

"There are only 9 places who can become holy and you need a purple gas and there are 6 people under me that can become holy and 1 that was originally escaped became buddha with the creation of the heavenly way and the avenue so I ask you the 3 pure are you willing to worship me as the master?? "Hong Jun

"We are willing master" The 3 pure ones

"And you Nuwa are you willing to worship me as master and you have a deep opportunity in the future" Hong Jun

"Yes master I am Willing" Nuwa

"And to answer your question about how I became a Saint the heavenly way and Avenue created a cultivation technique for me and even if want to give it to you people I can't because I was created with 3 Avenue's of Purity and Meritorious and Nature and when my body was created with the escaped Purple gas that was given by a higher being and given to the heavenly way and avenue and I swore to become a saint of the heavenly way and the avenue "Buddha

after Buddha answered the question everything became calm and hong jun waited for the west to ask them to become a disciple

"Teacher we in de west have it hard can you please accept us as a disciple" 2 western saint

"You and I don't have much fate but I can accept you as outer disciples are you willing ??" Hong Jun

"Yes master we are Willing" 2 Western Saints

"what about us teacher who will you give the last purple gas " The Guest

"I will let it to Fate where it will go" Hong Jun

Hong Jun Gave the purple gas to his 6 disciples and outer disciples and the last one he throw in the air first went to Buddha but then it felt it had already one so it went to the group and finally, it found the person it went to the red cloud after that hong jun waited when it was calm

"Ok I have done everything and now I will join with heaven before I do that I have had many treasures so I will give them to you people in the treasure rock you go to have a change " Hong Jun

after saying that everybody left to go to treasure rock

"You need to watch those two in the west because when they will do the journey to the west is the moment xuanmen will lose the fairy gate" Buddha

"Yeah that was what would happen if you were not here so you can make a Xuanmen Buddhism" Hong Jun

"But won't that interrupt with the numbers with the heavenly way " Buddha

"No, The heavenly way said that Buddhism needs to happen so if you make a religion the heavenly way will choose you over them" Hong Jun

"I was a human before I came to this world so can you tell them when they come that I need to make a religion I am not used to fighting I have only cultivated sins I came to chaos " Buddha

"Don't worry and please don't tell other people that you were a human because humans are not yet created " Hong Jun

"So what is the best way to make my religion want my Buddhism is to reach enlightenment to find your self and be detached from things like greed lust hate jealousy and to help people when I can and to help some people of the sea of suffering because I know I can't help all Sentient Beings out off the Sea off suffering " Buddha

"So why don't you do it like this That every person has a chance to save themselves from the sea of suffering and that you need to reach your own enlightenment because everybody has his own kind of enlightenment like you you focus on purity and meritorious and Nature but somebody else can be karma and cause and effect or like destiny so why don't you call it Xuanmen Mahayana Buddhism that focuses on to reach enlightenment and to safe your self from the sea of suffering and takes your own fate in your hands " Hong Jun

"Thank you but you know that the tang monk will make Mahayana Buddhism right won't that interrupt the way of heaven" Buddha

"No, because your Mahayana Buddhism and that of the tang monk are different and you will still be in Xuanmen so the luck will still go to us " Hong Jun

"Ok I do that then so when I need to create my own religion do you want me to start with the humans?? " Buddha

"Yes when Nuwa creates People I will summon Lao Tzu and Nuwa to Tell them that you will also preach to humans so that they know but you need to after the six of them became a saint " Hong Jun

"Ok I understand I will follow what the heavenly wants" Buddha

after that Hong Jun and Buddha talked some more and everybody went back to the purple palace everyone sat on their chairs so hong jun gave Lao Tzu and Yuanshin and Tongtian their Treasure after that Hong Jun Gave Nuwa also a treasure and waited for the 2 western saints to ask and the did and also received their treasure

after Hong Jun gave treasure he begin to join with the Heavenly way and when he was done his whole being felt indifference because the heavens have no emotion when he is in the purple palace he is himself but when he goes out he is the spokesperson of heaven after that he sent everyone out Buddha talk some more with Hong Jun and asked if his dimension can be in the purple palace and hong jun was ok with that after that he went in his dimension and began to meditate again

[After Nuwa Created Human Beings]

Hong Jun Summoned Nuwa and Lao Tzu to the purple Palace

"We greet the master " Lao Tzu and Nuwa

"I called you here to let you know that your opportunity is in Human beings but also to let you know that Buddha needs to create a religion after all of you became a saint because the heavenly way wants that so I hope you don't mind " Hong Jun

"Master can you tell me what kind of religion he will create is it the same as those 2 in the west ??" Nuwa

"No his Buddhism is different he is that wants to reach enlightenment and to save yourself out of the sea of suffering and take your own fate into your hands and he is not a side door and he knows that he can't save all the sentient beings but he can safe some people " Hong Jun

"Also he won't give the humans' cultivation technique but he will only teach them how to reach enlightenment so I wanted to tell you because you created humans and you will become the teacher of the humans so that there is no misunderstanding because he will also become a saint when that is done that is also a thing you need become a saint for the heavenly way" Hong Jun

"But teacher you told he was already a Saint" Lao Tzu

"Yes he is already a saint but only a saint on the Avenue he swore to become a saint of the Heavenly way and the Avenue so after he creates his religion he will become a saint of the heavenly also " Hong Jun

"And I can also tell you that he is not like those 2 in the west so you don't have the worry that he will take all the humans you can tell them when you are done with preaching if some want to go to him " Hong Jun

"Ok teacher we understand" Lao Tzu and Nuwa

"Also you don't have to worry that he will take the luck he only needs religion and the luck stays the same " Hong Jun

after Hong Jun told Lao Tzu and Nuwa they went back to their places

[After Lao Tzu and Yuanshen and Tongtian and 2 western became Saints]

Lao Tzu sat on the rock after he was done preaching he told them somethings

"I am done preaching to you people but somebody else will come here to preach not for cultivation but to reach enlightenment so if you want to listen you stay if not you can go " Lao Tzu

after he said that not many people stayed only 20 people after everyone was gone it was calm then the saint Nuwa came and ask Hong Jun to Call Buddha

[Pov Change Buddha]

I was meditating when I received a message from Hong Jun after that I came to the place where Lao Tzu and Nuwa were

[Pov Change Lao Tzu and Nuwa]

when Nuwa was done there was a light and the light came to Lao Tzu and Nuwa and the 20 people that stayed when the light was gone were in different places

Buddha waved his hand and there was 2 new lotus on his right and left and in front of them were 20 new lotus

"Please Lao Tzu and Nuwa please sit down next to me and the 20 Guest please sit on one of the lotus"Buddha

"Also Lao Tzu and Nuwa do you want something to drink ??" Buddha

"No, thank you for asking " Both Lao Tzu and Nuwa Said

"Ok lets us begin I will only teach you how to reach enlightenment and to save yourself from the sea of suffering and take your own fate in your hand and you were already giving a cultivation technique from Lao Tzu" Buddha

after that Buddha begins to teach them how to reach enlightenment and how they can save themselves from the sea of suffering and to always be Compassion and help people when you can and to teach them what I teach you and never do bad things in my name or religion

after Buddha told them how to reach enlightenment and how to save themselves from the sea of suffering he brought everybody back to the same places and stood up to the world

"I have taught them How to reach Enlightenment and to save themself from the sea of suffering so today I created Xuanmen Mahayana Buddhism That teaches you how to be Compassion and to help people do good so stand up Xuanmen Mahayana Buddhism May the Heavenly way and The Avenue learn from it " Buddha

after Buddha said that there was the eye from The Avenue and the Heavenly way eye and both of them said at the same time

"ALLOWED" The Heavenly way and The Avenue

again a new saint was born on the same day 6 saints after everything was done Buddha talked some more things with Lao Tzu and Nuwa after that he went back to his dimension to meditate

"He is really different from those 2 in the west what do you think Nuwa " Lao Tzu

"I think the same he is more in himself if I am correct since chaos till when Teacher calls him was just meditating" Nuwa

"And those 2 in the west were busier to find treasure in the east instead of helping people from the sea of suffering" Nuwa

"Yes and the luck of the human race has not changed so he kept his word and he is still in Xuanmen I don't understand why the master is not angry with them" Lao Tzu

"I also don't understand it maybe master already knew when he accepted them as outer disciples" Nuwa

They talked some more after that they went their own way

[after the first battle of the demons and witches]

I was meditating when I heard a mechanical sound in my mind

{Chat group is activated ask the host to go the person who will become chat group leader}

"Ok I will go there soon also do you have a name "Buddha

{No I don't Have a Name you can name if you want }

"Ok I will Call Lisa and you can call me Buddha "Buddha

{Ok I will be Lisa from now on and thank you master Buddha} Lisa

[Pov Change Highschool DxD]

I can't believe it I am really in Highschool DxD with my wishes when I was thinking to my Self the system Send a message to me from the rob

{Hello Hello I forgot to tell you that someone will come to you soon for the group chat because you wished for a group chat and he wished also for a group chat to become the admin and somebody like him to become the group leader for the people in the chat and I warn you to be normal because the world he chooses was Honghuang/Flood and wilderness and he is already a saint} Rob

{But you don't have to worry too much he became the first buddha but he is not like those 2 in that world he will only talk somethings with after that he will go back} Rob

"Wow he must really be crazy to go to that world " Melissa

{No he is not crazy because I can tell you that one of his wishes was to be created by The heavenly way and The Avenue as the first Buddha of Purity and Meritorious and Nature so he was created with 3 Avenue and Purple Gas sinds chaos} Rob

"Ok, I understand when will he come here then ??" Melissa

{He will come soon so I will send you to a new dimension so that you can talk} Rob

after their talk, Rob Send Mellissa to a new dimension that is full of nature in the dimension in a pond there is a person sitting and she recognizes the person from an anime the buddha of Type-Moon

[Pov Change Buddha]

I arrived in the personal world but I did not let the world know I was here so I waited till they came here and began to meditate again when I feel that someone is here I open my eyes and greet them

"Hello Nice to meet you and sorry for coming here without telling " Buddha

"No it is ok The Rob already told me you would come but why did you wish to have someone else come to your chat group" Melissa

"Because the world I choose is Strong and I wanted someone who was also from the earth and because would forget most things because I already lived more than million years on meditating and reaching enlightenment " Buddha

"So why did you choose to become a Buddha" Melissa

"Because I think if choice something else I will become power-hungry so I rather become a Buddha and I also like the concept of Buddha and I found my own Buddhism Xuanmen Mahayana Buddhism" Buddha

"That focus on enlightenment and how to save yourself from the sea of suffering and to always be kind " Buddha

"Ok so what will you do with the chat group " Melissa

"I will become the Admin of the Chat Group and Lisa is also an Admin you will be the group leader and co-Admin because you just came to this world right so you know many things of their world" Buddha

"Ok I understand and who is Lisa " Melissa

"Lisa is the Chat Group I named her that and there are 2 rules 1 you can't hurt the group members 2 you can's something dangerous that has a change that a member dies" Buddha

"Ok I understand so will you go back to your world and what timeline are you right now " Melissa

"My timeline is just after The battle between the demons and witches in the first round and yes I will go back right now after I send you an invite" Buddha

after he told her that He send her an invite to the chat group

{You are invited to the Anime/Tv and Movies/Cultivation World Chat Group} Lisa

{Do you accept}



Melissa accepted the invite

{Welcome Melissa to the chat Group } Lisa

{System Functions}

- Status


-Group Chat

-Member Mission

-Points gacha

-Fighting ring

-Training room

after checking everything Melissa asked Lisa if she could see the status of Buddha Lisa told Buddha and he said it is ok


-Name: Buddha

-Titles: Buddha Of White Purity and Gold Meritorious and Green Nature

-Live Level 0/12: Level 10

-Chat member level: Admin owner

-World Level 0/12: Level 10

when she saw his status she was shocked she thought that his world was the highest so she ask him

"I thought HongHuang was the highest world " Melissa

"No HongHuang is not the Highest there is also the Myth version which is higher and higher than that there is Hongmeng before chaos and there are other higher worlds so " Buddha

"Thanks for telling me and this is not like those other chat group novels right that we need to save the omniverse ?? " Melissa

"No, it is not like that because if that was the case why are their people who have the 3 o's exist it is just to help people who need help or to chat because it would be boring to nothing in my world because I can't interrupt with the numbers of heaven " Buddha

"Ok I understand so do you have some people in mind who you will invite " Melissa

"Only 2 people the rest are random I will invite Whitebeard from one piece and Rimuru from that I reincarnated as a slime the rest is random also I will go back to my world if you need help you can send a message " Buddha

"Ok Have a nice day see you soon" Melissa

After that Melissa was back in her room and Buddha left to go back to HongHuang

[First chapter end]

Ok, the chapter is done Please tell me your honest opinion because I really wanted a Buddha Mc but I could not find them, or the ones I could find were on Wap.Faloo and only could read till chapter 50/60 and if even I search for other sites they will only have the same chapter that is free on Wap.Faloo So I just made a Chapter I will try to write a new chapter in an hour or so but I don't continue my novels so you can already be told that it can stop someday so I hope somebody will like this idea and make a fanfiction of it because I am bad writing even with Grammarly also the picture's are on the comments hope you enjoy my first chapter and I hope that I can make new chapter soon