65 The Cooked Duck Had Flown Away

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Oh my, if it weren't for Tang Muxin's reminder, I wouldn't have thought of this myself.

Actually, one couldn't blame Hong Dali. After all, he didn't really understand the way the Hong family's meeting worked. In his impression, even if he passed away, his own family's assets should still belong to his parents. The final rights to their assets should be controlled by his parents, not someone else.

But hearing Tang Muxin's words today, Hong Dali instantly understood everything. The reason that the Hong family could develop to this extent depended upon this rule—the reclaiming of assets. Meaning to say, the assets in the Hong family would not flow out to outsiders regardless of whatever reason. Their assets would only become more and more. Allocating more resources to those capable of earning money and reclaiming assets from those without heirs was to ensure this point.

Because of this rule, it was particularly difficult for outsiders who wanted to seize the Hong family's assets.

Those with children, their asset would go to their children. From the looks of things, it seemed that the assets would only be passed to their male children and not females, or at least the difference in proportion would be quite large. As for those without children, the Hong family would reclaim their assets. This way, outsiders who planned to join the Hong family through marriage then secretly plot against the members of the Hong family in order to obtain their assets would find this method impossible.

This should have been a good thing, but now that it happened upon himself, it didn't seem to be a good thing anymore—at least now that his body had recovered, this news indeed had to be kept a secret. The cooked duck had flown away; anyone would be unhappy about this.

One did need to fear a thief who had stolen but a thief who planned to steal. Hong Dali didn't wish to constantly be on the alert fearing a killer who might suddenly appear on the street, wanting to take his life. After all, a real death soldier was definitely capable of killing him then committing suicide.

Thinking of this, Hong Dali felt his body go cold and broke out in cold sweat. He softly said, "Thank you for your reminder, Xinxin. But, why are you telling me this? Didn't you always dislike me?"

"Did you that I disliked you without reason?" Tang Muxin humphed and said, "Towards a prodigal, any normal person will not have any liking towards them, OK? Furthermore, whatever the case, you're still my fiancé in name. It isn't much of a big deal for me to help you." Speaking of this, Tang Muxin's small face blushed, and she humphed in mosquito-level tone. "Who will be willing to have a prodigal for a husband…"

Alright. Hong Dali's impression of Tang Muxin instantly improved by a great deal.

Although this little lass constantly went against me, the main reason was that she wanted to lead me back onto the correct path. Unfortunately, this is something that is destined to be impossible—if I don't squander, I won't be able to obtain attribute points. If I don't obtain attribute points, I won't be able to become a true man. This is really an unsolvable puzzle, Hong Dali thought to himself.

Although this was what he thought in his mind, he couldn't speak the truth to her. Hong Dali instantly changed the topic. "OK, I know what to do now. Oh right. Xinxin, tonight after school, I will go fetch you to go and film the movie, OK? The low-cost movie Unexpectedly, Dali Creates Miracles! This micro movie will only cost about 10,000 yuan per episode. It's very easy."

"That's more like it!" Hearing that Hong Dali finally didn't want to squander so much, Tang Muxin deeply felt that her efforts weren't in vain. "Then, I shall wait for you in my classroom after school ends. You must remember to come and find me. Since we have agreed on it, you can't go back on your word!"

"OK!" Just as Hong Dali agreed, his expression suddenly changed. He didn't regret it, just that his intestines went green. Oh crap, what is my house's Xinxin's class number? My god, where am I supposed to go find her after school!?

Luckily, Hong Dali was after all Hong Dali, he still had some quick thinking in him. When they returned back to school, Hong Dali pretended to sleep for the lesson. Then, he messaged Xiaoyi: [Xiaoyi, help me find a student and ask about how my house's Xinxin is doing in class. See if anyone is bullying her or something.]

Unsurprisingly, Ling Xiaoyi wasn't in the least suspicious that Hong Dali was totally clueless of what Tang Muxin's classroom number was. She only asked: [Young Master, what's the matter? Is Young Madam facing some problem?]

Hong Dali: [No, I just wish to understand her situation, in case someone is bullying her in class and I didn't know about it. That would be embarrassing. After all, she's my fiancée, isn't she? OK, actually, I just want to know if there's anyone in school harboring any intentions towards her.]

Ling Xiaoyi: [Yep, understood.] Shortly after, Ling Xiaoyi sent him the information of Tang Muxin's life in school. [Young Madam is in the second year third class, which is the key class of Tianjing College. All of the students in this class belong to those with excellent grades; their main objective is to study, no one bullied her. Also, Young Madam's grades are very good, and she rarely talks to male students. Even when she occasionally talks to them, it's regarding questions about their study. Currently, other than the Liu family's Liu Mingcheng who always had ideas about Young Madam, the rest of them are behaving very well. I didn't find anyone with any special case.]

Hong Dali: [OK, now I can feel relieved.]

OK, that settles it. Tang Muxin is in the second year third class, her grades are excellent, and only Liu Mingcheng, that moron, has ideas about her.

In any case, I'm destined to have a battle with Liu Mingcheng in the future. Whatever ideas he harbors about Tang Muxin is of no importance—Tang Muxin will definitely not take a liking to Liu Mingcheng. Hong Dali was quite sure of this point.

Finally, school ended. Hong Dali carried his schoolbag and slowly strolled to the door of the second year third class. As expected, Tang Muxin was reading a book in the classroom. Hong Dali couldn't make out what book it was due to the distance, just that it was a really thick one. This caused Hong Dali to feel impressed even without knowing what it was about.

"Cough cough, Xinxin, I'm here." There wasn't anyone else in the classroom. Thus, Hong Dali smilingly walked over to her side. "What book are you reading? So hardworking, you're so focused even after school ended?"

"Oh, nothing much, I'm just reading up on the history of ancient China." Tang Muxin flipped over the book, displaying the cover which showed "Records of the Three Kingdoms" in big font, and beside it was a line of small characters that said: "Explanation in plain text."

"You like The Three Kingdoms?" Hong Dali was quite surprised that Tang Muxin would read up on The Three Kingdoms. "I never expect that you would like The Three Kingdoms, let me think… yep, if my house's Xinxin were to be sent to The Three Kingdoms, your beauty would definitely be on the same level as Diao Chan1!"

"You're wrong." Tang Muxin proudly said, "Dian Chan is too weak. If I were to go there, I would at least be a female Lu Bu2!"

"O… OK…" Hong Dali wiped off his cold sweat. "Next time when we're free, I shall film a movie where you will portray a female Lu Bu. Gorgeous wars and epic battles, the optimal choice to burn money."

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"You're planning to squander again!" Tang Muxin instantly changed the topic. "I'm hungry, let's go eat now. Then go and film Unexpectedly!"

"OK, whatever you say."

The two of them immediately left the school building. Same as always, one at the front and one at the back. Just that this time, the distance between them was slightly nearer compared to last time—if the original distance between them was two meters, their distance apart now was about 1.9 meters…

After dinner, they sat on Hong Dali's Soaring Angel and went directly to Chenhui Building. But when they reached there, both of them were astonished.

The plaza in front of Chenhui Building was filled with young men and women. Quite a lot of them were holding up signboards written with: "Li Nianwei, I love you!", "Weiwei, my goddess!", "My goddess, I want to be married to you!". Hong Dali casually glanced around and estimated that about 3,000 plus people were crowding the small space. Hong Dali's mucus almost flowed out from his nose. "What… what situation is this!?"

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