25 Chapter 25 Shanshan Meets Her Parents

Wu Mei and Lisa started talking about random things, not that their classmates understands what they were talking about.

"Li Qing told me you agreed to work together with Master Zheng??


"You still want to take revenge on them??

Wu Mei nodded and narrowed her eyes. Whenever she remembered what they did to her, she felt like going on a rampage. This time it isn't the Wu Family but people bigger than that.

When she was given a new life, she met Lisa. They were both sold to the Brothel in the past, unexpectedly Lisa also remembered all the things that happened as she too died due to some problems in her family. This made Wu Mei think that there are other people who remembers what happened in their past lives.

She has waited for some weeks but nobody came after her, probably because she hasn't entered the Wu Family yet. Even that person that sent people to kill her hasn't appeared.

After she met Lisa, they became fast friends because they had similar experiences in the past. Lisa's parents were killed in an accident and her older brothers were plotter aganist , as a result they became enemies of the country. But due to the butterfly effect those things didn't happen when it was supposed to happen just like how her return was pushed to several years and how she refused to go back. Her actions changed the whole story.

"Have you located their base?? Is it in the same place as before??

"Yeah. They just started building it, they haven't even gotten their partners yet".

Wu Mei smiled. "That's good. This gives us a chance to nip the problem in the bud!! We have to eliminate them at all costs".

That time, it was there that she was first violated. In different ways, different times her body was used as rags. Used whenever they liked, and thrown after they finished their dirty work on her. Before that, she stayed in a boxing ring. She knew a lot of things about fighting, but she could not defend herself in the Brothel.

Before they raped her, the first time somebody wanted to force himself on her she killed him. She tried to escape but the Brothel was like a maze, she also had nowhere to run to. After they found her, they crippled her and cut her tendons. Not crippling her like cutting off her limbs or something like that, her fighting abilities, the only thing that protected her was taken away.

She remembered their faces, each and every one of them. She vowed to herself that they would all pay for the humiliation and pain they caused her.

"Leave them for now, let's deal with the people here. I'll send someone to watch them, it's only till they contact those other people that we can make a move".

Wu Mei nodded. "Okay, let's wait for them. Also keep a look out for those people from overseas, we have to deal with them too".

"Rest assured, have I ever failed in anything you've given me to do??

"Mm. You can come check on me in the villa whenever you are ready. I live at number XX in XX estate".

Lisa's eye widened. "You live there?? That's where the richest of the rich stay!!

Wu Mei stared at her, her eyes asking 'Then who am I??

Lisa threw her head back and laughed, her pleasant voice echoing in the class. Wu Mei held Shanshan's hand and whispered in her ear.

"Are you ready to meet your parents?? We are going today".

"Didn't you say.... Oh nevermind, I'll just meet them today. Shanshan whispered back.

Their position gave the classmates an LGBT vibe. The girls started murmuring again, but when Wu Mei stared at them with a small smile they blushed.

They don't care about her sexual orientation, her smile can make one give up being straight!!

Till school ended, no more dramas occured in the class. All the students went outside after the bell rang.

When Wu Jing saw that Wu Mei was about to leave she quickly dragged Ouyang Le to follow her.

"Cousin.... wait for me!! Wu Jing shouted.

Wu Tang stared at her with her chins up, her eyes filled with disdain.

"Cousin..... Miss Lisa... Miss Qian


"Just call me Lisa".

"Call me Shanshan".

Wu Jing stood, stunned at their warm voice. Because of her shy nature, she became flustered when they answered her. Especially Wu Mei, her voice doesn't see like she even disliked her.

As if hearing her thoughts Wu Mei patted Wu Jing on her cheek.

"I've told you, I don't dislike you.

"Oh. Um..... I just wanted to ask if you can join I and Sister Le next week, we are going to the karaoke".

"I don't..... Wu Mei began but the other two people cut her off.

"That will be great!! Wu Mei, you'll go with us right??

Looking at the two people who were giving her puppy eyes, she smiled and relented.


Ouyang Le and Wu Jing sighed in relief, they thought they will reject their invitation.

"Alright!! Give me your WeChat and phone number then!!

Lisa and Shanshan brought out their phones to exchange contact. After they finished, all of them stared at Wu Mei, using their eyes to urge her to hurry up and bring out her phone.

Wu Mei nodded helplessly and used a hand to give them her phone.

They left after they talked for a while, although Wu Mei didn't talk much she contributed whenever she was asked a question.

After saying her goodbye's Lisa entered the car her family prepared for her and zoomed off. Wu Mei entered her car, she told the driver to take her to the Qian Family Mansion.

It took some hours before they got there but when they did, they saw the enormous gates enclosing the Mansion.

At the gate, three people stood there.

"Shanshan.... The three of them moved forward.

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