1 Death

I died, it sucked, and I'm speaking from experience.

How am I speaking exactly?

Because I was reborn as a demon, of the lust branch to be precise, and I'll tell you how I died...


I was working a normal minimum wage job when a gunshot rang out and everyone started screaming.

Looking back at it now, I should've dropped on the ground like everyone else.

However, in the heat of the moment, I leapt forward and struck one of the men, and then he shot me.

Didn't even do him in, he just raised an eyebrow then pulled the trigger twice.

Lying on the floor, I admit, I hated my life, but the idea of heaven and hell is a major turn off.

Dying, to someone else's hand made me furious, because I chose to believe I reincarnation, I didn't believe in Heaven and Hell, now however, I believe in everything...

Anywhos, I laid on the floor, choking on my own blood before blacking out, and when I came to, a being in a black cloak stood before me with a scythe in hand.

"Is that the best you could do? At least take a more original look!" I shouted at him, and then his figure flashed and in his place was a boy with black hair and brown eyes, pale skin, and lean physique.

"Why'd you become me?" I raised an eyebrow while my other self just raised an eyebrow.

"Mortal, you have died with regrets, and as such can choose to r eincarnate in a plane of your choice, the Heavenly Realm, the Infernal Realm, and the Mortal Realms, which you just came from, choose now!" A voice sounding exactly like my own came out of his lips.

'Eh, Heaven is a no-go, while being born again as a human sounds pitiful, so I choose the Infernal Realm.'

"Infernal Realm, I choose the Infernal Realm!"

"Very well mortal, or should I say immortal should you survive the transition, now go." Swinging his scythe, everything around me broke down into fragments and then disappeared.

Then I felt a strand of warmth in the depth of my being.

Then it spread throughout my whole body and then it grew warmer.

Warmer, then a bit hot, then genuinely hot, like grabbing a burning pain, except all over my body.

'Aaaaaaah.' My body felt as if I were thrown into an oven and was being baked at the highest output it could reach.

I don't know how much time passed or how long I burned, but I woke up and everything was different.

The world, which should have been dark and dreary now seemed exciting, while voices whispered in my head, cruel things, evil things that I should never act upon, and though I felt fear, I felt a release and exhilaration I'd never felt before in my life!

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