Rebirth: The Shadow of GreedRebirth: The Shadow of Greed

Rebirth: The Shadow of Greed

by Roughlydone

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“I’ve seen countless bodies before, I’ve committed countless atrocities, murders and assassinations, I’ve experienced the deaths of many of my friends and my own family, but this, this might just be the worst I’ve ever felt. I feel miserable” - Z Z was trained to be an assassin, lethal and brutal, a Shadow sent to kill the toughest of foes. Just as he found salvation, he was finally trapped, surrounded and finally killed, not just by himself, but with his lover at his side. In a world with superpowers known as manifests, your worth in the world is based on the abilities you wield and the power you control. Where mutations have affected the beasts of this world and demons exists to destroy humanity. What will Z do when he is reincarnated into his past self. Will he seek the path of vengeance, once more killing his way to supremacy? Or seek to discover his lost humanity? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is a rewrite of my previous book, I didn’t quite like the way it panned out in the past so I’m rewriting this now. Please vote for my book and I will try to speed up the production of chapters! Updates will be daily for now! WPC #86 2nd place! Thanks everyone who voted for giving me a chance to write what I want.

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