3 Meeting the Kents

I was shocked, I didn't think that this meek and shy girl actually is one of Batman's greatest enemies!

But...but...she's so shy! And timid! And seemed easy to bully!

No...I guess it's normal since she's still a kid at this point? I just didn't expect to meet her so early!

There are a lot of versions in the comics regarding the origin of Poison Ivy, I wonder which one she will have? And if I can stop it? Or if I should?

Sigh, sometimes, knowing too much is really not a good thing…

Forget it, let's just let go with the flow...if I can stop it, I will. If not, then I can only help Ivy later. I know that even though she is a supervillain, she only became one due to her excessive love for plants.

Her powers can still be used for good…

Anyway, it's good to develop some friendship with her early on. So that when and if she gains her powers, I can maybe sync her character to copy her powers as well. It could prove to be useful.

"Well, our Wayne manor has a lot of rare plants. If you want to see, feel free to come whenever."

"Wow, inviting her to your house already?"

"Hey, I didn't mean anything by it! Also, you have been to my place plenty of times already. It's not like I'm excluding you out. You can visit together."

"Uhuh, so what? So you can have both of us? You greedy little pervert! Are you that into redheads?"

What the!? How did it turn in that direction!?

I admit that you two will certainly grow into beautiful babes but you're both just kids at this moment! I have no interest in your flat chests!

"Hmph! Come on Pamela! Let's leave this playboy by himself!"


Barbara snorted and dragged Pamela away, leaving me alone on the road.

Laughing wryly, I shook my head and went back home.

The days flew by fast. After meeting Pamela, we learned that she didn't go to school as her parents can't afford it, but she still dreams to become a botanist so she has been self-studying about plants by herself.

When I told Bruce about this, he agreed to pay for Pamela's tuition fee as well and she was placed in the same class as me and Barbara.

Like that, the three of us would often hang out in school and after school.

Pamela had visited with Barbara once already in the Wayne Manor despite Barbara's earlier refusal and they both looked at the different plants in our garden.

After a dinner meal, I had Alfred drive the two home safely. As for me, I was excited about tomorrow.

It's finally the day of the field trip!

Bruce's class is also going to the same place as us so this may be the first meeting of Batman and Superman before their secret identities! I can't miss this opportunity!

The next day.

All the students boarded the school bus. The bus had 6 seats per row. 3 columns on the left, an aisle, then another 3 columns on the right.

The three of us sat on the middle left row. Pamela was by the window, followed by me, then Barbara who sat near the aisle.

At first, I gave way to Barbara to seat next to Pamela but she had already shoved me to sit in the middle which resulted in the current positioning.

The trip to Smallville isn't short but also not too long. The travel time was estimated to take about 3 hours.

While waiting on the bus, unknowingly, the two girls began to become drowsy and actually lean their heads on my shoulders as they sleep!

I wonder if the two didn't get much sleep from being excited? But why do they have to lean on me at the same time!?

I wanted to complain but I was afraid of waking them up.

I sighed and tried to take two blankets from my bag without moving my shoulders much then remembered that I didn't have two blankets.

Looking at the one blanket in my hand, I sighed again and covered the three of us with the blanket.

It was quite cold on the bus anyway.

Once settled, I closed my eyes as well.


Barbara opened one eye to peek and saw that Lucas was asleep.

She raised her head and saw Pamela also looking at her and Lucas, then the blanket covering them.

Actually, this little stunt was planned by these two.

They just wanted to tease Lucas and see how flustered he will be if they leaned on his shoulders from both sides.

In fact, Barbara was prepared to punch him in case he makes any funny moves.

But what he did had surprised the two. Now, they felt awkward and didn't know what to do.

Suddenly, Lucas began to mumble in his sleep.

"Mm...big brother...don't blame yourself...for our...parents' death…"

Hearing him, Barbara and Pamela were surprised. The next moment, their eyes softened and looked at him warmly and snuggled close to him again.

Towards this idiotic yet super caring guy, they can't help but stay by his side, otherwise, with how much he gets himself into trouble saving someone else, who would save him?


By the time I woke up, Barbara and Pamela were already awake and were chatting amongst themselves happily.

The blanket covering us three was now only covering me.

Still slightly depressed after a horrible dream, I pumped myself up after thinking of meeting Superman later!

I smiled and greeted the two.

"Hey, we're here?"

"Yeah, come look. The air in this place is so fresh!"

Pamela opened up the window and breathed in the fresh country air.

For a plant lover like herself, this is a very charming and exciting place. Yet to others, this place is smelly and full of mosquitoes!

Yet it is indeed true that there is a certain charm to this place.

Seeing Smallville with your own eyes, you can instantly feel how Superman became the man he is.

The peaceful and simple life he led here…

"Alright, everyone. Gather up your things and group yourselves into 4. Afterward, come to me for the keys to your cabins."

Groups of 4?

But...there are 27 students in our class? 14 girls and 13 boys...

As expected, 12 girls had formed 3 groups and 12 boys formed another 3 groups. They all formed their groups fast and didn't give us any time to react.

Which leaves us three without any groups!

The teacher saw this as well and scratched his head.

"Well, is there any group who can take in an extra one for each of them?"

"Teacher, we'll take the girl!"


One of the boy groups laughed and said but was glared at by both Barbara and Pamela, instantly scaring them out of their wits.

"We'll take Lucas!"


This time, it was a girl group who raised their hands but was even more so shouted by the two.

Hey, that's supposed to be my line! Rather, living in a room full of girls is a man's dream! Why did you reject it!?

Of course, I didn't say that out loud, otherwise, they may kill me!

The other students looked at each other and they all left for their cabins already.

The teacher scratched his head again when he saw that no one was willing and noticed there was one last key remaining.

"Oh, there's an extra key. How about you three just share a cabin then."

The teacher tossed the key to my hand which left me even more dumbfounded and looked at the two girls warily.

But to my surprise, the two were quiet and didn't object!

Still, I didn't dare to hope.

"Umm, you girls have it. I'll see if I can find somewhere to crash for the night…"

"What are you so afraid of!? Do you think we'll eat you!?"

Barbara snapped and glared at me angrily. Then I saw a playful smirk on her face.

...This girl!

"Uhh…but...isn't this inappropriate? Right, teacher?"

"Hm? Ah, well, whatever. Just make sure to use protection."


Seriously!? What kind of teacher are you!?

Barbara, who seemed to be still planning on teasing me, suddenly blushed furiously along with Pamela.

The teacher didn't care about what we were thinking and left to his own cabin which he shared with the other teachers.

Being left behind, the three of us looked at the key I was holding before silently getting our things and head to our cabin.

Looking at the cabin in front of us, the three of us still remained silent.

Barbara gritted her teeth and went inside as she pulled in Pamela but I didn't follow them.

"...What are you doing? Hurry and come in!"

Seeing Barbara glaring at me again, I let out a wry smile and sighed.

"It's alright. I'll find another place to stay. I may not mind it, but if I go in, all sorts of rumors would affect both of you. Don't worry about me, if all else fails, I'll just buy a house here and live there."


"Here's the key. I'll see you both tomorrow then. Good night!"

Without waiting for their answers, I tossed the key to them and quickly ran away!

Phew, if I stayed with them for 5 days like that, who knows what I might do! I may be a 10 year old but mentally, I'm already in my 20s!

They may look like kids now but when I think about what they will look like in the future...ahem, let's not think about it…

Plus, there was another reason why I wanted to leave. And this could be considered the main reason.

That is...I may have a chance to live with the Kents!

I knew that there will be a grouping when deciding on rooms so I wasn't worried about Barbara and Pamela but I didn��t think that the school would go with a cabin for 4 people! I thought it would just be groups of 2!

By then, Barbara and Pamela could be a group and I would be the odd one left...it was supposed to go that way but…

Sigh, forget it. I should see if I can find the Kents.

Anyway, I also brought a small tent so if I can't see them, then I'll just use a tent.

If the weather goes worse, then I would either crash in with my brother or buy a house...who am I kidding, Bruce probably went and bought a house already…

I laughed in my mind as I pulled my luggage on the road.

Suddenly, a loud horn sound came from behind.

When I looked back, there was a flashing light and a large truck headed towards me!

Shit! I was too careless! I didn't notice my surroundings!

It seems the brakes were broken. I can see the driver frantically waving me to move away but there was no time.

I closed my eyes, grit my teeth, and braced myself for impact but suddenly, I felt the wind blew across my face and...nothing?

After hesitating for a bit, I opened my eyes and saw that I was already in the wheat fields that were about 10 meters away from the accident!

Confused, I looked around and saw a teenager breathe out a sigh of relief when he saw I was fine.

He had short black hair and blue eyes. His body was also quite muscular and looked solid but because he's wearing loose clothes, it isn't noticed much.

...Ah? This is Superman? Umm...I don't know if this is counted as lucky or not...I can't believe I would meet him this way!

I almost died dammit!

Phew...calm down me…

I thought so but I was still not calm! I'm excited!

Finally…I can finally use the character slot!

'System! Synchronize character!'

[Acknowledged. Synchronizing character. Detected: Kal-El, AKA Clark Kent, AKA Superman.]

[Synchronization rate: 5.43%]

I looked at my status once again.

[Name: Lucas Wayne]

[Level: 1 (65/100)]

[Characters: ]

Superman (Clark Kent/Kal-El) : 5.43%Hmm...My experience is already past halfway to level 2.

After the initial mission of going to school which had a reward of 20 EXP, I had plenty of smaller quests that had either 1 or 2 EXP rewards which involve saving people from punks.

In fact, even the case of Pamela before, I had a mission to save here. At first, I was confused about why it had a reward of 5 EXP but didn't pay too much attention to it.

Only when she introduced herself did I understand.

Turns out, the EXP was higher because she's Poison Ivy! Or at least, will be!

Then there was an 'attend the field trip' mission which had 20 EXP as a reward as well. All in all, I had already accumulated 65 EXP!

At this rate, I'm confident of reaching level 2 in a year or so. That is, if nothing big happens.

Perhaps seeing me in a daze, Clark asked.

"Kid, you alright?"

"Ah? That...thank you for saving me but...why did you leave behind my luggage? I don't have any clothes now…"


Clark's face changed and he looked hastily at the accident.

I guess he's using his x-ray vision now huh? He must've seen that my luggage has been blown and ripped to shreds now as he sighed.

Smiling wryly, I assured him.

"It's alright, I'm just kidding with you. It's just clothes, I don't really mind. At least I'm alive. But it is true that I have nothing to wear now and we are still on a field trip for the rest of the week…"

"Field trip? Oh, you must be from the Gotham Academy that's visiting! What were you doing all the way here?"

"Well, before that, can you save that driver? I think the truck's about to explode."


Clark panicked and quickly ran to the truck driver, got him out, then ran back here.

I pretended to be surprised.

"You're quite fast huh?"

"Y-yeah...something like that…"

I knew what he was thinking so I smiled and pressed my index finger to my lips.

"Don't worry. I won't tell a soul."


Clark stuttered. He didn't know what to do in this situation!

I just laughed at his reaction and said.

"In exchange, let me stay in your house for a bit."


"Our class ran out of cabins you see. I don't have any place to stay."

"They just left you behind? Just like that? Are you being bullied?"

Clark asked worriedly.

"Bullied? Me? Nah. If anything, it's because the guys fear me. The girls...emm, cough, it's not appropriate to stay with them."

"...How old are you again?"



Clark's mouth was opened from his shock but I just shrugged.

"Right. The name's Lucas by the way. Lucas Wayne! Nice to meet you umm...Superboy"

"...It's Clark Kent. Don't call me Super-"

"Oh, Clark then. You seem to be the same age as my big brother so I'll call you big bro Clark!"


"Big bro Clark, which way is your place?"


Clark sighed and could only surrender and led me to his house.

Yosh! Superman get!

I took a quick look at the Synchronization rate. Surprisingly, it's already 20%!

So just some interactions like this can raise the sync rate! Or maybe it's that the other needed to recognize me as well?

"Can't you just carry me and run really fast?"

"...No, I'm not even supposed to be using my powers!"

I just shrugged and continued walking.

After a few minutes, we arrived in front of the Kent household.

Clark opened the door and introduced me to his parents.

"Mom, dad, we have a guest."


"Hello uncle, aunt. My name is Lucas Wayne. I nearly died from a car accident but big bro Clark saved me so I'm fine. Ah, but my luggage and things got blown to bits so I don't have anything to wear and no place to stay."

As I explained all that with a smile, Clark panicked.

"Lucas! I thought you said you'd keep it a secret!?"

"Ah? But I did keep it a secret?"

"You told them everything!"

"I just said you saved me. I didn't say how."


Clark thought for a moment and what I said was indeed right!

Cark's dad sighed and frowned.

"Clark, what did I say about using your powers?"

"But...he was going to get hurt!"

"I didn't say not to use your powers. But that you must be careful using it."

Clark sighed, seemingly frustrated but didn't want to argue with his parents so he can only swallow his thoughts.

At this moment, I knew that Clark was still a teenager and wanted to be something more than just a farmer's boy.

I smiled and nodded as well.

"Uncle is right, big bro Clark. There is a saying. With great power, comes great responsibility."

Sorry Marvel, sorry Spider-man, sorry uncle Ben, I will be copyrighting this phrase!

"You must be responsible for this power of yours. Many men, with your power, would choose to hurt people. But not you. You chose to save people. To protect them. But you must understand. Not everyone will welcome special people like you. Others would think of you as a threat and act against you. Uncle was just worried that someone would see you and see what you can do...and hurt you because of it."

"But...I'm strong. No one can hurt me!"

"That's not the point. The point is, they're your parents. Invincible or not, they will always worry."

Clark fell silent.

On the side, both of his parents were visibly surprised.

In fact, they knew about Clark's thoughts but didn't know how to make him understand, so his father has been very strict instead, thinking that this would be better for him and that he would understand when he grows up.

They probably didn't think a kid like me would say such things and completely convince Clark enough for him to fall into such deep thought!

"Right, I believe we haven't introduced ourselves yet. I'm Clark's father, Jonathan Kent. This is Martha, my wife."

"A pleasure to meet you, uncle, aunt…"

"What's wrong?"

Martha asked, seeing me look so dazed.

"Nothing. It's just that, my mother's name is also Martha."

"Oh? I bet she's a kind mother huh?"

Jonathan laughed but I only showed a wry smile.

"I guess. I've never actually met her officially. I mean, of course, I met her when I was born but I can't really remember that. Both my parents were shot a few months after I was born."

Jonathan's laugh disappeared and was replaced with an embarrassed look.

"Oh yeah, you did mention your name was Wayne...I should've known, back then, that incident became quite a stir...I'm sorry, I was careless…my condolences..."

"Thank you, but it's alright. I've never really met them so to me, it's like losing something I didn't have to begin with. I was at the house when they were shot so I was safe. I'm more worried about my big brother. He was there with them. He saw them got shot and died in front of his eyes...he keeps blaming himself but he was just 8 years old at that time. There was nothing he could do…"


The Kents sighed.

I smiled wryly and attempted to lift the heavy air in the room.

"In a way, you and my brother are similar. You're like two sides of the same coin. You should meet him sometime. I bet you'll be great friends!"

Clark smiled.

"Heh, I don't know if I could have such a dark and brooding friend though."

"That is exactly why you need each other. At the end of the day, I am still his only family left. He will want me to be safe. But you're different. He needs someone he can trust and strong enough to take care of himself. While you, you obviously need someone who can watch your back and make sure that your actions won't have any bad consequences. Someone rich and influential enough who can help you from the shadows."

Batman would always need Superman.

And Superman would always need Batman.

The relationship between these two characters is something that goes beyond just Superman and Batman. Instead, it is also true for their real identities.

Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent.

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