9 CHAPTER 9(1v1 Boss Fight)

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In the treeline of training ground 8, four shinobi sat together waiting for another team. Jin was waiting with his teammates and sensei. Spreading his senses out he couldn't feel anyone in the immediate area. Wearing his usual T-shirt and long pants dark red combo.

"Is this really necessary sensei, can't you just like hand me some scrolls or something and be done with it?" Jin asked, apparently becoming annoyed with the wait.

'I don't want anyone more than maybe team Asuma and Kakashi knowing what I can do. Sasuke seeing what I can do will send him to Orochimaru and guarantee my sage chakra from him at least.' he thought to himself.

"Sorry kid but this is the best approach, the guys I'm having help us are 2 of the best shinobi in the entire leaf, hell even the world in Kakashi's case."

"Kakashi, the copy ninja?" Jin asked.

"Yeah, you heard of him?"

"Yeah he-- INO-SHIKA-CHO are here" Jin suddenly says.

A moment later team 10 arrives with Asuma. Landing next to team 8 they casually approached their former classmates.

"Hey, guys, and fangirl. It's been all of 2 days and you miss me huh." Jin playfully says.

"As if anyone would ever miss you blindfold," Ino replies.

"So you're the little genius huh," Asuma says as he looks at Jin.

"That's the one, your team ready to go meet Kakashi?" Kurenai asks Asuma as she stands up followed by her team.

"Yeah let's do this" Asuma says and he disappears and heads to training ground 7.

"Show off, I gotta learn that," Jin says aloud as he watches Asuma disappear.

As the genin arrives at the training ground, both their jounin senseis are already speaking to Kakashi at the training posts. Approaching the post Jin can't help but chuckle at Naruto.

"Hey Sasuke, Fangirl. What did you do to get tied up Naruto?" Jin asks as Sasuke untied him.

"We passed our test for Kakashi sensei!" the young boy yells happily.

"Good job Naruto," Jin said 'Good thing my influence didn't change that huh'.

"Why are all of you here?"

"My sensei asked Asuma and Kakashi sensei for help with something," Jin replies as the 3 jounin begin to walk over to the genin children.

"So you're the one that caused all this huh," Kakashi says while looking at Jin.

"Uh, sorry?" Jin questioned the famous man while trying his best not to geek out at meeting Kakashi face to face.

"Let's get down to it shall we, do you know what this is?" Kakashi asked as he pulls out pieces of paper from his pocket.

"No, should I?" Jin replied while knowing very well that Kakashi was holding chakra paper.

"No it's fine, this paper tells you what chakra nature you have an affinity for, just run some chakra into it and we can get started." He says while handing a piece of paper to Jin.

"Alright," Jin says before he takes the papers and lets his chakra flow through it.

Before everyones' eyes, the paper reacts in a very rare way. First by splitting into 4 separate pieces because of the wind chakra before becoming drenched, crumbling to dust, burning to ash, and crinkling up respectively.

"Huh, told ya," Jin says with a smile on his face.

"...." Nobody had words at this moment as they just stared at Jin.

"Kurenai sensei now can I learn elemental jutsu?" Jin question doing his best to act oblivious to what he had just done.

"Elemental jutsu isn't really my thing, I'm a genjutsu specialist. Kakashi and Asuma are here to weigh in really on this conversation. Honestly, I didn't think you were serious about your nature transformations." Kurenai admitted.

"Some basic jutsu should be fine, let's see what your style is like then we can decide what's best to teach you, see this?" Kakashi says as he holds up a small silver bell.

"Uh-huh, a bell?" 'Awe fuck, the bell test' Jin asked in a confused tone.

"Well everyone gets back, and I want you to try and take it from me, think you can do that?"

"Uh, alone.... a jounin..."

"I just need to see what your style is like, no pressure alright," Kakashi says.

At the sidelines everyone saw this and while most of the bystanders were either surprised by Kakashi's actions or completely confused. Team 7 genin were eager to see how Jin would fare against their teacher, especially the Uchiha among them.

"Alright it sounds fun, everyone get back, and let's do this. My first real fight hahaha" Jin says as he gets excited to finally fight someone that can take a hit from him.

"Good luck Jin!" Yelled Naruto as he retreated to the treeline with everyone else.

As everyone got comfortable in the shade they locked their eyes on the 2 ninjas in the middle of the field. Nobody expecting much from this fight.

Standing opposite each other Jin and Kakashi didn't move as they planned the fight.

'5 Natures he can't use except wind on some kunai and the academy jutsu that are useless here, I should drag this out to see how he fights' Kakashi thinks to himself as he analyzes his opponent.

'His eye cover is on still, he won't expect how strong I am, I need to take it before he takes me seriously,' Jin thinks before he rushes forward.

As Jin closes the distance his speed stays normal until he gets within 10 feet of Kakashi. Suddenly with a burst of chakra to his legs he appears before Kakashi and strikes out with a punch to the face.

'What!' Kakashi thinks before leaping backward to avoid the hit.

As he is in mid-air Jin quickly coats a kunai with wind chakra and throws it at Kakashi. Unable to dodge in mid-air he is forced to draw a kunai of his own and use its point to catch Jin's kunai by the hole at the end of it. As he lands on the ground 10 ft back from his original spot he looks at the wind element kunai spinning on the tip of his blade.

"Kids these days, these things are dangerous you know," Kakashi said in an almost joking manner.

"The legendary copy ninja won't lose to a simple kunai," Jin says to Kakashi, making it clear that he knows who he is.

'Bold kid, alright let's see how well you defend.' Kakashi thinks as he goes on the offensive.

As Kakashi rushes Jin he placed both kunai back into his pouch to engage with unarmed strikes. To his surprise, Jin accepts his challenge.

Striking toward each other, Kakashi reaches out with a simple punch which he sends just slow enough for Jin to barely evade. Jin tries to sweep his legs which Kakashi responds to by jumping and roundhouse kicking jin in the face to send him rolling back before landing casually on his feet.

'Mmm, hard-headed kid' Kakashi thinks to himself as he feels his foot ache for a moment.

'Asura metal body really is amazing, I didn't even feel that shit' Jin grins madly as this thought enters his head. 'Let's see what else Asura can take'.

Rushing at Kakashi once more, this time with a kunai in hand Jin challenged the man brazenly. Meeting the challenge once more Kakashi rushes forward again to meet the challenge kunai in hand. As their blades meet Jin quickly uses the multi shadow clone technique and summons 2 shadow clones to either side of them, to everyone's further surprise, however. These clones stand 20ft away and do not fight. They simply play the role of statues for the fight.

While trading blows neither fighter can land a hit. Jin expects this outcome but Kakashi and the spectators are completely amazed. Even Kakashi's underhanded attacks don't work on Jin. he tries to go for a hidden string attack and tie Jin's legs but without even looking he steps out of the trap and continues his assault.

Eventually, however, there is an opening that Jin simply isn't fast enough to cover. Taking advantage of the opening Kakashi swings his blade to Jin's exposed hand. Noticing what is about to happen by seeing through one of his clones Jin pre-emptively hardens his skin to metal using the Asura path in that area and raises his hand into the kunai. Instinctively causing Kakashi to try and make distance and avoid hurting Jin.

The moment the blade touched his hand, before Kakashi could notice the effects it would have, Jin sent chakra to his legs and completely lunged forward and shoulder checked Kakashi away from him.

Completely caught off guard by the move Kakashi stumbles back for a moment before he leaps back, just barely saving the bell from being captured. Jin quickly changes his stance to hide where his injury should be, setting up his next move.

'The kids hiding his wound, this is why you don't do moves like that without a guaranteed win kid, the enemy will make you suffer for it, like this' He thinks as he lifts his headband and exposes his Sharingan. To his surprise, however, he sees Jin's chakra network, perfectly balanced.

"Damn, didn't expect him to use that" Asuma says in disbelief.

"I told you my team is special" Kurenai teases at his side.

As the two jounin joked with each other, their students are completely baffled by the fact that Kakashi is using his Sharingan for this, especially Sasuke who had to go all out with his fire style just to get the same treatment.

'Ok sharingan out, damn it. That means I can't use most of my Rinnegan abilities, maybe if I can get behind him or block his view.' Jin thought to himself as he considered his next step.

Before he could keep plotting, however, Kakashi made the next move. Quickly weaving through hand signs he unleashed a 'Great Fireball Jutsu' at Jin.

To everyone on the sidelines horror, instead of avoiding the attack, Jin ran directly into it headfirst. What nobody could see however was the Preta path Chakra Absorption Barrier draining the chakra from the flames as they got close to his skin. Absorbing enough to keep himself safe Jin threw a Wind release kunai using his almighty push in his palm while cloaked by the chakra of the fireball just before emerging. Trading some minor burns from the last embers of the fireball for one free shot.

To say Kakashi was surprised to see a wind release kunai rapidly approaching his chest would be a complete understatement. By the time he saw the blade, it was already on top of him allowing him to just barely move and avoid lethal damage as he turned his body to trade a kunai to the chest for a slash across his chest. Looking down at the blood he was truly shocked that a genin could do this without training. Unfortunately, this isn't a fight with time to think, there is no unnecessary stalling in Jin's fights, after all, this isn't an anime.

As he looked over his shoulder he saw a fist already in his face only inches away. As the fist made contact, in a puff of smoke a piece of wood replaced Kakashi. Still surprisingly enough to wood shattered on impact and was tossed aside.

'Jeez, that could have been my head kid, relax' Kakashi thought to himself as he covered his eye, preserving his chakra. 'Fighting him close up isn't working so I've got to...hm' Taking a closer look at Jin's form, he noticed that he doesn't have any cuts on his body. 'Either he heals as fast as Tsunade, or he tricked me into thinking I cut him. But I felt that I made contact, what's going on with this kid.'

As Kakashi was trying to study his opponent his thought was interrupted by Jin addressing him.

"You know, sensei should have told you I'm a sensor, and unlike you. I DON'T NEED A SHARINGAN TO COPY JUTSU!" he says before deactivating his clones. What nobody realized was that the clones had been practicing the seals Kakashi used for the fireball since they were at the sides and saw the entire process and weren't in danger of being hit.

Running through a few signs nowhere near the speed of Kakashi Jin finishes off by using the "Great Fireball Jutsu" which he proudly announced, finally using an elemental jutsu.

By pouring much more than the minimum required chakra into the technique Jin achieved an effect four times the size of Kakashi's earlier attack and sent it directly at Kakashi. Immediately sending more of his clones to flank the jounin he leaps backward and makes even more distance. As both the clones take their positions they see Kakashi weaving hand seals once more before using "Water wall jutsu" to counter the fire technique.

Commanding those clones to retreat, Jin took a kunai out of his pouch and threw it at Kakashi causing him to leap out of the treeline.

"You're kind of scary, has anyone ever told you that kind?"

"Nope, I'm super nice usually, but this is fun right?" Jin says with a wide smile on his face.

Taking a moment to look back at the destruction caused by the fire style Kakashi looked at Jin before giving him a deadpan stare. "Uh-huh, fun, let's wrap this up." the copy ninja says.

'He doesn't have much chakra left then, yeah part 1 Kakashi didn't have much chakra, time for the final push.' Jin thinks to himself as he rushes Kakashi for the 3rd time.

Creating 10 clones at either side of him they each only have their fists as they rush the tired jounin.

'Time for the good ole naruto plan, if you can't beat him, jump him with some clones,' Jin thought as he and all his clones had manic smiles on their faces.

'This kid is ridiculous, it like my team all in 1, smart enough to change styles, stupid good at ninjutsu, and has chakra to spare like Naruto.' Kakashi thought as he prepared for the 21 enemies approaching.

The fight appeared very brutal to the spectators, strangely enough, it was not in favor of Kakashi. While the jounin had to admittedly hold back considerably out of fear for accidentally killing the genin. Jin had no right doing this well against Kakashi Hatake. As Kakashi began to pull fewer and fewer punches Jin's clones quickly began to fall, but his chakra was endless compared to Kakashi's. His Uzumaki and Senju heritage, though he is unaware of the Senju portion, allow him to have stupid amounts of chakra to naturally awaken the Rinnegan per his request.

As more and more clones spawn the battle of attrition began to wear on. For 20 entire minutes, Kakashi fought his clones, as the jounin began to tire even further he tried to jump away only to be dragged back into the ground hard by what everyone assumed was a clone grabbing him, but was in face Jin's universal pull.

As he slammed into the ground he quickly recovered and began destroying clones once more, he suddenly found however that the more space he gave the clones the less he could hit them. Unknown to him this was because it allowed them to fully exploit the shared field of view. During this entire brawl, Jin has been standing way in the back to deal with the information overload, making him unable to participate much more than the one universal pull and making me clones.

Deciding to end the fight Jin opted to take the headache and make 200 total clones to rush Kakashi. This feat completely amazed the spectators as most of them had never seen so many clones. By assaulting him with numbers Kakashi began to make more and more mistakes, but all Jin needed was one clean hit. When he was down to the final 50 clones he finally got his one clean hit, a full power punch to the stomach, forcing Kakashi to empty his lungs. Instantly he subtly used universal pull to yank Kakashi by the back of his vest into the air so quick it appeared as if the man was punched into the sky.

As he was in mid-air the remaining clones dispelled and create 4 clones with enough chakra for the final jutsu. Simultaneously using water wall jutsu with Kakashi in the middle. Diving into the jutsu Jin took a deep breath before holding Kakashi in the middle of the jutsu and slowly absorbing his chakra through contact.

After almost 30 seconds of this, he dispelled his clones and the water fell. As the water fell all the spectators had already approached the improvised water prison to make sure nobody got too hurt. To say they were shocked when the jutsu dropped and Jin emerged with a half-drowned and completely unconscious Kakashi would be the understatement of the decade.

Panting and exhausted, Jin fell to his knees next to Kakashi and tore the bell from his belt.

"Ha, I won sensei!" He looked at Kurenai who had a look of horror on her face. Not once did he make any real effort to take the bell, he simply enjoyed the fight. While his opponent was playing shogi he brought a hammer to the game.

'Damn it, even for the beginning of the series this guy is a monster, 5 big jutsu, 3 rinnegan abilities, and a few hundred clones. Yeah if he knew I could do any of that no way in hell I could stand a chance.'

"Does this mean sensei buys us lunch?" he asked in a joking tone as he sat on the ground, mentally and physically exhausted.


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