61 Nightmare

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Gu Junling trudged over to Xu Zhenyu's side with a cigarette in one hand and placed the other on the back of his chair. The hazy greenish-blue smoke covered half of his expression, leaving him with his sexy, narrow eyes that gave off a deadly allure.

Gu Junling sucked in the cigarette deeply and slowly exhaled, spitting out circles of smoke into the air. He was at such a young age, yet he was able to do something that only experienced people could do. He asked, "Xu-er, are you serious?"

Xu Zhenyu's eyes sparkled as he laughed. "What do you mean? Your words don't make sense."

"Leave if you are not too deep in!" Gu Junling knew he understood what he meant, thus he did not care if he acknowledged it or not.

Xu Zhenyu suddenly went silent. His fingers gently stroked the pink pearl ear studs with little diamonds on his left ear subconsciously. He could still vividly remember the incident that night, and the clear sound emitted from the young girl's body. That warm breath was etched in his mind as if it held the power to become unforgettable.

Gu Junling understood the delirious look he had on his face and said, "A woman like her is born different from us. If you are serious, you have to think carefully about your future. You either walk beside her or be the man supporting her back. But no matter which it is, the you now cannot match up to her. You should know, your reputation will bring her down."

Gu Junling recalled how the young girl sat there quietly, her entire body emitting an aura that despised others. There was an air of arrogance behind her every action, and she seemed calculative but wise. Her entire being gave out a radiance that dazzled the eyes.

Xu Zhenyu stood there in a daze. He had thought of these before, but the words of Gu Junling were so straightforward that there was nothing much for him to brood over.

Xu Zhenyu had a dream the second night! It was deep and long as if a huge boulder was pressing on his head, suffocating him.

In his dream, he went to Black Sunday with those foppish buddies of his. He met Wen Xinya for the first time there. She had a thick smoky makeup on, her face was caked in powder, and her short hair was permed into an afro. She was wearing black punk style leather clothes which exposed her white belly, and her skirt was so short that it could only cover the beginning of her thighs.

He only thought of her as one of his friend's new bitch, and even secretly scorned his taste in girls. Her painted face and thick makeup made her give off a rotten smell. One look and he could tell that she was someone that had been toyed with and cast aside.

After they have had many drinks, they started playing even more recklessly without a care, and Fang Yuanjie suddenly asked for drugs from a waiter.

Fortunately, the country did a good job propagating the dangers of drugs. No matter how foppish he was, he would never dare to mess with stuff like this! However, the development of the situation went out of his control. His friends encouraged him to take the drugs. As his ability to think properly was affected by the alcohol and those people were egging him on, he started to think that a little sniff would not cause him to be addicted.

Just when he was ready to take a sniff, a hand grabbed him and pulled him out of the room. He was pushed into an empty room next door. He remembered for all eternity that pale, white hand that was skin and bones yet still rendered him speechless with its beautiful shape.

He raised his head and saw the woman with the rotten odor staring cynically at him. She chided, "Are you really that innocent? You are courting death! Just because you accepted your friends' challenge you're going to pay for it with your life? Do you know what that stuff was? Do you really think you'll fly by taking a sniff or two?"

He raged out of embarrassment. "You bitch! Who are you to interfere with my matter?"

When he turned around and was about to leave, Wen Xinya grabbed his hand. "Hold on for another 10 minutes. If after that you still decide to carry on sniffing that harmful stuff, I will not stop you."

After 10 minutes, she started having withdrawal symptoms from her drug addiction. She curled up into a ball on the floor pathetically, and could not stop shivering and sweating profusely. Afterward, she went crazy and ran around the house smashing everything in her sight, just like a madwoman.

He was scared out of his wits. All he could hear was her heavy breaths, her painful groans, her exhausted cries, and her undignified begging.

Finally, she took off her own clothes and tried to seduce him through any means, all the while repeatedly saying, "Give me… Give me… I want…"

He had never seen a drug addict experience withdrawal symptoms before, so he fled with his tail between his legs that day.

Ever since then, he did not dare to hang out with his bad friends anymore. After a long time, he remembered that he owed her his gratitude. He went to Black Sunday but was not able to find her. Although he knew that he only wanted to thank her, he could not help but feel a yearning for her which propelled him to find her.

After three days, he finally found her. She had just finished sniffing **** and was pulling him to sing and dance happily. He then recalled how she was like when her withdrawal symptoms started acting up and suddenly felt sympathy for her.

That's right, sympathy!

Later on, he found out that she was the Missus of the Wen Family. He learned about her efforts to make the Wen Family acknowledge her, about how Xia Ruya took away everything she had, and the resentment she felt every time she was compared to Xia Ruya. He was aware of how she intentionally drank and got into fights just to catch the Wen Family's attention, but only to receive scoldings. He knew that because the Wen Family would not accept her, she was lost in hatred, eventually abandoned herself and was too far gone now.

He understood all her despair and agony.

At that time, his heart ached for her.

That's right, heartache!

His heart ached for how she was not able to move the Wen Family's heart even after she ruined herself.

His heart ached for how nobody was willing to care for her despite her being such a good girl.

His sympathy for her changed into another feeling because of this heartache.

Without knowing when it began, he fell deeply in love with her.

He gave the red diamond on his ear to her. He helped her to quit drugs — watched her roll around the floor in pain, cut her wrists in despair and begged him with no dignity. He was weaker than her. He gave her the drugs after yielding to her agony and despair.

He indulged her every whim. He spent all his allowance, sold all his brand clothes, accessories, and even the six ear studs on his ears to get drugs for her. He even tried every method to cheat his family off their money and also borrowed money from his friends. Just for her, he sullied his ties with all his friends and even fell out with Han Mofeng. In the end, there was no turning back.

He was later reported to be carrying drugs. His grandfather announced that he was kicked out of the Xu Family, and then retired from the military circles. The news of him carrying drugs affected the careers of his father and brother and even sent his mother to the hospital.

He was sentenced to three years in jail.

Han Mofeng visited him once and asked, "Do you regret it?"

He shook his head and replied, "Not at all, she is a good lady. It was not her choice to end up like this. She is very pitiful. This world is vast and filled with many people, yet not a single one would love her."

Han Mofeng was greatly disappointed in him, but he still told him the truth. She tried to surrender herself to the police for him, but her stepmother held her back and locked her in the house. From then on, she never saw him again.

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