Rebirth: President Fatah Escapes
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Rebirth: President Fatah Escapes


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What is Rebirth: President Fatah Escapes

Read Rebirth: President Fatah Escapes novel written by the author Tim_Saian on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Magical Realism stories, covering reincarnation, r18, modern, system, kingdombuilding. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Nineteen year old President of the Schelarian Republic, Hasina Fatah, takes on warmongering nations and the extradimensional being behind his rebirths. Tags: Dictator. President. Power. Kingdom building. Rebirth. NOTE!! This story is enshrouded in politics, trade and more often than not sacrifice. It will not be moving at the fast and rapid pace of most novels here being that most chapters act as recordings of what has happened within a single day in the life of the MC. Basically, timeskips are very rare. If you desire to support me here's my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Saian .......... Daily Updates, one chapter everyday. Unless something happens(Read chapter 'Author Tim_Saian) Authors thoughts with short announcements, excerpts from the next chapter or little fun facts about the story. Starts from Chapter 31.


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I really like the story, just the first 4 chapters really got me into it. Every chapter is a mystery and out of the blue. Dear Author, I wish you the best and keep up the good work! 😍


Actually, I am here for the review swap but I didn't expect that this will get me hooked up! Writing Quality:4/5 I noticed some typographical errors and misplaced marks and some confusing passages, however, I am still impressed because it depicts the most crucial points. Stability of Updating: 5/5 Story Development: 5/5 Plot like this isn't something new, but your own concept of this plot makes this novel unique! Political novel is not accurately 100% hit to the readers, it needs to have an intriguing plot line and few entertaining scenarios to keep the readers going. And I want to congratulate you for achieving that! Character Design: 5/5 The MC's nature is quite likeable. He's not like other leads that became OP just because they reborned for almost 10 times. He signifies that there's still a room for improvement. He has his definite goals in life and very resolute. His mind isn't clouded with revenge (not anymore) and he's thinking more of his surroundings. Other leads like him thinks about women, women, women, and power and they became really really, really, really arrogant and annoying. Anyway, lemme give you a high-five for producing a marvelous MC! World Background:4/5 The concept or world building is really tough, truth to be told. And your current world, its concept, is still quite shaky and but I know it will progress in the future! Extra suggestions (?) 1. Okay, so I already commented this on one of the chapters: Put footnotes at the end of the chapter. You see, I really like to emphasise its importance especially to your novel because it really needs that. For example, you put a certain political or economical terminology in the chapter, unless you discuss it thoroughly in the said chapter, the readers( most of them) won't understand it because of its complexity. 2. This is not really important. You know, you can use descriptive words to describe his appearance, the people around him, the object around him, the houses or even the environment to make the story more vivid. But if your style writing is more on the MC himself, then it's okay not putting these. 3. That's all thank you! Good novel BTW 😊.


Firstly I was like this (☆_☆)while reading. Why? For this you should give it a go. Quoting the title normally it's about rebirth of a damsel who again falls in distress or probably arrives back for revenge. But this is the first plot who revolves around a male lead, who had been reborn. What adds to this idea is the notion that he had already lived upto his nine lives (as perhaps he dies a horrible death every time,lol). Secondly I must say author has a unique sense while chosing names of characters which to me was quite funny. Thirdly I really want to praise the author about chosing the chapter titles, highly infused with vocabulary spice this is a gem. And the structure of sentences are great and praiseworthy, the tone is wonderful throughout. Though I haven't read much but I got immersed into the tone of the story, author is skilled in presenting the world by dialogues and has a keen sense of political scenarios, tricky things. I recommend this to all who want something that revolves around male lead, this is a MUST TRY. ❤




Concept is new and complex. Character has a confident yet arrogant outlook on his situation. Although he hasn't displayed despair like he did at the synopsis.


A very interesting concept and execution. Love the how detailed the world building is and the how realistic the political jargon is. The writing and grammar is true to it's setting and nothing seems out of place or jarring. Looking forward to future updates!


The concept is new and wonderfully depicted. I love the pace of the story. It's intriguing, pulls the readers into the world of mystery. I love ML. This is my first novel where Male MC is not doing cultivation or RPG thing.


The grammar used is alright and understandable. Nonetheless, proofreading would make it better. The plot is interesting as well. Nonetheless, the stability of updates is really low, so that should be fixed.


This is an amazing story, right off the bat I was excited by the fiercome startup. Like I jumped right into the story without wasting time. Can't wait to see how it keeps unfolding.


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It’s okay.............................................................................................................................................


SOOOO. Hasina. Okai, here's a little glimpse into what this story is basically about/will be about. A rather complex story involving many intricate parts of the modern political world to later on evolve into a magical scenery where our mc finds himself bombarded by mysterious happenings orchestrated by the Being who practically imprisons him in an endless loop of rebirth. Mc must strive against subjugation using his political prowess to make allies, placate enemies and use his powers to enhance his own position in the world making his survival more likely.


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