Reborn as a Death God Book

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Reborn as a Death God


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Everything changes when the abyss I have know for all this time, changes into a plane of wonders full of plants. Others that have been here, say something about me being chosen to be a death Origin, just like them? And that every death domain becomes an animal after they accept their role. This is all to confusing! what animal of the death domain will MC become what is a death domain? how did MC get in the abyss in the first place(you wont actually know lol) find out by reading! Writing is hard ok? :( *picture isn't mine* *WARNING* first time writing slight hints of dissociation Mc is actually nonbinary, I'm just choosing female lead because I had to choose either male lead, or female lead to make this. I got a great editor called 'cupcake with a top hat'. I couldn't have made this with out them, so most credit goes to them. updates may come out in a week or two.


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