45 Xu-Er, Are You Courting Death?!

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Zhou Tianyu was amused by Wen Xinya's reaction. "When Jiang Yuqian was sent to the Zhang Family, no one from the Zhang Family liked her and those kids from the tenement who were about the same age as her despised her illegitimate identity and used to bully her. And Xu-er, as we all knew him for being reckless, stood up for her one day. He attacked Jiang Yuqian's bully until he couldn't get up from the ground. From then on, no one dared to bully her ever again. As for Jiang Yuqian, she always thought she was a princess. So she identified Xu-er as her prince sent from heaven to rescue her. She started being hostile to any girl who spoke with him after that." she explained.

"Is that why she was hostile towards me? Because she was jealous of me?" Wen Xinya stammered.

Zhou Tianyu felt Wen Xinya was a very interesting girl. She liked her. "Yes, you can say so." Zhou Tianyu replied.

"She's only a young girl! Kids nowadays behave far more mature than their age." Wen Xinya sighed. She took a quick glance at Xu-er, who was happily drinking with his friends. He had his hair dyed black. Under the dim lights, she could almost see a halo glowing on top of his head. He had a pair of almond-shaped eyes that looked enchanting. His face was red from the effect of the alcohol and he appeared to be quite a youthful and attractive young man. No wonder he could easily attract admirations from young girls.

Zhou Tianyu poked her waist jokingly, "Don't make it sound as if you are so old."

Wen Xinya gave her a serious look and said, "My body is physically 15-year-old, but I have a 25-year-old soul."

Of course, Zhou Tianyu did not believe what she said. She gave Wen Xinya a slight push. "Quit messing with me. You might want to say something more convincing than to kid me like that."

Wen Xinya shook her head. "Sigh! Life is all about loneliness. Nobody believes me even though I'm speaking the truth."

Zhou Tianyu burst into laughter. "Go away! Loneliness? How old are you to talk about loneliness? You are just kidding me, aren't you?"

Wen Xinya burst into laughter too. In her previous life, she used to react freely as she wished according to her emotions. Since her rebirth, she had returned with a deep hatred. She learned how to control and hide her true feelings. Zhou Tianyu had an easy-going character and Wen Xinya felt close to her as if they had known each other for a long time.

Both of them chatted happily. It seemed like they were gossiping about the recent news in society. However, Wen Xinya could detect Zhou Tianyu's intention of giving her information on the wealthy families in the Capital city, though she did it in a subtle way.

Wen Xinya was truly grateful from the bottom of her heart. She did not have a chance to find out nor had anybody told her what she needed to know about these affluential families from the Capital city. Though she had lived for 10 years in their midst in her previous life, she had no way of entering this circle.

Zhou Tianyu glanced at the people around the room. She looked at the boys who were drinking happily and said, "Though these people may look arrogant at first, when you get to know them better you'll find that they're a loyal bunch and full of righteousness."

Of course, Wen Xinya was aware of that. Han Mofeng was a good example of a loyal friend. And those who hung out with him would naturally be of such caliber as well.

Zhou Tianyu continued, "Since Xu-er has formally introduced you to the group, you will also be part of the gang from now onwards. We would like you to join us for future events and celebrations. You have no reason to reject us."

Wen Xinya was well aware of that. Joining this group meant a great deal to her in building her connections in society. Of course, she would not reject. "Yes, of course," she replied.

"Oh yes, the second day of next month is my birthday. I'll be holding a mini party. You must come."

Wen Xinya was aware of Zhou Tianyu's effort to help her to get closer to this group of friends, hence inviting her to the mini party. It was the first time Wen Xinya had ever received any formal invitation since her rebirth. "Yes, I will definitely be there."

Everyone enjoyed themselves that night. They had great fun and everyone had their fill. When most of them started to get drunk, Wen Xinya requested a waiter to bring some hot tea. This would prevent them from getting a hang-over the next day.

As they left the place at around 11 o'clock, everyone exchanged contact numbers with Wen Xinya before leaving. It was also a form of acceptance for her joining their group.

A waiter helped and guided the drunk Xu Zhenyu out of the Ninth-Heaven. When they reached the entrance of the club, Wen Xinya took over and held Xu Zhenyu by his arm. He suddenly hugged Wen Xinya and put his head on her shoulder. "Wen Xinya, oh… My birthday… You have not… yet wished me 'Happy Birthday'."

Wen Xinya tried to push him and helped him balance himself. However, Xu Zhenyu was very drunk and could not balance himself. He fell right back into Wen Xinya's arms. "Quick… wish me 'Happy Birthday'."

"Alright. I wish you a Happy Birthday. Will that do?" Wen Xinya said impatiently.

She did not expect Xu Zhenyu to take a step further. He bit on her shoulder lightly and said, "It's not enough… to just wish me 'Happy Birthday'… Not enough… I want a birthday present…"

Wen Xinya felt a pain on her shoulder. She slapped Xu Zhenyu's face trying to make him sober. "Xu-er, you must have been born in the Year of Dog."

"No… I wasn't born in the Year of Dog… I was born in the Year of Wolf… A crying wolf! And I am going to… swallow you!" Xu Zhenyu suddenly opened his mouth wide and made a sound of wolf-cry. Then he leaned against her. This time, close to her face.

A drunken man reeking of alcohol leaning against her, it was Wen Xinya's natural reaction to slap his face and push him away. "Xu-er, are you courting death?!"

Xu Zhenyu behaved like a little child, holding her close and whined. "I'm not courting death. I want… I want a birthday present… I want a present…"

Wen Xinya could not stand him throwing tantrums. She removed a piece of ear stud that she was wearing. It had small pieces of diamonds attached to its border and a pink pearl in the middle. She placed it into his hands, and said, "Will that do?"

Xu Zhenyu watched her remove the ear stud from her ear. It reminded him of the scene at the airport where he did the same thing for her. His heart rate started to increase. He continued his tantrum. "No way… You have to… put it on for me!"

Wen Xinya noticed the remaining six ear studs on his left ear. There was a gap in the position where he used to wear the red diamond ear stud. She touched her left ear and felt the red diamond ear stud she was wearing now. She then helped him put on the ear stud with the pink pearl.

Xu Zhenyu could feel the warmth from her hands when she touched his ear. Her face was close to him and her warm breath landed on the back of his ear. He could smell the light fragrance from her body. His heart was pumping wildly and he almost could not breathe. Both his heart rate and temperature were rising uncontrollably.

"My ear stud is not as valuable as your red diamond ear stud. Hope you won't despise it." After putting it on, Wen Xinya took a step back and looked at him. The ear stud looked beautiful, but it made him look like a sissy. She could not help but burst into laughter.

Xu Zhenyu touched his ear and felt the ear stud she put on for him. His heart was still thumping fast.

Right at this moment, a taxi came by and stopped in front of them. Wen Xinya helped Xu Zhenyu to get into the taxi and sent him off after informing the driver his address.

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