Rebirth of the Mysterious Immortal
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Rebirth of the Mysterious Immortal


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What is Rebirth of the Mysterious Immortal

Rebirth of the Mysterious Immortal is a popular web novel written by the author Accent_Wolf, covering R-18, RUTHLESS MC, MATURE, ORGANIZATION BUILDING, ASSASSINS, Eastern Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 193.5K readers with an average rating of 4.2/5 and 11 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 33 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The most feared mysterious and elusive Supreme Immortal, Flux Zion, who can kill Supreme Immortals without a sound died in the forbidden abyss while searching for another realm that is beyond the Supreme Immortal. All Supreme Immortals cheered when his death spread. His legend that terrorizes every Supreme Immortal is slowly being forgotten as time passes. But then, who would have thought that Flux Zion mysteriously survived on another planet called Earth. What was the reason for his rebirth? Did he found another realm that transcends beyond Supreme Immortal? Let's follow Flux Zion as he slowly dominates everything in his way while also trying to solve the mystery of his rebirth and the path that transcends beyond Supreme Immortal! ------- NOTE: My English isn't that good, please bear with it. Thanks!


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Great, the mc that i like: ruthless, don't have the emotion of the dead(don't care about the family ..), give "systems", create faction but let other manage. I still want him to go back to the mainland.


Hello There Accent_Wolf. I love to give 5 stars for your novel because. The novel that you write is very fun and interesting to me. I love reading it very much when I'm free. Every story plot in all the chapters is great and good. I wish I could read it every day to fill my day. I like a characteristic of all your character especially your main lead. I also hope that the authors continue writing to the end and I always support your hard work. Thank you for your hard works and don’t drop or reboot it or hiatus because I love to read your novel. Even though I spent a stone spirit I still hope you carry on your novel. I hope can read more and more a chapter every day. I hope you can release 2 chapters per day if you not too busy. Your novel makes my life colorful and not boring.


The mc's character looks cool and also the mc seems to be an organizational leader with an interesting way of him controlling his subordinates. Unfortunately, there are only a few chapters. The only problem is that the sentences aren't that well constructed but overall, the grammar is alright and won't hurt your eyes unless you want perfect English.


This book is extremely good. While the English may not exactly up to point its good enough to understand. The premises of the story is pretty interesting too. From what I've read already it might have a chance to blow up. Note to the author: keep up the good work and please don't stop.


4 stars because it's a great novel that could be 5 stars but isn't because I have read to chapter 33 and the MC still hasn't had a sex scene even though the novel is tagged R-18. Don't know if I'm going to continue reading or not because it looks like the MC is totally fine staying a virgin.


Absolutely Great Novel ! Awesome Evil protagonist MC that is very ruthless and professional in what he does. Very interesting organization building with also good world background. Everything about this absolute best, but only thing i am sad about how lonely MC is. There is no truly close friend or lover/lovers for MC.


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Reveal spoiler


I like this novel but author cab you please release the chapters fast. I have waiting from last year but still only releasing 3 chapters. 😤😡😠mf


i am less talker ... So i just want to say Please release more chap . . .m.. m . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .m. . .. . . .m.mm . . . . . .


First of all, you need to slow down the story a little bit, in the first chapter maybe you could provide a little bit detail of how Zion was humiliated by his finance, or add more about who Zion is? There are small grammar mistakes, but, nothing too distracting, overall the story is good.


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