1 The money game

" Will, wake up. Do you want to play basketball? "

Will could hear his dorm mate, Bryan but why does his head hurt like crazy. He slowly opened his eyes and just couldn't believe what he saw. How did he return to his college dorm.

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Just a few minutes ago, he was in his old rented apartment after a long day at work. He was too bored while studying so like other person he decided to browse his mobile phone. He downloaded a game but how did he suddenly end up in his freshmen dorm.

Is this real?

Did I go back in time?

Will waved his hand,"No, my head hurts, you guys go ahead."

Bryan is not impressed with this lazy excuse. He points his middle finger towards Will and then went to play basketball with the other guys in the dorm.

Will presses his fingers against his temple and walks out to the balcony to clear out his head. He tries to remember what happened. He had just downloaded a game on the appstore and then he went back in time. He suddenly checks his pocket to find his old phone.

What the fuck is this. Oh, when I entered medical school, my father had gifted me a Nokia phone which was a popular at that time. I open the phone and see a strange app. Hey, isn't this the app I downloaded before I was reborn.

Will clicks the icon and then sees the game screen open up, but at the time time, a strange sound pops up inside his brain.

"The game is binding to the host..."

"The binding is a success...."

Suddenly, the mobile phone screen shows a strange thing-

Host - Will Davis

Age - 20

Level - level 1 (0/100)

Perks - 1$/minute

Will is curious about this game screen. Is this the legendary money gifting app. 1 dollar per minute, 60$/hour, that is 1440$/day and this is just the level 1.

I check the time. It is 9 am. Let me check if this is real in a few minutes.

Will walks around the balcony still feeling a little dizzy and walks into his room. He goes to the bathroom and washes his face with cold water.

Will feels a little better but is still speechless when he sees himself 11 years younger in the mirror but he still looks ordinary after this rebirth from 2019 to 2008. Although Will isn't very short with a height of 180 cm but his weight is almost 80 kg making him a bit chubby. He has a average looking face which makes his chances of finding a girlfriend even slimmer.

I reminisces about my last life about how I liked a girl when I had entered college but financial crisis of 2008 led to my father losing his job and with all this going on at home, I couldn't even get the courage to confess. Finally, the girl ended up with some other guy. However, this time I won't let that happen. Last time, he chose college and spent the next 11 years paying student loans which kept piling on. This time I have the money game. Life will never be frustrating again.

I walk out the washroom and its 9:20 am already. Right, time to check if I can withdraw money from the app?

Will looks at game interface and it shows 20$. He clicks with withdraw button.

"Your Bank of America account with number ******2345 has been credited with 20$ and the balance is 120$". The text message completely shocked Will.

It turned out to be true. Will thinks what he should do with this. He walks out of the dorm to the nearest ATM and takes out 100 dollars. the scent of fresh 10 dollar bills makes Will ecstatic.

Suddenly, he received a call from Bryan who had seen him walking out of the college campus.

"Hey, where did you go after after avoiding me?" asks Bryan.

Ha, I suddenly remember i am just a freshmen at medical school in Michigan. I need to make friends again. So, I decide to invite Bryan and the other dorm mates for lunch.

"Just come to the cafe outside the campus, I am waiting there, my treat." replied Will.

So, Bryan along with Mike and Carl join me at the cafe. The thing about this group of 4 is that they were never the cool kids in college so they stuck together gradually became good friends. They inquire about how did I suddenly become so extravagant from my usual spendthrift behavior since Bryan knows that my dad had lost his job last year. I cleverly change the topic to some college gossip and focus on eating.

Finally, all of us had a sumptuous meal.

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