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Reborn as a GOD


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What is Reborn as a GOD

Read Reborn as a GOD novel written by the author Immortal_Simo on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering adventure. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A mortal soul turned divine after death—once nothing but a mere human now reborn as a god, follow his journey as he creates his world, meet other Gods all the while learning what it truly means to be one, as it turns out it isn’t all fun and games as he may have hoped it to be... Volume 1 is finished, currently working on Volume 2, early releases on Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=30466109 For the Discord server link. https://discord.gg/j23GaZw Note: I deliberately chose not to remove the first bad 20ish chapters as those serve as proof of my journey as a writer, please keep in mind when you read that those are chapters written by a 12-year-old me, this story holds a very special place in my heart as I started 8 years ago as a little boy. It does pick up in quality and i’ll be very glad if you could give it a chance! ))


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Hey author here is some of my ideas you could add you could make an avatar for mc to be reborn into and do something in the mortal world of course it will ony be part of his original body that he can control subconsciously this way you will give as another POV that could be really interesting and maybe later on reaincarnte somebody form earth and maybe make him meet your avatar he should also make some fun planete like sci-fi and more the idea you got is good but its hard to make a story that is long for it you could also do some universal wars but do that later on when you get a bigger fan base. Another idea you could do is to mc original universe concur it then make a zombie apocalypse from it or magical apocalypse but make the world go back to time when mc died originaly and take his place there and just try to make it fun for him like a game and please do multiple pov's so that the story is not boring. Sorry for my bad english


If anyone is hesitant to read this book because the author’s first language isn’t English, don’t be. Unlike many other novels with authors whose first language isn’t English, this one is actually readable. In other novels like that, you would normally struggle to understand the jumble of words that are randomly strewn together, but here, although there are mistakes, it is still easily readable and you don’t want to rip your eyes out reading it!


Plz dont make the same mistake u did at royal road and dont drop this Reference to rrl version: https://***.royalroad.com/fiction/10677/reborn-as-a-god Thanks keep going and plzzz make this rewrite better


Author here to shamefully advertise his own story...😅So ya the story is for those who are interested in the God genre creating his own world and all that I sincerely hope you enjoy and thanks for reading.


This is some of the best writing on this website. the author describes his character and the world in an amazing. The plot is interesting and unique, I have not seen anyone of this website create a story like this. Overall this story is amazing.


The first 30 chapters were bad, like really bad, but later u could see the change in the next chapters. The author changed his writing style, which was a good decision. The story came together and became solid. Good work Author


please make more chapters plz I really do like this novel and I'm gunna probably make my own novel. my favorite part of this novel is when the girl fought with the goddess of death.


Reveal spoiler


Please updates!!! It's been 5 months, I know you're alive due to the dragon story. This one is so goodddd! I dont know hpw you think of these unique and original stories.


2 years of writing for just 94 chapters no hope for this do not waste your time.............................................................................


this so good the story development and writing is great and the world background around it and I hope you will continue it as I'm already in love I can't wait for next chapter!!!!!!


best book ever i dont even need to say anything only thing i wish is i had like 50000000000 chapters to read. i should leave my country and go live in a hut in the middle of nowhere for 5 years then come back home to internet and have chapters to read. i dont even care if people dont like this book i luv it.


Simo your book is do good xd. ............................................................................................................................


Sorry, Simo just found out I never left a review. Anyway, This story is amazing in multiple ways and deserves all the praise it's getting but all novels have faults and the main one with this story is that the writer is a gremlin and pretty lazy but other than that it's amazing and definitely worth a read. If you enjoy creation types of stories you will love this novel and well I won't tell you more than that because I think you should just go ahead and read this novel right now. Ps: read at least 20~ chapters before deciding on whether or not it's worth reading.


I like this. This world or universe building book Is exactly what ive been searching for so ima be biased however when you read dont expect it to be top notch but im still giving this a 5/5


I really love Reincarnation Books❤🥺 so when i met the author through a game and he said he wrote a book about someone being reincarnated as a Creator i was really eager to read it. After reading his book, i was totally immersed in it . I love the characters but the only thing that i was abit against was the harem at the early chapters and how the angel and the Creator had sex straight away without any thorough development in the relationship. I know they are meant to love him because he created them but it just feels rushed ya know? Even if someone created you there always should be a bond to develop like the relationship between you and your parents. Thats how i felt about Ysion and the gods. The rest was fine but i felt that there were also too many characters in the story that there werent much spotlight on some gods . I mean i do love the different perspective, it is quite an interesting idea and not many books have that kind of content but for someone who may not be able to read the book everyday since they may be busy so when they try and catch up on the book , they will have to look back on chapters on some characters that they may have forgotten about which is quite tedious. But overall LOVELY BOOK YA BIMO ❤ KEEP CREATING MORE YA TWERP AND DO THE OTHER BOOK TOO 🥺🥺🥺


One word....... Amazing! This is really good and is fresh, haven't seen a lot of novels like this one. Please put more chapters on here! Also can you tone down the women stuff, other than that keep it up!


__________________________________________________ update frequently please.......... thats the only problem _________________________________________________


I like MC that are like king of gods........ Op as fuk 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999


I Love this Novel (Ttþtttttttþtþtttttttþtfffttggthgfghgfjhggjjhllkhgfjjhgghjjhggjkkjgmkkhhkjhhjkhhjiugjoughjkiztjiiuhiihhhhhhhiokgdtlugnlittzlufjozfkurjozgpithofbm)


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