27 Chapter 27 Sleeping Over at Mom's House

"Shanshan, just come back home alright??

Shanshan fixed her gaze on the woman who was trying so hard not to cry. Her eyes were red and her lips quivered.

"Where is dad?? Shanshan asked quietly.

"Dad is..... Shanshan you... you called him dad!! Do you really accept us back??

Shanshan bit her lips. "No matter what, you are still my parents and I can't change that".

"Oh, Shanshan!! Ning Yue pounced on Shanshan in happiness, all her lady like characteristics thrown out of the window.

Qian Ling sighed in relief, happy that she finally agreed to coming back home.

"I have a condition".

Ning Yue nodded. "Tell me what it is, I promise we will do our best to fulfil it!!

Shanshan smiled sweetly. "Adopt Wu Mei, I want her to be my real sister".

Ning Yue ; Huh??

Qian Ling ; Huh??

Shanshan frowned.

"You don't want to?? If you can't, I guess there is no need for me to continue staying here".

Shanshan stood up to leave but Ning Yue quickly held her hands.

"We will!! We will!! Is that the only thing you want?? Nothing else??

Shanshan's lips curled in amusement.

"Nothing else".

"Then..... if we adopt her, you will come back?? Ning Yue asked with uncertainty.

Shanshan's lips twitched, she knew what her mother was thinking about.

"Of course I will".

Ning Yue rubbed the space between her eyebrows.

"But..... why do you..... why do you want us to adopt her?? Isn't she living a good life with the Wu's??

After Ning Yue asked that question, she almost slapped herself in the mouth. How could she forget!! Wu Mei never lived a good life with them!!

"She is living with them right?? Will they agree??

"They don't need to agree. Wu Mei hasn't moved in with them, nor does she want to. Wu Mei is so cool!! She told the whole class that she doesn't like Wu Tang on the first day of school!! And that Wu Tang is such a pretentious person!! Always crying to garner sympathy or attention from everyone in the class. But luckily, it has now effect on Wu Mei and even the new student that came to my class today!!

Shanshan told them about what happened in school, she didn't think of it as anything but the two people in front of her knew that she felt comfortable with them so they were happy.

"Elizabeth!! THE Elizabeth?? She came to your school?? And you said she knows Wu Mei??

Shanshan nodded with pursed lips. At first she didn't like Lisa but later on, she found out that Lisa is a fun person to be around. Her Country's culture and traditions is something that she would always like to hear. She also has some fun and silly stories to tell.

She hasn't moved into the Wu Mansion and she also knows Wu Mei huh?? It seems things are changing fast, everything that happened before has been avoided.

Could it be..... Ning Yue and Qian Ling looked at each other with realization in their eyes. Now they know why, why Wu Mei brought her to them earlier than it was supposed to be.

"Shanshan , when your dad comes back I will mention the matter to him. But can you stay here for the night??

Shanshan looked at the person in front of her. She really looks like Ning Yue, she never thought that Wu Mei was right. They actually had a reason why they couldn't come to see her. The woman in front of her stood tall, she could see the traces of a fighting spirit from the woman but right now , this woman is biting her lips, because she is scared that her daughter will not accept her invitation.

Shanshan's lips curved and she took out her phone to call Wu Mei.

Ning Yue sighed in disappointment, thinking that she wanted to call Wu Mei to come pick her up.

"Meimei, I want to stay at mother's house, can you pick me up tomorrow??

Ning Yue's head shot up, almost getting a whiplash. She trembled slightly in excitement as if she just fulfilled her greatest with in the planet which she did by the way. She waited for Wu Mei's answer in anticipation.

"Alright..... The girl's slow and beautiful voice came from the phone. Even Ning Yue and Qian Ling blushed, but it let kinda sounds hoarse like she has been shouting for a long time.

What is this girl doing that makes her voice sound like that??

"Have fun~~

"Okay!! Having recieved Wu Mei's go ahead, Shanshan turned to tell them what Wu Mei said when she met their eyes. They were both staring at her with excited eyes, she looked back at them in confusion, she didn't know what they were excited about, but she would find out later.

With Wu Mei

Four boys stood in front of her with bats and daggers, glaring at her. Wu Mei just broke the hands of the person she was holding and threw him carelessly on the floor.

"You.... How dare you disrespect us?? Do you know who we are??

"Does it look like I care?? If Yu don't tell me who sent you, a lot of you will end up like these people on the floor. Tell me, who wants to go first??

The ground surrounding Wu Mei was filled with boys groaning on the floor. Most of them has had their legs or hands broken, some even fainted.

"You are all cowards, yet you chose to fight with me?? It's my stupid sibling that sent you hm??

"No!! Miss Tang didn't send us here!! We came here in our own!!

Wu Mei laughed, a cold aura spreading from her body.

"Miss Tang?? I should have known, my sister is pretty dumb?? She thought just you guys can subdue me??

The leader almost spat out blood.

Just you guys?? We brought about thirty men here, yet you are saying just you guys?! Are you human??

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