Rebirth Of The Strongest Worldsmith

*Ding* [Congratulations! You have created a new world!] Lyrian Theageld's rebirth shattered the chains of his nightmarish past. In a fantasy realm, he seizes a second chance, determined to forge an identity and escape victimhood. Armed with a unique ability to create skills and magic, Lyrian embarks on a relentless quest for power. His journey intertwines with self-discovery, leading to epic battles, formidable companions, and the conquest of vast empires. Will his unwavering resolve propel him to the pinnacle of triumph, or will the pursuit of power cast him adrift in an endless struggle? Only time will unveil the answer. [---------------------------------] Lyrian won't be your typical hero or lone wolf MC. Even when you think his character is fully developed, he won’t stop changing until far later on. He will be an antihero in the future, and much more. Enjoy each personality while it lasts. There will be a point in time where the mc personality will completely change in a certain way. [---------------------------------] The first two chapters can be considered prologues. They are darker than following chaps, but this novel doesn't have a DARK tag just because of that. No spoilers. The novel will get better after the entrance exams end. I want to preface this because as this is my first contracted novel, I am still learning and improving. Although, I wouldn't consider it bad at any point. [---------------------------------] There will be no harem whatsoever in this novel, and when it comes to romance, it will be scarce, if not completely invisible until 500+ chapters. If you want to see clear and full cover then look at it through the website. The mobile app distorts and blurs the cover. [---------------------------------] Vote for extra chapters and if you want to support the novel further Castle = 1 Bonus Chapter, Spaceship = 3 Bonus Chapters, Golden Gachapon = 5 Bonus Chapters. 100 GT = 1 Bonus Chapter 500 PS = 1 Bonus Chapter Lets hit that WINWIN goal! Each goal hit = 1 extra chapter Top 25 WINWIN = 30% discount on all tiers Top 10 WINWIN = 40% discount on all tiers Top 5 WINWIN = 50% discount on all tiers Top 1 WINWIN = 80% discount on all tiers Thanks! [---------------------------------] Discord: https://discord.gg/dyDtEbGH

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A New Beginning!

He was blinded for a few seconds by the first light he had seen for a while, a time that almost felt like a year.

He felt a cold breeze shower him, and the tentacle-like things pick him up into the air.

After clearing up his vision, he saw a giant face right in front of him. It had eyes and a nose and a mouth just like a normal person, but it was enormous.

'A giant!?' He thought to himself in default before screaming as loud as he could.

But all that came out were a few baby noises.

"Guu! Ga!"

"Oh ho ho, look at this feisty young fellow." The giant woman who had picked him up said.

She was quite round, and her face was normal. On her body was the clothing of a medieval maid.

Zero struggled to lift his head but eventually took a look at his body, which felt far different from before.

His hands and feet were stubby and small, and he was so much more obese than before.

He was... a baby.

'So... I'm not going to be eaten by giants? Phew,' He thought to himself, relieved.

After quickly getting wrapped up in a warm cloth, he was handed over to another woman, who was naked and covered in a white bedsheet.

Her hair was white, and her eyes were a brilliant blue. She looked down into Zero's eyes with the warm gaze of a loving mother before embracing him tightly.

Zero was shocked. What was going on right now? He had never seen eyes like that before.

They weren't full of hate, and neither were they like Jens. They were indescribable in their own way, a different way.

After this, he looked around the room he was in. It looked normal sized, and the walls were made of light-brown clay.

Behind the midwife were two other nurses wearing clothing similar to a maid's uniform, and in the corner of the room was a man who seemed to be in his early thirties that was quickly approaching Zero.

Out of nowhere, the man picked the baby up by the armpits, causing the blanket surrounding him to fall to the floor, and held him in the air, smiling brightly as he looked into his eyes.

Even these eyes had an indescribable warmth to them, but this one was different. Zero could sense the excitement in the eyes of this man.

"Your name will be... Lyrian! Lyrian Theageld! Welcome to the world, my boy!" He proudly stated.

The elevation of heights had surprised the child too much, and without control of his bodily functions, he let out a stream of piss right onto the man's face.


The man paused for half a second in disbelief before screaming in terror, handing the baby back over to Rosa on the bed, who was Lyrian's mother.

The midwife laughed her ass off as she cleaned the face of the man with a towel, the nurses in the back giggling as well.

Rosa also began to laugh while holding him, and before long, so did Grasus, his father. In an instant, the room was full of joy and laughter.

So much so that a feeling arose inside of Lyrian that he had never felt before. He couldn't describe what it was, but it felt like it tickled a part of his brain, causing him to begin giggling as well in cute baby giggles.


That unknown feeling was happiness. And just like that, a new chapter in the boy's life had begun.

Four years passed rather quickly without Lyrian even noticing.

He was now four years old, living with his father and mother in their average-sized medieval home in a city called Ilstria, which was located near the outskirts of the kingdom of Yaltas.

Living in this new world was overwhelming for Lyrian to say the least.

First and foremost, the love he received from his parents was immense, and being an only child extended the emotion.

His mother would take care of him and talk with him all day while she prepared food for the family, and whenever Grasus would come back from his work, which was being an assistant blacksmith, he would also play with Lyrian all day long.

In this world, a child only began to attend school at the age of 10, meaning parents would have to homeschool their children until then.

Thankfully, Lyrian had gained an interest in reading and writing from an early age.

Not just because he never had the luxury of doing so from a young age, but also to just learn about the world he was in.

He never knew how Earth was, but he was surely going to figure out how Zaryn was!

The speed at which he learned to read and write shocked his parents, but it was understandable seeing as how he had already learned how to in his past life.

Of course, the language was completely different, but for some reason, Lyrian could understand it very fast.

By the time he reached age four, he had scoured through the entire house and had read almost every book he could find in his thirst for knowledge.

In the present day, Lyrian sat on a wooden chair in his room, looking at an old box with a rusty lock on top of his table.

He turned his head to the doorknob of his room, making sure it was locked so that no one could see what he was doing.

His parents thought he was very mature for his age, but they equated this to him being born a genius and didn't bother him too much when he wanted to read alone in his room.

Still, what he was doing right now wasn't such an innocent thing.

After reading all the books he could find, Lyrian one day entered his parent's room to find two old wooden boxes under his father's bed that resembled the shape of books.

He managed to pull one out and hide it under his bed before getting caught just the other day, and now he was going to open it.

He thought of asking his father for the book nicely, but also knew that Grasus had never revealed to him that he had the box whenever Lyrian asked for any extra books in the house.

This meant that he was clearly trying to hide it, and Lyrian feared that his father would deny his request of wanting to open the box.

So even though he had utmost respect for Grasus, who was a humble man that worked very hard to provide for his family, he decided to steal it.

The human's curiosity for more knowledge often led them to break the rules. Nevertheless, Lyrian convinced himself that his actions didn't have any bad intentions behind them.

First, he went to try to pick the lock on the box, but as soon as he pulled it, it broke down and fell off.

It had almost completely eroded and was of no use.

Happy he didn't have to worry about that anymore, Lyrian opened it up, revealing a very dusty book in that was also as thick as an apple.

Lyrian slowly picked the book up before blowing into the cover to see it, causing a smoke of dust to fly everywhere, including his mouth.

After nearly coughing to death, Lyrian finally was able to see what the title said.

"Basics To Magia"