3 Thirteen Years Later : The Rebirth

Ye Tian Yun suddenly woke up.

His right hand instinctively slapped the ground, intending to jump up even before his eyes were open.

This was a dangerous place where life and death were but a hair's breadth away. He must leave immediately!

This was the first thought that came to his mind upon waking up, a state of mind that has become part of his instincts as one of the most renowned battle maniacs.

As his body began to rise into the air, suddenly, his arm felt weak and was no longer able to support his body's weight. Peng! He fell back down to the ground.

Ye Tian Yun fell into a state of extreme shock for a moment. What is going on? He then realized that his body was actually lying on a soft bed. Observing his surroundings, he found himself within a magnificently decorated room. However, except for a set of square tables, the room was empty. The only other item in the room was the giant bed that he fell onto. This giant bed was truly enormous as it could support at least seven or eight people on it without the feeling of being cramped for space. This whole room gave him an unknown sense of familiarity.

'What happened? Shouldn't I be in the middle of an intense battle against that bastard? How did I end up in bed?' Ye Tian Yun's mind ran back to his memories before he went to bed, or more precisely… falling back on the bed, recalling the last memories.


Ye Tian Yun was a cultivator, a peak Half Saint Realm cultivator, standing alongside the Middle Heavens' peak existences at a mere age of 22.

Ever since his debut in this cruel cultivation world at the age of fourteen, he never had any downs, he was already renowned as Heaven's Child for his lightning-fast cultivation and background, and soon his reputation also became legit as the cultivators came to know him more of a battle maniac than a cultivation one.

Thus, he became the number one talent at the age of 16. Simultaneously, the name 'Crown Prince Ye' rose to the first spot of the Middle Heaven Ranking Stele. Besides, he also occupied the honourable number one spot for the bounty offered for his head in the Devil Sect's younger generation. Indeed, his bounty was number one amongst the younger generation's bounty ranking for a good 3 years.

That was not to say that no one was willing to take on this request; rather, no one was capable of taking it! No one possessed the capacity to go toe to toe against this near-legendary Crown Prince, much less kill him.

Blood Pavilion, the number one assassination organization under the heavens, had its best assassins after him, all Half Saints, to ambush him when he broke through the Nascent Soul Realm; however, more than half of them were dead as soon as he broke through, killed mercilessly.

Heaven Oracle Sect prophesied the birth of the Heavenly Emperor, who will hold the twelve Tokens and summon the legendary Emblem of Authority, all cultivators under the heavens believed that Crown Prince Ye would be the so-called Heavenly Emperor, ruling over the heavens, commanding winds, and clouds as he wished.

However, all of it changed with the emergence of the mysterious and powerful God's Legion.

God's Legion came swiftly in the scene, and its rise was unstoppable. Before their real identities could be revealed, they already had control over half of the Middle Heavens.

When the world came to know that they were just a bunch of youngsters, it sent huge waves of shock through the Middle Heavens. These nine youngsters were led by Wang Yao, the son of the previous generations Heavenly King and, in fact, a cousin of Ye Tian Yun. He controlled the Emblem Of Time, giving him power over time; by the time he reached Half Saint, he could already turn back time to a few seconds, which itself made him a great threat.

Though Ye Tian Yun and Wang Yao were brothers in name, they were, in fact, mortal enemies. Like every other weak to strong cultivation story, this enmity began at a young age of 16 when Ye Tian Yun went to Lower Heavens with an elder to bring back a Ling Qing'er, the princess of the Great Ling Clan, who was with the Wangs for last 15 years and had just woken her constitution, alerting the top sects, righteous or evil. A simple confrontation between the two brothers brought the thirst for revenge in Wang Yao, who then received Emblem Of Time, an ancient artefact, through an unknown encounter.

Emblem Of Time was one of the five legendary emblems sought after by all the cultivators who know of their existence. In fact, Heavenly Kings are crowned to their titles because they wielded an emblem in their journey and put it on the Hundred Realm Refinement Stage to ascend to Sainthood.

Ye Tian Yun and Wang Yao had their final confrontation on the Hundred Realm Refinement Stage, both at Half Saint Realm, they fought a long battle for three days and two nights, finally leading to Wang Yao's victory when the God's Legion ambushed the fight and Ye Tian Yun closed his eyes for the final time.

The greatest talent under the heavens, the future Heavenly Emperor, was now dead.


Ye Tian Yun finally regained his focus.

His entire body was screaming in agony. But while he was focusing on the pain, his mind fell into endless confusion!

"What is going on? Wasn't I fighting against God's Legion? Didn't I die? My body was destroyed, and my spirit extinguished. My soul was gone. How could I still survive after facing that destructive attack…" He opened his eyes, and a luxurious room entered his vision, and he felt like he was lying on a soft bed…

"I didn't die?"

He had suffered such potent attacks while having absolutely no power to fight back or even resist. He was surely smashed to pieces. How could he not be dead? And where was he?

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