Reborn as a Saiyan
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Reborn as a Saiyan


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What is Reborn as a Saiyan

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A boy named Shallot from the modern world one day died in a car accident and was reborn as a Saiyan in the Dragon Ball Z world. This story take a unique prospective as Shallot just like Goku is send to a planet at the time of destruction of planet Vegeta, He lands in a planet with magic and swordsmen. What will this new turn of events bring to our dragon ball world. Watch as Shallot try to make a change in the DBZ world.

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Hi, the author here i'm just shameless and giving my story a 5-star rating i hope you enjoy my story! Five chapters a week will be guaranteed but it can be more sometimes! Note; this is the first time i am writing a novel and I'm a non-native English speaker so I'm sorry for some grammar faults in the story!


It is quite nice and both the chapters are quite well return and entertaining and hope that you shall continue this series and I am quite excited to read the third chapter and I am eagerly waiting


Yes it was good and you have my thanks, this story is great nice plot, i think the mc will have character growth because he is nice and amiable person he transported to killing world, there has to be character growth. Once more thanks.


It was good 1st chapter hope it continues on the same level and hope that the series is at or increase it level and would love to read more about Shallot


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I gave a star rating of 2 because i think it was somehow based on an anime that i watch last year ( In another world with my smartphone) where " Touya " died and was reborn in a world with magic


Needs work on writing and phrases are all over the place good content but back wrapping the story itself could use a tweak and put Into view for the readers need more ground work to make the players pop into the game other wise it's like cardboard pop outs


Can i ask when do u usually post a chapter ? like everyday 1 chapter ? btw keep it up and hope that you can release chapter frequently becuz i like dragon ball and always hope thhat there is aurthor who write about dragon ball where a person reincarnate to dragonball world becuz i want the mc to be ham reking people xD


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