Reborn As Acnologia in Highschool DxD Book

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Reborn As Acnologia in Highschool DxD


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(WARNING ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE) I do not own any characters other than OC´s. Any similarity between other fanfictions is purely coincidental. I will sometimes borrow names and appearances of characters from other novels and fanfictions I will take suggestions to make the story better but I will not let myself have forced upon your ideals how that is bad and you don´t want it to be(example: harem). I write this story for fun and to get more experience for my novels You should know that MC will only have Acnologias powers. Mc is a calculative laid-back ruthless f?cker. He will become a dragon god and maybe more but that is for later. MC will have a harem. Do not expect this story to be long. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the story. Your's sexy author.


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