Reborn as a Quill Pen Book

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Reborn as a Quill Pen


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"A pen is mightier than a sword" — it's an ugly truth. Well, that is what Louis was experiencing. Louis a vicious, wicked lawyer of the 21st century, his wickedness has brought his doom. Life gave him another chance, a second chance, he was reincarnated as a non-human character, a Quill Pen, he was also assisted by a system. In order to get back his human form he had to write some laws which will benefit the people, according to the number of people getting the benefit he will get points. Previously he was a wicked lawyer so he paid no attention to the peoples benefit, so he has to fight with his old self and think about the benefits of the people. But only being reborn as a Quill Pen he cannot just randomly write anything which will help him to finish the task. So his first task was to attract Princess Alissa's attention in buying the Quill Pen. Princess Alissa, the 4th daughter of Duke Malcom, bosses around everywhere, spoiled by her father. Let's see how Louis will get accustomed to his life....


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