9 Chimera and 100 Years of Being a Girl.

Kokushibo glanced at his targets a little interested as they were stronger than most peaple he had seen. The main reason he did not like this universe is that most peaple in MHA did not have powerful powers. You were either born lucky or you managed to awaken which was rare as Solair not praising the sun.

'Good game. How I miss my Sun Bro.'

However, these two really caught his interest The middle-aged one seemed to have a space controlling one that seemed like telekinesis but was stronger. It was like he could churn and control space somehow and it was interesting.

Good enough for him to take or enslave the guy, but the big guy was stronger. Still, he had limited brain function from the look on his face. He had a blank look and was drawing in raw material toward him which included metal, dirt, and even his own men to grow larger.

They tried to struggle but they were like grass in the wind unable to fight back and were devoured. The more he absorbed the more monstrous he turned, like a chimera. Kokushibo looked at the chimera beast that seemed to be growing bigger every second. The boss already lit a cigar like this would be nothing to him.

He was sure that his son would get the job done like he always did. This would be no different so he was already planning how to deal with this. The damage and losses he had sustained relay would take forever to fix.

He also had to move out of this place as if it was so easy to find, why the hell did he stay here?

"Now look what you made my son do. Ernesto, matalo.(Kill him.)"

The giant chimera beast roared and charged like a freight train toward Kokushibo who was kind of interested in this quirk. He wondered how resilient this guy really was and he drew his katana and took a sharp breath.

His sword turned into a monstrous version of itself with many blades emerging from it.

"Eight Form, Moon Dragon Ring Tail."

He charged forward and a giant slash hit the chimera from the stomach to the throat splitting open. However, no blood or vital spilled out which was weird. He had to have had organs and blood to live as he looked organic before he transformed.

'Weird, did his body turn into raw biomass of what?'

He saw how the wound mended itself easily so he thought about it.

"So cutting it is no good. Fine, I'll burn and smash it."

His sword turned back into the greatsword form while he also grew larger with his muscles bulging. He turned 6'10 and several quirks activated at that moment causing his muscle fibers to tear and his organs to rupture.

'Muscle Augmentation times 10, Iron Bones times 8, Muscle Fiber enhancement, Iron Skin, Fire quirks, Poison, Brain Augmentation. Kinetic Booster, Crush, Magnetism.'

He had stacked all of his physical augmentation quirks in his body which were still not pleasant. His regeneration was already preparing any damage caused by his own power easily His body started to adapt to the strain the longer the damage went on which was a boon for him.

"Seventh Form, Mirror of Armageddon."

He swung the greatsword 10 times launching burning waves of razor-sharp spinning moons cutting through the chimera like butter. The monster was cut into 10 clean slices, but still was not going down even with it being on fire.

He noticed something extra with how the thing was still healing. The dirt was being absorbed by the slices and used to mend the wounds. Soon the chimera was whole again and growing bigger once again.

'Oh, he needs to touch the ground or raw material to keep up his healing. I can work with this.'

Kokushibo placed the sword on his shoulder as he already knew how to subdue him.

"Hey, if you love your son any submit to me as your new master. I can say you will be treated better than if I have to force you."

That just made him laugh as he still thought his son would be just fine. Even being cut apart would not kill his son when he entered his chimera form. He was nearly immortal as long as his feet were touching the ground.

"Bluff all you want maldito. I am not going to submit to some 6 eyes freak with a hero fetish."

The moment Kokushibo heard that he chuckled as he was confused with a hero. He had already caused a plane crash in the city. How was that heroic? Sure he might be seen that way by killing these fucks, but to him, they were just easy meals. Common peaple might not put up a fight, but the whole world would hunt him down if he started eating civilians.

'New change of plans. I will let my Demon Moons feed on the common people as long as they can cover up their tracks and keep it to a few per areas. Too many will be attention-grabbing.'

"Fine, you asked for it."

Kokushibo appeared under the chimera and slammed his foot down into the ground.

"Technique Deployment, Absolute Death.'

A giant pentagram appeared under his feet and he kicked up with full force on the center. The power behind his kick forced the man into the air and parts of him fell down. Kokushibo always wanted to do this before.

He dropped his sword and clenched his hands into fists.

"Technique Deployment. Ora, Ora Barage."

"Ora, Ora, Ora, Ora, Ora, Ora, Ora, Ora, Ora,"

Blow after blow removed chunks and melted parts of the transformed Ernesto, but Kokushibo did not stop. He destroyed the head, chest, legs, and arms until the transformation was undone.

Now the bloody body of the unfortunate chimera flew down into Kokushibo's hands. He was bloody and torn, but alive and still reaching down for the ground. Kokushibo created a bone spike and stabbed it into his head.

At that moment he went limp but alive. The bone spike would keep him from thinking with his already limited mental facilities and now he had one more person to eat. He looked at the former boss that was looking at his defeated son with shock.

"No, No, Que as Echo(What have you done?)"

Kokushibo was not one to show off so he blitzed the guy and punched his hand into the guy's stomach. Feeling agonizing pain made him look down at the fist in his stomach with terror.


Kokushobo pushed him down while keeping his hand in like a plug.

"This can end if you just say the word. My Lord, I will serve you from now on."

The boss placed his hand and Koushibo's head and tried to crush it with spatial control. He ended up succeeding and for the first time, Kokushibo went without ahead. That did not even slow him down as a new head popped out of his neck like it was nothing.

His 6 eyes looked down at the guy as this guy had an ego on him.

'Time to do this the old fashion way. Mindwipe.'

Kokushibo's blood entered the middle-aged guy's body in droves. He honestly could not care what his real name was as he was just going to call him Jack. It was easier and it would be a unique name among his current demon subordinates.

'You know, if I were a little hornier, I would have used this power to have a harem of the most beautiful anime characters around. Too bad I am not that kind of guy sadly.'

Kokushibo looked at the guy he was renaming as Jack. His spatial quirk was in reality was quite strong. As he was in a good mood, Kokushibo rebuilt his whole body to look younger to about 25.

He gave did not bother giving him new memories so when Jack came to he looked at Kokushibo and held his head.

"My head hurts."

Kokushibo nodded as he picked up Ernesto who still had a spike in his brain.

"That is normal Jack. You just suffered a poison quirk attack, to the brain that even your demon healing struggled with. Your brian was badly damaged."

Jack stood up as his cells were giving him the message and command to serve. They belonged to Kokushibo and as long as they were in his body, he was bound to serve. His eyes turned blank for a few seconds as Kokushibo messed with his memories a bit.

"Yes, master."

At the same time Alejandro, Muzan, and Roberto arrived as they had finished with their mission. At the same time, Roberto looked at Kokushibo with the hope that he could be turned back into a man.

Kokushibo walked up to him poked him once on the boob and smirked at how bouncy they were. Roberto's face turned even paler than his already pale demon skin as he hoped he was wrong. Anything but that.

"You know what. You should stay like that. It makes it easier for me to have to look at how ugly you used to be so stay like that Mitsuri."

Alejandro saw tears of blood go down his face and looked away.

'I am so sorry man. Do it for the team.'

Once Kokushibo was done with his fun he snapped his fingers and returned Roberto to his make form. The man reached down to cup his crotch and once he confirmed it was back he sighed in relief.

Kokushibo walked away with Muzan on his shoulder as he still carried Ernesto who he was going to turn into some cool anime character just for how brain dead this guy was. Still who said his punishment was over.

"Don't get too comfortable. Your punishment is not done yet. For lying to me, you can stay as a woman for 100 years. I just wanted to see your face when your hope died. Didn't you like doing that to the girls you used to **** Mitsuri. At least, I am not making you fuck me."

At that moment Roberto returned to the female form and this time, it was permanent. Well for 100 years, but that would seem to be an eternity. Now, that she was cursed to be this for lying it was a message to the others. Don't try to lie to Kokushibo as your punishment might not seem too bad, it was in reality a curse for any man. Now that he was stuck as a she for 100 years, how would his mind cope?

Kokushibo considered himself a cultured man, and if he was a few years younger definitely would have fucked the girl now as punishment. It was not gay as it was one of those weird hentai tags.

It would have been a perfect punishment, but he considered himself over such childish things.

"Come on lady and gentlemen. We are staying for a while longer. you may feed on anyone you wish. As long as you keep the bodies to a low and cover your tracks. Also, call her Mitsuri from now on. I want to see her mind cope."

Now they realized that their master was a true demon. A demon with not an ounce of pity and knew how to break someone's mind. The lesson was learned and they would not hide a thing from him as they did not want to join Mitsuri.

Jack and Alejandro looked at the woman who looked defeated. They both patted her on the shoulder while Alejandro was going to keep calling her Roberto in hopes it would help his sanity.

Kokushibo was laughing his ass off as he did not even have to torture anyone physically to keep order. All he had to do was change the gender of someone and they cried like it was the end of the world. It was not so bad.

'I mean it is kind of fun. Even Naomi liked to change me into female anime characters she liked to model for her cosplays. That is the ultimate Cultured Goddess. I miss her.'

She was his only friend and he was already missing her rude way of talking and all the anime she could make. He had to go back, for the sake of his amusement and he knew just the way to do it.

Once he finished his goal here he might be allowed back. Knowing her, she would not mind as he was also her only friend.

"Ok, a new end goal. You guys can go and start feeding. Try to find strong quirk users for me to turn. Mitsuri, if you do good you can get a reduced sentence."

Hearing that there was hope, she bowed and rushed off to try to reduce her sentence. Jack and Alejandro also went away leaving Muzan and the brain-dead brute.

'Time to get to work.'

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