1 Reincarnation

My name is Akira a 17 year old average high schooler I have average grades average looks well basically your average everyday guy.

Just like any other day I was on way to school when suddenly truck-kun ran over me and I died.

Eternal darkness surrounded me after truck-kun ended my life...

"I see I died huh..."

"I have to say though the afterlife don't seem that interesting. Well let's sleep and see if something interesting happens"

When I woke up I was in an unfamiliar place it seems like a cave looking around I saw dark-blue veins? running through the entirety of the cave and some glowing grass that lights up the place there also seems to be a small pond right next to me

I was looking around when suddenly my head felt like it's going to break.

"Ah.. what's this system?.... dungeon?..... evolve?.... status?!" When I said status a holographic text appeared that looks like character stats in a game


name: Akira

species: young striped cat

age: 0

level: 1

MP: 100/100


[ Skills]

[Night vision MAX]

[Stealth 1]

[Intimidation 1]

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[Map 1]








Sp: 0

Ap: 0

"Eh..I am cat did I reincarnate or what but why a cat?is it because I like them eh whatever"

"so it's because of [Night vision] that I can see well in the dark. [Stealth] practically lowers my presence and blends in with the darkness. [Intimidation] intimidates monsters works better on weaker monsters. [Map] shows a 3d map of where you are"

let's see now what the Attributes stand's for

STR (Strength) represents how much damage you do or how much force you can exert.

AGI ( Agility) represents how fast you can move and how fast your reaction time and reflexes are

INT ( Intelligence) represents understanding of information and how much you can use them also gives a slight increase in mana

VIT ( Vitality) represents your regeneration, resistance and hardness of the body

WILL ( Willpower) represents users ability to face with complicated situations and not be affected by their environment


F- garbage

E- mediocre

D- normal

C- outstanding

A- elite

S- monstrous

SS- abnormal

[ Rank-2 ] obtained by passing the SS qualification counter starts again from E

"So my AGI is my highest and my INT comes right after....I guess my INT comes from me being a former human and AGI from being a cat"

"Now that I think about it I wonder what I look like"

I walked towards the nearby pond while trying really hard not to fall in order to take a look at myself and satiate my thirst

What he saw in his reflection is a typical black cat with darkish orange stripes around his entire body

and bright orange slit like eye's staring back at him

overall he looks too cute to be true.

After taking a good look at myself I tasted the water a little bit..this! it's so so sweet and tasty I can never get enough of this"

After having my fill I started to walk while balancing with my hairy tail while getting used to my four legs and soft paws after a while I started running and playing with my claws since they are my main weapons I went on like this for a few hours.

Growl~~".... hmm now that I think about it I haven't eaten anything since I came into this world

"Oh well let's go and kill and eat whatever is on this floor"

"well I guess since this is a dungeon and I have a system I am guessing I have to Hunt monsters in order to lvl up."

""food and experience here I come"