Rebirth: The New Game of LifeRebirth: The New Game of Life

Rebirth: The New Game of Life

by _chomps

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Liu Yang was a common employee, he had no perspective for his life. He only lived in a common and ordinary way, he had fun when he could. However, everything changed during his journey to work. There was a police chase, and he was shot by mistake. When he wakes up, he discovers that he is in the other world and that he could have a new chance at life in a different world from the previous one. At that moment he begins to think about the best ways to live the new life as much as possible. ------------------------------- Sorry for bad English in the first chapters. --------------------------------- Chapter: 7 - 10 per week Try to do mass releases every two Sundays ------------------------------------------ If you like the novel, try to vote in the novel, this will make the humble author-san happy. And when the humble author-san is happy, more chapters will be released. ------------------------------------------ My dear readers, this humble author-san thanks you if you can give a chance to my second novel. https://www.webnovel.com/book/10493515105046805/MMMORPG%3A-The-Tales-of-Souls ---------------------------------- I'm a novice writer of Web Novel. As a novice writer, I make several mistakes of inconsistency in history. I apologize for this. My English is very bad so sorry for that too

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