Rebirth of the Godly Actress Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Rebirth of the Godly Actress


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Li daiyu is the most popular actress in Z city but behind that peerless beauty, ahe died an unfair death saving someone,thinking she is dead for good but God has something else written in her destiny. Instead, she reincarnated in a girl from a poor family; Wu daiyu. now with a second chance at life, she plans to make the best of it. with her new self as Wu daiyu and change of personality, Li daiyu catches the attention of Chen's young master, Chen Hou. with his domineering and cold attitude in business and personal life, Chen Hou get intrigued by a girl Set to make a name for herself Wu daiyu enter the entertainment circle Sneak Peek Li Daiyu (Wu daiyu) "CHEN HOU!!" Chen Hou " yes my dear wife" he teased Li daiyu " say that again and I pike her eyes out " I threaten Chen Hou" ooh feisty I likey" Li daiyu gritted her teeth in anger and began chasing Chen hou


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