26 Chapter 26 Wu Mei warns Qian Ling

Ning Yue walked forward slowly her eyes turning teary.

"Shanshan, you're here".

"Mm. Shanshan, I'll leave you here to talk with them. You can call me when you are done, okay??

"En. But Meimei, you..... you will come back right??

Wu Mei smiled, she ruffled Shanshan's hair.

"Silly girl, of course I'll come back. Don't worry, enjoy yourself!!

Wu Mei stepped back, when she did Qian Ling stopped her.

"Miss Wu, can we talk??

Qian Ling moved closer to her but stopped when Wu Mei stared at her with those dark eyes. She felt the chill emanating from Wu Mei's body. Wu Mei's eyes narrowed and then, she moved her feet, walking closer to Qian Ling.

Every step she took felt like a ticking time bomb to Qian Ling due to her oppressive aura but surprisingly she was able to hold her ground despite her knees shaking a little.

When Wu Mei stopped just less than a meter before her, Qian Ling couldn't help but bite her bottom lips. Wu Mei scrutinized her, looking at her as if she is prey. She knew with one look into those endless black eyes that ' dangerous ' was an understatement to describe her. She is not simple.

Her gaze seemed deadlier than the sharpest dagger. She was definitely looking at her like she wanted to devour her. At her thoughts Qian Ling blushed. Those words seemed indecent.

She had never seen eyes as dark and mysterious as hers but also cold and empty. She had such killer eyes that could pierce through anyone's soul.

"I just want to talk to you, and we have to give mother a chance to talk with Shanshan.

Wu Mei did not say a word but instead walked away.

"Didn't you say you want to talk to me?? Why aren't you coming??

Qian Ling inwardly sighed and let out a breath she didn't know she was holding. Everything seemed just like a movie to her, her eyes, including her aura just seemed unreal.


Qian Ling's mouth twitched. Always straight to the point eh??

"You.... you didn't want to bring Shanshan here right?? Or instead, Shanshan never wanted to come here but you were the one that persuaded her to come. For that we are very grateful".

"Is that all you want to say?? It's only natural for her to meet her parents".

"But you, you've changed. You were never like this!!

The normally cool headed Qian Ling never had the idea that her words made Wu Mei know that they had also been reborn.

Her lips curled and a bloodthirsty look crossed her eyes.

"You say that I've changed. Do we know each other from before?? I have never saw you untill now. How did you know that I have changed??

"You never cared about Shanshan, it was because of you that..... Qian Ling trailed off. She realized her statement didn't make sense at least that's what she thought.

"Who told you that I never cared about Shanshan?? Before today have you ever met her?? If I didn't bring her here, would you have the chance to meet her?? I don't understand one thing Miss Qian, your words. What do they mean??

While Wu Mei was talking, on the inside she was scolding herself so hard even to the extent of slapping herself.

She really didn't realize that Shanshan cared a lot about her in her last life. She was so blinded by trying to satisfy her family and desperate for their love that she forgot about the person that had been with her ever since she was little.

If it wasn't for her, Shanshan never would have died. That scene was still so fresh in her mind. The day she was finally captured by the same people she fought so hard for. The people she helped count their money after they sold her.

But in this life, they can forget about getting help from her!! Instead they will all die in her hands, starting from Wu Tang and her so called fiance. Come to think of it, that man hasn't appeared yet. What was his name again?? Xian Gengxin, the man who helped Wu Tang kill her.

"Miss Ling, don't worry about Shanshan. If anybody leaves her, she has me to take care of her. But let me warn you..... Wu Mei paused and let out her might "If anything happens to Shanshan while she is in your care, I will not let you get away with it. Even if you are her family.

"I'll be leaving, I have something to do. See you later Miss Ling".

Wu Mei waved her hands over her shoulder. Immediately she left, Qian Ling fell to the ground while breathing hard. This girl is so scary!!

What changed?? How come she is like this now??

Qian Ling stood up and dusted her clothes. She took a deep breath and walked into the house. Ning Yue was holding Shanshan by the hand, they were talking when she came in.

"Shanshan, can you forgive us?? It wasn't as if we didn't want to visit you, but we were not allowed to!! I begged grandfather for a long time but he told me to let your body be okay first before I can come to see you".

Shanshan smiled. "Then what about her, is she not my replacement??

"Shanshan, I was never your replacement!! Mother only adopted me because she wanted me to take care of things before you come back. She want med you to be satisfied with the things you meet at home, she also didn't want you to stress yourself by going to the company. Believe me Shanshan, when mother and father came to adopt me they made it clear to me. They said that they had a daughter but she was recuperating in the mountains, they only wanted me to come so I would assist them and you wouldn't be worried when you come back home. Shanshan mother and father never forgot about you.

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