4 Emblem Of Luck; What's a System?

Ye Tian Yun couldn't help but scratch his head, "Oh right, my body… Wait a second!"

His eyes almost fell out of their sockets as he stared in shock at his stretched-out arms.

Hands with white skin, long bony fingers, even lovelier than those beautiful hands a girl possesses…

"WTF!… since when have I ever had such hands!" Ye Tian Yun was in a daze while staring at his hands.

The next moment, he quickly sat up and grabbed the mirror beside the bed and lifted it up to his face, then cried out.

In the mirror, he saw a familiar yet unknown youth who was about 14 years old, with white skin and sharp eyebrows. It was a handsome guy with red lips that looked as pretty as a lady's.


He stopped with a click of his tongue. Realizing it was not the right word to describe a guy and decided to correct himself.

"Very handsome…" He nodded, "That's better… But what the hell's going on?"

"Isn't this my own room? Did I possibly come back? But how is it even possible? I am not the possessor of Emblem Of Time, so how could this happen to me… The Emblem that I possessed was.." Ye Tian Yun mumbled in confusion as he out of reflex tried to summon his emblem, The Emblem Of Luck.

And then, he heard the sound which was soon going to turn his life upside down.


[Initiating System]

[Loading 0%.... 10%... 37%... 75%..100%]

[Initiation Success]

[Dear Host, you have unlocked the Emblem System]

"Who!?" Ye Tian Yun reflexively went into a fighting pose. He was shocked to hear this clear voice even though he sensed no one around him, "Who is it? Which senior is playing a prank on this child?"

[Host, please do not be surprised. This is the Emblem System. You have unlocked after completing the requirement of possessing the Token of Life and Emblem of Luck]

"Token of Life?" Crown prince Yun was surprised, "Since when did I possess anything like that? It was rumored that Jiang Chen of the God's Legion had this token, but when I killed him, he turned out to be a pauper, except for his swords and cloths, with some low tier spiritual stones in his spatial ring, there was nothing else."

[Host, at that time, you did not possess the Emblem Of Luck, you did not see the token even though it was right in front of you.]

"Then, do you mean to say that Jiang Chen already possessed the Token Of Life when I killed him?"

But this time, no reply came back.

"Hey, answer me!"

Still, silence.

"Alright, then tell me, What are you? What is a 'system'?"

[Host doesn't have enough authority to know about system]

"Authority? How am I supposed to have that?"

[Simplest answer would be, cultivate]

"Cultivate? Cultivation will give me the authority to ask you anything?"

[Not anything, to truly make the system do your bidding, you must sit on the Throne]

"Well, throne? Hn… for that, I will have to survive." Ye Tian Yun clenched his fist as he remembered the battle on the Hundred Realm Refinement Stage, which will happen in the future.

"I will definitely be prepared this time. Last time my arrogance cost me my life, but this time, with my knowledge of the future, I will just go and kill that bastard Wang!"


[Host is not allowed to kill Wang Yao]

"Huh!? Why? I should nip the bud before it blooms!"

[Host, for you to sit on the throne, he is important. Even though he doesn't possess Emblem of Time yet, but he will have it one day; it is preordained. If you were to go against the Heaven's Will this early, with almost negligible cultivation, you would face the heavenly wrath]

"Heavenly wrath? Why is that?" Ye Tian Yun continued asking his questions.

However, this time the system did not reply.

"Alright, don't tell me about it. At Least let me know how you will help me?"

[You can check the system interface by just thinking about it]

'System Interface?' As soon as he said these two words in his mind, a transparent screen appeared in front of him.




[Emblem (0/4)]

[Token (0/12)]

When he focused on [Status],

A new set of options appeared in front of him,

[Host: Ye Tian Yun]

[Kill Points: 0/1000]

[Cultivation: 9th Level of Qi Condensation]

[Cultivation Techniques: One Sword for all (Initial Phase), Thousand Faced Death (Initial Phase)]

He then moved his focus to [Quest] and a new screen appeared in front of him.

[Main Quest: Gather all four Emblems, Summon the God Emblem, Emblem Of Authority. (0/4)]

[Side Quest: Survive against the God's Legion]

[Side Quest: Become disciple of Gracious Sword Sect]

[Side Quest: Number one position in the Gracious Sword Sect Inner Court Entrance Hunt]

As he went through the never-ending barrage of quests, he knew the system already knew of his thoughts. The Gracious Sword Sect, an insignificant sect in the Lower Realm, was home to one the God's Chosen, that is what the arrogant members of God's Legion called themselves, and it was his first target.

Ye Tian Yun wanted God's Legion to never appear in front of him. He wanted to kill each and every one of them so they wouldn't be troublesome later. If not for the tokens they possessed or will possess, he would have ordered his servants at his instant to bring him their heads, and he would have them before the next sunrise.

Since he also wanted those Tokens from them to create the Emblems, he would have to go himself and not even let his close confidantes know about his goals, for greed can make sons murder their father and mother's strangle their daughter in this cruel world.

He got up, getting himself ready to head to the Imperial Palace and meet his father, the Emperor of the Great Ye Empire, and get his permission to roam the mortal world.

Even though his father was the most powerful man in the whole Middle Heavens and can even contest against the top tier of the Upper Heavens, he had a weird temperament; he seemed not to care about this son of his. And he himself had many unanswered questions, which made him very anxious.

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